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This is just the last 10 or so updates from this forums thread:


    moa/euo update 1.3.47
  • wet clay now appears in the reagent filter
  • NPCs with replayable quests show a grey ! when the quest is done for today
  • added polished gem sparkle, and sparkle material
  • fancy treasure maps now have a soft glow
  • xmas gifts and old named items and quest items have a slightly brighter purple glow and brighter name colour
  • x button now works when disconnected from server, and when fail to connect or other connection errors
  • toned down the flaming effect a bit
  • npc chat box is 1.5 size for when resy>800 (ie it's bigger)
  • books will draw 1.5x as big if the game window rez allows then to fit
  • added new angel and devil wing tiles. existing avs with wings are unaffected & keep the old angel/demon avs behind the main av
  • made a banner tile and tiles.txt entry (the overlay image & equippable item was made years ago)
  • fixed client item descs showing 'number: 99' etc for maps, training, scrolls, etc

  • fixes/tweaks
  • stat bonus from purple pots and magic mirror are now saved when you log out
  • added boneweave gloves, gi top and gi pants to bonecrafting
  • hexed when stealthed maks you move at the hexed speed, not the stealthed speed
  • lotl players must now too remove existing sigils before equipping new ones
  • fixed party stealth bug
  • tiny fix with cards: graveyard talk crash
  • looking at a hybrid tells you the code of the top half of the mob or the code layered on top
  • if mob has 0 AS making it a boss keeps it at 0AS (this fixes boss pirate ships shooting arrows)
  • golem creation will fail if already have an active/unstabled pet
  • mon ferrato player merchs now require tokens or otherwise they will be deleted during weekly merch cleanup (stock moved to owner's bank)
  • soul shards and items carried by a killed mob won't drop on a hook (eg a book, or brass bridge etc)
  • lotl players can now only polypile items marked as their own
  • deleted the brass bridge and bedpan hooks from Anathema
  • can no longer craft nuggets from gold coins
  • can no longer craft nuggets from gold coins
    dec 25. 2023
  • 2023 xmas pres Scented Candle
  • fixed pet sigil dupe
  • added wheat beer to fergrues req. fixed crash when astral travelling with a pet
  • added server /time command
  • lumber now weighs 0.3, down from 1.0
  • guards now attack with magic axes (they do not drop magic axes), and no longer have magic. They now have 2k hp (was 500)
  • cursed socketing wand now removes the existing gem from the readied staff
  • gave estorrath's armour set bonus a name
  • fixed the merch selling the smooth cut file not loading
  • fixed the shoppe race change models prices on heads
  • some tiny updates to fishing including fishing up [spoiler]REDACTED[/spoiler] from [spoiler]REDACTED[/spoiler]
  • fixed the npcs in the shoppe in the race change section having the wrong price (40) on them (should be 50)
  • can search for nightshade any midnight [spoiler](but achievement unchanged)[/spoiler]
  • lvl 15 treasure maps no longer drop from fishing
  • blessed lvl 15 treasure maps drop as loot, and contain much improved treasure (inc polished gem & 1/3 chance to get an artifact)
  • ettins less likely to spawn when digging up treasure
  • xen mani now just does 10-20 dmg vs vamps. vas xen mani does 5d5+level/2 (which is about 50% more than fg for the same mana cost) vs vamps
  • rabbit mount now req lvl 50, drake lvl 75
  • WoT & druid ench xfer spell no longer destroy a socketed gem
  • clones of plain polymorphed dragon (The khaki dragon) now come with the spells VF, INH and AQ (and NOT clone)
  • weaponsmith: changed the min skill spread to -5 to 40% for plain weapons. (Which becomes 10-55 for silver and 25-70 for blackrock, meaning you can get to 90 by making blackrock+0 machetes)
  • armourer: changed the min skill spread to 0 to 45% for plain armour. (Which becomes 15-60 for silver and 30-75 for blackrock, meaning you can get to 95 by making blackrock+0 field plate)
  • tailoring: belt now min skill 25. spiked collar 50. All other plain leather items now min skill increased to between 27 and 45
  • studded/steel skill requirement is now +20 (was +30) (ie if plain thing req 10 skill, studded or steel variant req 30 skill)
  • alchemist can now make darkhide leather at min skill 70 (req br ore + leather)
  • alchemist can now make goldhide and silverhide leathers at min skill 35 & 40. (Don't ask where you get gold ore from)
  • treated blackrock ore now only req 1 of each blackrock, drag scales, mandrake, nightshade
  • nightshade req for the venom mats in alchemy down to 2, was 4
  • 1500 fancy map rule tweak: it still requres apoc dungeon or heroic or epic, but scrapped the blacklist 'too easy maps' (such as cassandras) - so (forexample) the mino chief in epic cassandras, if a boss, actually has a chance to drop a crystal map (because he would have 1500hp)
  • increased wurm hp to 750 (and increased xp) so bosses have a chance to drop a rad map
  • decreased rarity of gems in buried treasure
  • fixed a typo in npc chat

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