Capture the Flag

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Capture the flag is a simple game with two teams trying to get each other's flags. This game can not be played with only one person and is better the more people you have playing.


One of the Townes known as Port Izumi, near the entrance to town.


There are always two teams. One team will have the troll priest (blue) once they enter a CTF map, the other will have a troll axe thrower (red). You will know your team by the way your avatar changes to either the blue or red troll.

Choosing teams happens when you first go up the ladder in izumi. There you should see two stairs/ladders/portals, one should be surrounded by red and the other by blue. Picking the blue one will get you on the blue team and picking the red one will get you on the red team.


The map will change every 10 minutes. To get a point you need to find the flag of the opposite team and take it to your flag area without dying. To keep from losing points you need to kill anyone you see with your own teams flag. The score is listed every 1 minute. PvP is always on in this map.


These CTF maps are famous for trapping unsuspecting newbies! But fear not. In the middle of each map is a stairway that will lead you back to the team selection room where you can take the ladder up to escape.