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There are a several clans in EUO and all have various requirements. Being in a clan is purely optional.

Advantages to being a member of a clan:

  • clan chat feature (using "/c <text>") used for fun and easy talk between friends in your clan.
  • excellent clan hall
  • shared clan loot
  • your own private stash

Joining an existing clan

  1. get invited (only leaders and officers can /claninvite you)
  2. type /join

Creating a clan


  1. You must not already be in a clan. You need 2 friends (3 players total) to make the clan, or the clan will not save.
  2. The would-be leader types /makeclan <clan-tag> eg: /makeclan SPAM
  3. The would-be leader then invites other players to join with /claninvite
  4. The first two members (after the leader) become Officers (rank 2)
  5. When the clan has 3 members (including the leader) it then saves to disk and it's ratified - there is no time limit on this yet, but if the server crashes/reboots the fledgling clan will not be saved!
  6. The clan tag does not show up anywhere until the clan is ratified! Clan chat will work however.
  7. When the server loads/reboots, if a clan has less than 3 members it will be dissolved.
  8. The leader can set the full clan name with the new command /setclanname - this can be done at any time and by any existing clan. The clan tag cannot be changed though.

About Member Rankings

There are 5 ranks for clan members. 1 is the highest ranked, ie the leader, 5 is the new member.

The clan leader, as well as a Clan Officer with rank 2, can set a member's rank with /setrank name 1-5 (eg /setrank egg 4). The default rank for new members is 5.

Here are the things that the ranks can do within their clan:

  • 1: Leader: rename tag, rename clan, move and remove chests, as well as everything below
  • 2: Officer: can invite and expel members and create chests, set ranks of members
  • 3: NOT USED/PLACEHOLDER - but it will probably be used for editing halls
  • 4: can use chests - this is your standard clan member
  • 5: can get into the hall only - this is the initiate

Other clan leader actions

  • Clan leaders can use /dissolveclan to disband the clan, which can not be undone.
  • Clan leaders can use /expelmember playername to remove any unwanted members.
  • Clan leaders can use /abdicate playername to give the leadership to another player.
  • Clan leaders can place chests in the clan hall using container scrolls. If a clan chest is named a player's name surrounded by [ ] then that chest can only have items removed by that player, e.g. [eggmceye].
  • Clan leaders can set members ranks with /setrank. (eg. /setrank Destroyer 3)
  • Clan leaders can change and move containers via commands /movecontainer (x,y coordinates) and /chestname (select name)

Leaving a clan

Simply type /leaveclan