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This is just the last 10 or so updates from this forums thread:


    EUO/moa 1.3.44

  • new map Apoc Newbie Dungeon
  • Beastmaster skill
  • socketable mage staffs

  • + bunch of other stuff

    see it's own thread:
  • use hoe on your plant/crop to destroy it
  • added plant growth details about the plant when look at your plant
  • farm animal owners can now kill their own farm animals, but only 1hp per hit (so you don't accidentally kill them)
  • green potion poisoned farm stock no longer turn evil
  • poisoned low-hp mobs' health no longer oscillates
  • pets that were converted to stock keep their worn items
  • killed farm animals now drop worn items
  • reapers are now tamable (req 55 taming)

  • (coming next week, 12pm monday 19th UTC, after the reboot)
  • added olive press (woodcrafted), it makes olive oil from olives. Renamed oil to olive oil
  • you can now keep livestock in your house. Tame a rabbit,horse,cow,chicken or turkey, take it to your house then type /pet2stock. It will then become named & neutral, and persistent, and doesn't count as a pet. It will wander off so ensure you have a fence.
  • house chickens lay eggs
  • chickens and turkeys can be tamed
  • renamed the diamond coin merch

  • (live in about 2 hrs and 11 mins from the time of this post)
  • fixed a bug with connect fork
  • fixed brownthorne permanently bleeding you
  • fixed pets evolving losing items (now keep items)
  • added Estorrath's Glass Eye artifact (but still need patch to do the extra magic dmg buff when have the set, or something)
  • added hybrid shadow/blood lord
  • made Rivers end balron an actual enemy with collectible ear
  • greater av wand that works on variants (it's a drop)
  • can now combine skins with heads but results are not guaranteed
  • fixed lua crashing with igneous badlands heroic instance, and other scripting crashes
    euo 1.3.43
  • fixed a crash when an av scroll with a head was dropped on the ground
  • fixed BBOS giving enraged status
  • no longer become unhidden when ready (with w key) but don't actually change loadout
  • fixed spells only mode for dragons not doing spells only when close up
  • VYR now lasts indefinitely until cancelled (with x)
  • can now sell sigils (at the pawnshop)
  • slightly more interesting apoc dragon spawning (eg under apoc Mino Halls)
  • fixed ToLs underground (and maybe one other map) not being counted as apocalyptic as far as apoc loot is concerned
  • fixed apoc Mino Halls not being able to be 100% cleared

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