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This is just the last 10 or so updates from this forums thread:


  • some tiny updates to fishing including fishing up [spoiler]REDACTED[/spoiler] from [spoiler]REDACTED[/spoiler]
  • fixed the npcs in the shoppe in the race change section having the wrong price (40) on them (should be 50)
  • can search for nightshade any midnight [spoiler](but achievement unchanged)[/spoiler]
  • lvl 15 treasure maps no longer drop from fishing
  • blessed lvl 15 treasure maps drop as loot, and contain much improved treasure (inc polished gem & 1/3 chance to get an artifact)
  • ettins less likely to spawn when digging up treasure
  • xen mani now just does 10-20 dmg vs vamps. vas xen mani does 5d5+level/2 (which is about 50% more than fg for the same mana cost) vs vamps
  • rabbit mount now req lvl 50, drake lvl 75
  • WoT & druid ench xfer spell no longer destroy a socketed gem
  • clones of plain polymorphed dragon (The khaki dragon) now come with the spells VF, INH and AQ (and NOT clone)
  • weaponsmith: changed the min skill spread to -5 to 40% for plain weapons. (Which becomes 10-55 for silver and 25-70 for blackrock, meaning you can get to 90 by making blackrock+0 machetes)
  • armourer: changed the min skill spread to 0 to 45% for plain armour. (Which becomes 15-60 for silver and 30-75 for blackrock, meaning you can get to 95 by making blackrock+0 field plate)
  • tailoring: belt now min skill 25. spiked collar 50. All other plain leather items now min skill increased to between 27 and 45
  • studded/steel skill requirement is now +20 (was +30) (ie if plain thing req 10 skill, studded or steel variant req 30 skill)
  • alchemist can now make darkhide leather at min skill 70 (req br ore + leather)
  • alchemist can now make goldhide and silverhide leathers at min skill 35 & 40. (Don't ask where you get gold ore from)
  • treated blackrock ore now only req 1 of each blackrock, drag scales, mandrake, nightshade
  • nightshade req for the venom mats in alchemy down to 2, was 4
  • 1500 fancy map rule tweak: it still requres apoc dungeon or heroic or epic, but scrapped the blacklist 'too easy maps' (such as cassandras) - so (forexample) the mino chief in epic cassandras, if a boss, actually has a chance to drop a crystal map (because he would have 1500hp)
  • increased wurm hp to 750 (and increased xp) so bosses have a chance to drop a rad map
  • decreased rarity of gems in buried treasure
  • fixed a typo in npc chat
  • mobs with a family spawn weight of 0 will never create a phase beast
  • tweaks to mob fams. Water demon moved to oddballs with a spawnweight
  • phase anomalies from scripted spawners have more logical enemies (eg a apoc reaper phase will be filled with levelled apoc reapers)
  • fixed a spawner in NiZweiDeux that could spawn a phase beast that spawned a phase anomaly full of good npcs
  • standardised bosses in DejaVu to use standard boss scaling. boss fountains etc have correct 'elder fountain' name, etc
  • fixed bosses in 'the labyrinth'
  • fixed "corrupted" etc bosses in Matriarchs domain: where they weren't levelled like bosses. Also names were showing where they weren't bosses.
  • no more hybrid trolls (etc) in tols or maps with fancy custom spawners. hopefully fixed some large bosses not spawning when they should have
  • fix network crash from recent deconstruct refactor
  • opening a chest will reveal an invisible player (not a stealthed/hidden player)
  • rad cooks & fancy treasure maps only drop if the boss has over 1500 hp
  • boss names now revealed only when a player does damage to them
  • QAW duration vs mobs now random 4 to 6 sec, was fixed 5 sec if caster int wasn't mr breaking or permanent if mr breaking
  • added wings to the cash shoppe
  • fixed typo in buffs
  • treasure map caves unload a bit more aggressively once the chest has been opened and the players left the cave
  • jacked up the prices of all items bought with rad cookies by a factor of 5x
  • removed the t2 glass coin armour for sale. t1 glass coin armour is now 3 glass coins per piece (was 6-9 pieces). Added a npc that can upgrade your t1 glass coin armour into t2 (the sets removed from sale) for just 3 crystal coins per piece
  • high scavenger hunt now requires you to bring a bunch of +ingots, logs etc: the deconstructed equivalent of what he (the chicken npc) used to require
  • fixed bug with merchant loading that added an empty merch to 0,0,0 (did anyone even notice?)
  • quest givers with repeatable quests (eg smelly, aarin) have their ! go away when the daily is completed
  • fixed bulk orders NPC not having the !
    7th Aug 2023, Moa 1.3.46
  • holding alt only shows items that can (generally speaking) picked up.
  • invis teleporters on stairs no longer make the teleport sound
  • fixed Sagitarius exploding lettuce not giving kill credit in the instance (to be revisited)
  • fixed enemy mobs walking in from off screen with blue/good alignment
  • added some id-all merchs to a few towns
  • updated scavenger hunt npc talk line : he now says you can get paid in glass coins for lo hunt and crystal coins for the high hunt
  • sagitarius lava is now never seeable, and doesn't count to the kill total
  • added mapset counts to armoury
  • saggitarius is now counted as a vanilla instance (so should be clearable)

  • saggitarius won't count as a clearable till next reboot (next week) (unless it is clearable already? I note that it doesn't appear on armoury as being fully cleared)


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