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Balrog: The Card Game is a miniature trading card game in the style of Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone. Cards can be collected via monster drops, looted from chests or bought from card merchants with gold pieces or crystal coins. A free starter set can be acquired from the Balrog Umpire NPC.

The top post in this thread has all the latest rules & updates


The dueling arena is currently in the Betting Ring in the south-west corner of Nord (behind the provisioner shop). An instanced version of the arena is slightly above it if the original one is already occupied so that more than 1 pair of opponents can play against each other. Two card merchants sell "common" cards for 1k gp each, and "rare" cards for 3 crystal coins each, although the drop rate of "rare" and "commons" from monsters are currently the same.


How to Play

To duel, two players need to enter the Betting Ring and stand on the blue and red carpet tiles above the Umpire NPC. Each player must have exactly 30 cards in their inventory, with no more than 3 or fewer of the same cards. Player on the red carpet tile starts first. Red player must then say "reset" to the Umpire to start the game.


Once the game has started, note carefully these following interface actions: 1) Your deck is all cards in your inv, and your hand is shown at the bottom of the screen when you are in the betting ring 2) Blessed cards are the cards in your hand (so when you draw a card from your deck that card becomes blessed – this is done thru the Library NPCs, but could change) 3) You play a card (when it is your turn) by RIGHT clicking it (as it is shown on the bottom of the screen) 4) Most on-field actions are done with RIGHT CLICK! 5) to attack, right click your guy and right click a target 6) Active creature or artifact is indicated with a > in front of its name/status 7) to use an artifact, right click it and then right click something else (see directions on screen) 8) To end your turn pull the lever 9) To reset the game talk to Umpire and say reset 10) you can look at creatures/artifacts on the battle field and see the card detail - ie walk up to it and use the l key ! 11) you can also type the card name with square brackets around it to see it - eg say [Fast Rat]

For more information, see Egg's post in the forums:


  • it is turn based, and is played inside EUO, in the betting ring.
  • each player has a deck of cards, which simply means having cards in their inventory
  • each player starts with a random hand of 3 cards, no max hand size
  • to play a card, it must be your turn, and you must have enough mana to play it
  • You start with 1 mana on turn 1, 2 mana on turn 2, and then +1 mana on every other turn (ie your mana pool goes up by 1 on turns 2,4,6,8 etc)
  • each player has a heart(h)stone – with 20hp. The goal is to kill the opponent’s hearthstone at the beginning of each players turn, they draw a card and have their mana replenished
  • to play a card requires paying some mana, and different cards have different mana costs
  • if you play a creature card then that creature is summoned on your side of the battlefield
  • if you play a spell card, then whatever is written on that card is actioned - eg, do 2 dmg to creature
  • artifact cards are like items: they stay on the battlefield and can be used and sometimes reused
  • artifact cards on the battlefield can generally only be used once per turn
  • a player can instruct their creatures to attack the other player's creatures or the other player directly - each creature can only attack once per turn
  • each creature has a damage value and hp (represented by as/hp numbers bottom right of card)
  • creatures & artifacts that have a <Z> next to their name have had their turn
  • after a player has attacked with all their creatures and used all their mana playing cards, their turn is over. End your turn by pulling the lever.
  • game ends when hearthstone has 0 hp!


Each creature has a damage value and hp value. Eg a cow might do 1 dmg and have 1 hp, as indicated by 1/1 on the card, while an orc might do 2 dmg and have 2 hp. In a fight between cow and orc, orc does 2 dmg to cow killing it. Cow does 1 dmg to orc reducing its hp to 1 permanently (unless healed somehow!)

Creature features/abilities:

  • Haste: When a creature is summoned it usually can’t do anything (eg attack) the turn it was summoned as indicated by <Z>. A creature with haste does not have this drawback and can be used immediately
  • First strike: During combat creatures do damage to each other. An attacking creature with first strike does its damage first and if the other creature dies, that other creature does not get a chance to do its damage, and the attacking creature comes away unscathed. First strike is only used by an attacking creature; a defender with first strike does not utilise it.
  • Vampiric: Any damage dealt by this creature will be applied as HP to your hearthstone. Hearthstone can go over its starting HP!
  • Flying: Normally a creature must attack other creatures before attacking the hearthstone. A flying creature can attack the hearthstone if none of the opponent creatures have flying!
  • Taunt: A creature with taunt must be attacked before other creatures without taunt.
  • Trample: An attacker with trample that kills its opponent applies the excess damage to the hearthstone. Eg a creature with dmg 6 attacks a creature with hp 1. assuming the target died, 5 damage will apply to the hearthstone.
  • Vigilance: A creature with vigilance becomes awake at the start of every turn.
  • Stealth: A creature with stealth is not obliged to attach non sleeping opponent's creatures (except those with taunt, it still must attack taunters).
  • Backstab: A creature with backstab does 2x dmg when attacking a sleeping creature.
  • Regeneration: A creature with regeneration regains 1hp at the beginning of each player's turn.

Custom abilities: some cards have custom abilities, such as ‘ETB (when enters the battlefield)’ or 'when dies'.

How the deck / hand / library works

As stated, the mechanics of the deck/hand/library work as such

  • Your deck is the cards in your inv when you start/reset the game
  • Copies of all these cards are placed randomly into the library NPC
  • When you draw a card comes from the top of your library npc’s inventory, is blessed, and replaces the nonblessed version in your inventory.
  • Theoretically, you cannot lose cards if server crashes, etc, because you never not have the cards in your inv. This also opens up possibility of duping cards.
  • You can’t drop cards in betting ring, thus can’t dupe.
  • You can’t leave the ring: if you do, you are disq and the game ends.


Current cards in game:


  • Baby Beholder
  • Blood Spider
  • Bloody Plains
  • Blueish Potion
  • Crimson Devil
  • Crouching Tiger
  • Deleted Hydra
  • Diseased Zombie
  • Eastern Ogre
  • Fast Rat
  • Green Dragon
  • Half Orc Warrior
  • Horrendous Fish
  • Izumi Wall
  • Level 0 Treasure Map
  • Lightning Strike
  • Lime Mephit
  • Marrickville Bin Chicken
  • Mongo the Mongbat
  • Mystery Meat Sandwich
  • Oceanwolf
  • Orange Potion
  • Purple Potion
  • Reassembling Skeleton
  • Skeletal Dragon
  • Sky Blue Potion
  • Stone Golem
  • Unearthly Vapour
  • Unfriendly Lich
  • Unsummon
  • Vas Flam
  • Vector Bat
  • Will o the Wisp


  • Ancestor Statue
  • Balron Leftenant
  • Black Potion
  • Brown Potion
  • Cowwy's Cheese
  • Drumheller, Librarian
  • Dungeon Slime
  • Earthquake
  • Eastern Desert
  • Elaine the Charmer
  • Flame Strike
  • Glass Morning Star
  • Glum Golem
  • Gobbo, Hungry Gremlin
  • Graveyard
  • Hypnotic Phantom
  • Ixgenkar, Newbie Bane
  • Lemon Quasit
  • Meteor Shower
  • Neophyte Wizard
  • Newbie Dungeon
  • Samurai Skeletun
  • Shatter
  • Ship in a Bottle
  • Shrine of Compassion
  • Vas Ort Grav
  • Vault Dweller
  • Wrath of God
  • Xenktar, Naughty Wizard