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This is just the last 10 or so updates from this forums thread:


    euo 1.3.40
  • added mob's OG, XC, XMP, AM, VAM, GP to dodgeable magic
  • big message font option and 2x size statbox option
  • hexblade's sickle now has the same speed/dmg as labryss/claymore etc, ie 2d8 @ 3.2
  • kills list is back up on armoury
    4 sep
  • shield bash mob into braizer
  • kicking braizer & shield bash into brazier on weekly
  • chickens & turkeys drop feathers which can be tinkered into quills
  • blackrock quill & alembic
  • added help line for f key for ranged
  • couple new zombie boss names
  • added /swap command to switch your offhand with your mainhand
  • added lua cmd to attach an init script to a monster /lua spawn func id (for DMs)
  • got custom ammo working with spray & aimed
  • bleeding eardums now req lute
    euo/moa 1.3.39
  • +arrows and tinted arrows - tho only tinted arrows are craftable by woodcrafting 10log->1k arrows
  • to use non plain arrows, equip them
  • killed mobs automatically return a proportion of arrows to the shooters
  • hybrid slime split support and count dangle finger custom boss (thanks Goemon !)
  • apoc new sos updates: finished the main continent
  • skin tones: new human chars can select different skin tones + fancy skin tones can be bought from the shoppe
  • added option to disable help messages in client
  • client option to remove border (combine with custom #res to get borderless fullscreen approximation)
  • maped fixes + not showing code over mob palette (build 112)

  • About getting fullscreen borderless window (or close to it)
    I haven't been able to get a flawless fullscreen borderless window client to work, but have gotten close. The mod I added in here "client option to remove border", which is in the f12 options, you don't even need (at least when I tested it in Win 7) to get a nice borderless fullscreenish window.

    This following technique works with both euo & maped. The end result is a fullscreen window, with no title bar, but with taskbar showing.

    1) close euo (or maped)
    2) edit client.cfg (or maped.cfg)
    3) set fullscreen=0
    4) set resx=1920 (where 1920 is your desktop_width)
    5) set resy=1040 (where 1040 is your desktop_height - taskbar_height: for win7 it is 1080-40)
    5a) additionally for maped set autosize=0
    6) save
    7) run euo (or maped)

    Result is as follows (resized to 1000 wide):

    To achieve this in EUO without editing client.cfg:
    1) in options turn off border
    2) at the chat line (hit enter as if chat locally) type #res X Y (where X is your desktop_width and Y is your desktop_height - taskbar_height)

    and you should get a fullscreen borderless window, but sadly with the taskbar showing. Allegro (the gfx lib) is not playing nice with maxing out the resy value, so I was stuck at 1040

    YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY but I did this to amuse myself, am some what pleased, and hope you like it too.
  • containers tell you how many items in them when they are accessed
  • removed lost jungle raft - BYO raft
  • grey quest targets can give credit for multiple killers as long as they all did a bit of damage
  • removed WoT from low scav hunt
  • fixed fishing not bumping skill on weekly continent
  • fixed Balrog lord card's effects (eg Newbie Dungeon) to work as advertised (ie not heal every turn among other things)
  • deck swapping & loading with /loaddeck /savedeck /deldeck /listdecks
  • using armoury decks with /armourydeck ID

  • see balrog thread for more info on the deck management commands
  • fixed a crash with mob's casting blood drain and it getting reflected and killing the mob
  • all hours Ikea addy coin merchs
  • heroic Blood Moor
  • party portals glow green
  • unhovering over void will kill you
  • discord bot
  • limiting the "press SPACE" and "you can /bind" messages to one showing per session (will probably add an option to disable them client side one day)
  • think I have fixed TP bounce bug
    euo moa 1.3.38

    mostly bug fixes

  • fixed mr cleave cast my mobs: they will no longer target hidden/invis players
  • can pick up drops off hooks (eg on books on bookstands, signs, etc)
  • mr cleave, bleed & addled from weapons no longer stopped by protection status
  • CoC Santa should give ear next xmas
  • can repeat cast while polymorphed
  • fixed divine hammer on NG only making a +0 mace
  • can now make boiled cloth from cloth x2
  • client msg log should save cross server chat
  • skellys will no longer get the poisoned by swamp msg
  • fixed boss not dropping on the brass bridges (and other hooks near water?)
  • fixed obscure bug with looking at emtpy book hooks
  • allowing fishing on continent on Weekly
  • ship in bottle no longer drops on weekly
  • eftv style vaults on weekly have a connectivity check to ensure route from start to finish
  • fixed view map / npc talk ui clash
  • fixed lycanthropy immunity not being applied properly
  • tidied up mana cleave (eg can't use it on good npcs)
  • fixed 'a' key not filtering ammo
  • fixed some shields not drawing tint in overlay
  • can now use fighter stances with blessed weapon
  • removed wands from low scavenger hunt
  • slowed status applies to stealthed players
  • fixed spiked collar not showing tint
  • following apoc maps should now give radioactive cookies: Igneous badlands,XXXX test of strength, Valley&Dungeon of Despair
  • can now log in with (but not create new) long character names (eg your alpha char's name has lots of roman numerals after it)
  • fixed Sylvengard tower item pile
  • LOTL can now buy ticket in Shoreline from Harris
  • monk stoneform cancels, flying, mounted & drake form
  • cards hopefully won't be part of scav hunt
  • can deconstruct bone gnarled staff (but watch something else crafty get broken)
  • staves user (melee) can now use apprentice special (etc) at 50 rage (like the other weapons)
  • added extra untested checks to ensure ships passengers won't drown
    euo/moa 1.3.37
    mostly bugfixes and a bunch of new cards for Balrog testing on the alpha server

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