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This is just the last 10 or so updates from this forums thread:


  • added bunch of new T1 arty weps to fill out the blanks
  • re-enabled riposte
    23 Oct, 1.3.42
  • fixed Pawnshop: arties are back in stock
  • fixed skin tonez for 32x32 tiles
  • new tile for WoT - thanx Devlin
  • better weapon damage description in the statsbox & when readying
    16 Oct, 1.3.41
    client side:
  • different rage bar colours at 25/50/75/100% rage
  • un-id arty won't glow in statbox when buying from merchant
  • added dodge animation
  • added equipped items to statbox (z) window (under perks)
  • queued spell position fix for when hotbar at top (no longer overlaps)
  • your clones that get new fans'd have correct name colour
  • equipping 2h weapon automatically unequips offhand (plus improv to equipped stats zscreen)

  • server side:
  • cash 4 dmg (buy the ability from the university) :+1dmg per 100k gp carried, but gold lost on death
  • pawnshop revision: now with guaranteed 1 arty per account per day, everything costs 100k
  • added stove & bin to ikea
  • freezing spray slowing effect no longer stacks
  • some weapon price tweaks (and ingot sell price went up)
  • brown pot (now also) cancels slowed status. Can't be slowed when have speedy status.
  • wallop gives fixed 8 rage per mob hit rather than rage determined by weapon speed
    3 Oct, 2020: Ranged update and other tweaks
  • charge down to 25 rage
  • sleeping fist up to 25 rage
  • execute down to 75 rage
  • disarm req 100 rage in PvP (but only 50 for pve)
  • gouge cooldown dropped to 1000 ms

  • ranged changes:
  • spray n pray down to 75 rage
  • added freezing shot: 25 rage shot that does 1.2x dmg and slows the target for 3 sec
  • point blank headshot knocks back a monster target
  • point blank headshot now uses equipped ammo
  • if shooting adj monster, instead of missing 20% of the time now does 20% less damage

  • (next patch):
  • different rage bar colours at 25/50/75/100% rage
    Foils rewrite (part 1?)
  • scrapped riposte (it was useless) (it could come back)
  • disarm now only req 50 rage
  • parrying gives you 25 rage
  • small shield is now medium weight, leaving buckler as only light shield
  • you can can dodge with a light shield
  • after parry (from adjacent mob) you will see the green cross/hex sound as well as the TING: you then have 3 seconds to : either disarm or gouge
  • -> if disarm: make mob quiver (ie they then get 3 crits)
    -> if gouge: mob bleeds 3 for sec

  • added new foil ability finisher EXECUTE:
  • - req 80 rage
    - if mob < 25% health or if running away EXECUTE kills the mob, otherwise execute does 1 dmg at the cost of 5 rage
    - if kills you get 30 rage back
    euo 1.3.40
  • added mob's OG, XC, XMP, AM, VAM, GP to dodgeable magic
  • big message font option and 2x size statbox option
  • hexblade's sickle now has the same speed/dmg as labryss/claymore etc, ie 2d8 @ 3.2
  • kills list is back up on armoury
    4 sep
  • shield bash mob into braizer
  • kicking braizer & shield bash into brazier on weekly
  • chickens & turkeys drop feathers which can be tinkered into quills
  • blackrock quill & alembic
  • added help line for f key for ranged
  • couple new zombie boss names
  • added /swap command to switch your offhand with your mainhand
  • added lua cmd to attach an init script to a monster /lua spawn func id (for DMs)
  • got custom ammo working with spray & aimed
  • bleeding eardums now req lute
    euo/moa 1.3.39
  • +arrows and tinted arrows - tho only tinted arrows are craftable by woodcrafting 10log->1k arrows
  • to use non plain arrows, equip them
  • killed mobs automatically return a proportion of arrows to the shooters
  • hybrid slime split support and count dangle finger custom boss (thanks Goemon !)
  • apoc new sos updates: finished the main continent
  • skin tones: new human chars can select different skin tones + fancy skin tones can be bought from the shoppe
  • added option to disable help messages in client
  • client option to remove border (combine with custom #res to get borderless fullscreen approximation)
  • maped fixes + not showing code over mob palette (build 112)

  • About getting fullscreen borderless window (or close to it)
    I haven't been able to get a flawless fullscreen borderless window client to work, but have gotten close. The mod I added in here "client option to remove border", which is in the f12 options, you don't even need (at least when I tested it in Win 7) to get a nice borderless fullscreenish window.

    This following technique works with both euo & maped. The end result is a fullscreen window, with no title bar, but with taskbar showing.

    1) close euo (or maped)
    2) edit client.cfg (or maped.cfg)
    3) set fullscreen=0
    4) set resx=1920 (where 1920 is your desktop_width)
    5) set resy=1040 (where 1040 is your desktop_height - taskbar_height: for win7 it is 1080-40)
    5a) additionally for maped set autosize=0
    6) save
    7) run euo (or maped)

    Result is as follows (resized to 1000 wide):

    To achieve this in EUO without editing client.cfg:
    1) in options turn off border
    2) at the chat line (hit enter as if chat locally) type #res X Y (where X is your desktop_width and Y is your desktop_height - taskbar_height)

    and you should get a fullscreen borderless window, but sadly with the taskbar showing. Allegro (the gfx lib) is not playing nice with maxing out the resy value, so I was stuck at 1040

    YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY but I did this to amuse myself, am some what pleased, and hope you like it too.

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