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GM's (Game Moderators)

GM is short for "Game Moderator". Their primary task is to keep order on the server while they are on and solve any problems that may arise (if they are able). GMs can do the following things.

  • GMs can reset players. A player will automatically be teleported back to their resurrection spot.
  • GMs can warn players. A red message will be displayed over global stating: <player> has been warned by <GM>!
  • Players can be gagged by GMs. This means that players cannot chat over global chat.
  • Players can be jailed by GMs. They will automatically be placed in a jail cell for 5 minutes (unless reset by a GM).
  • Players can be kicked off of the server by GMs. This is similar to what happens when you quit the game (although, if you are getting kicked off of the server, you are probably one step away from being banned).
  • If someone is being particularly bad and ignoring all the rules, then a GM will ban them. That player will immediately be kicked off of the server and not be able to join again (until and if egg unbans them).
  • Finally, a GM can put on a robe. This makes the GM change avatars to the red mage avatar.

DM (Dungeon Master)

DM stands for Dungeon Master. A DM has the same powers as a GM and more.

There isn't much actual Mastering of Dungeons going on however. A more appropriate title would be just 'Admin'.