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You're a low level person, you don't know any players & you want to change all that! The best way to do this, and be able to take on tougher monsters, is to group together with other players. Players in a party share Experience points, and so different classes can work together. These commands will let you do that:

Party slash (/) commands

  • /inv playername: Invite. This invites a player into your party. Upon receiving an invitation, the invited player must confirm it by typing /accept. However, you cannot invite someone into your party if they are already in a party.
  • /leave: Leave a party. This will cause you to leave a party you are in. Not only useful for disbanding a group, this is sometimes required when parties have changed hands. When a player leaves the game, they will automatically leave any party they are in: thus, if you are unlucky enough to get kicked, & are in a party, you must be re-invited back in!
  • /list: Lists the members of the party you are in: useful for checking if you're all partied up correctly!
  • /p: Starting typed messages with /p will allow you to party chat, where all chat only goes to other members of your party. This is in a tasteful green, and is the best way to bond as fellow hunters.

Effects of Partying

  • As already mentioned, you will share any experience points received from killing monster, as long as you are within range of the party.
  • If you die, you can be ressurected by a party member and not suffer from resurrection sickness.
  • You will see the health of each party member as a red bar and percentage on your status page.
  • If a party member goes invisible, you will still be able to see them, although they will be greyed out.
  • You can chat to everyone in the party.
  • There is also an experience bonus for each additional member in the party.
  • You can use any of your party members' Town Portals and they can use yours.
  • If you are a rogue, you cannot hide in sight of one of your party member's summons, unlike pets, which you can hide in front of. This does not apply to players casting invisibility or using Black Potions.
  • The level of your lowest level party member must be at least 75% of that of the highest level party member in order for the lowest level party member to gain normal XP from everyone's kill. If the lowest party member makes his or her own kill, everyone in his or her party gets normal XP from it, regardless of level.

General Manners when being Partied

  • Don't scoff items/treasure that is dropped on the ground. Its best to leave all items on the ground until identified so that they can be honourably shared amongst those who need them most. Gold, on the other hand, is probably best collected by one member & shared out equally. Fairness means players will want to travel with you again- sharing resources, such as potions, will always help the experience.
  • Don't beg much higher levels to party- its dull for both players, as there's no challenge. If a much higher level player wants to train you, they'll usually offer. If you're partied with people who are generally tougher than you, its good manners to help them out in a support role- i.e. heal them, resurrect them etc
  • Use the chat feature: its there for a reason- take time to chat, as it heightens the experience. The afterglow when you've jointly taken down a tough monster is great!
  • Use the strengths of your characters- mages at the back, healing & casting, fighters at the front, thieves scouting etc.
  • Lastly- don't run madly ahead without consideration for the rest of your party. If you run into 7 Balrons with attendant Daemon guards, not only will your character die, but most likely the entire party. Lure monsters instead of rushing them, unless your entire party has a gung-ho spirit!
  • Advertise, but don't spam, the Global Chat channel for other similar level players. They might be around- don't be clique'y, get out there & party with anyone who wants to. You'll maybe meet players you won't want to travel with again, but most likely you'll meet ones you do!

Most of all- have fun! Playing with others is what makes EUO different than other games. To get the most out of it, use the Party feature!