EUO News in brief ...

May 11, 2009

All 7 playable races are available on all servers: half orc, draconian, half troll, gnome, bloodkin (renamed from high elves) and shadow folk (renamed from dark elves), and of course humans.

April 1, 2009

Now trialling 6 new playable races on the PD server: half orc, draconian, half troll, high elf, dark elf and gnome.

March 2009

Permanent Death Ladder

February and March have seen the arrival of a fully automated Permanent Death ladder. Each month, players are invited to make a new character and at the end of month, the player with the most amount of experience and zero deaths (so being saved by a resurrection stone disqualifies you) wins the prize.

September 9, 2008

Maeondir Expansion

Some big changes: Added a huge mapset expansion based around a new mini-continent called Maeondir, mostly aimed at the lvl 40+ set. Also converted the client to 800x600 and added custom skins support. Click here for screenshots.

June 26, 2008

Been working on the scoreboard pages and the player info pages. It's going to take a while before it's awesome but it's a start.

Click here for a sample profile.

March 29, 2008

EUO Turns 5 in April! To celebrate this stupendous occasion there will be:

  • 5x xp on the reg server for the weekend April 5 and 6
  • prizes & giveaways
  • DM'd events
  • eggnog & goblin master brew
  • more bosses, more mega-bosses - hell, just more of everything!

I've also made a brand new interactive tutorial map called 'Newbie Island' - so if you thought EUO was in the too-hard basket before, you should give it another whirl now. I promise it will be somewhat demystified!

Jan 28, 2008

You can now play EUO in 3d! Still rather alpha tho, you can read all about it on the forums.

July 30, 2007

A year on and off, and, after saying it couldn't be done, EUO 1.2 has arrived ... using my fancy new engine that started as a branch over year ago and has now been merged back into the trunk! How good is programming jargon? Download EUO 1.2

June 24, 2007

September 3, 2005

After about 4 months of alpha development, EUO 1.1 has arrived. Here's a brief summary of what's new:

  • pets and taming, cartography, healing
  • artifacts (ultra rare but powerful items)
  • enchanting
  • 3 schools of magic: Piety, Sorcery and Magery
  • revised fighter special moves + 2 new special moves for rogues
  • mage staff improvements
  • many crafting enhancements
  • greatly enhanced AI

There's too much to list.

Also the old manual is gone, replaced with a wikipedia style manual.

As usual thanks to everyone who's actively contributed, tested and reported bugs and given feedback.

April 5, 2005

EUO is now completely accounts based.

March 22, 2005

EUO regular server (1.008) will shortly be going account based. There are 2 new links on the left of the page: request account and link character.

Use request account if you do not already have an account for EUO-Alpha. If you have an account for Alpha, then you will use this account for you existing 1.008 characters.

Once you have an account, use link character to attach existing characters on 1.008 to your account.

December 20, 2004

Patch 1.008 has stabilised. All patch related info is on the forums as usual.

October 29, 2004

Scoreboards updated.

October 18, 2004

EUO PD server is back up and is running the alpha version of EUO, which is the bleeding edge version. More info here.

June 2, 2004

Patch 1.007 is live, adding

  • New maps
  • Player Lycanthropy (Ie werewolves)
  • Fighter special moves
  • Improved client skin support

plus the usual plethora of fixes and the like.

March 24, 2004

The EUO server has moved to the US, and there may be some flaky DNS issues for the next few days. If you are having trouble connecting, please read the forums - the solution to all of your problems is posted there.

Oh and for the news sites, there was a patch (1.006) about a month ago.

January 12, 2004

Patch 1.005 live - check forums for details.

Permanent death is back up too.

November 19, 2003

Added EUO Launcher to the download page. Do yourself a favour and try it. Also added Kodiak's Netiquette Guide - thanks PJH.

November 5, 2003

Did a manual update. Not sure why I bothered since no-one ever reads it anyway.

October 16, 2003

Have set up a second server/shard featuring permanent death. This means that if you die on this server, you cannot res, and you cannot recreate your character! However, you gain XP & skill points 10x as fast as you normally would.

Playing on permadeth is addictive and fun - the excitment of staying alive is much greater than on the regular shard.

To connect to the permanent death server, (download and install), then edit client.cfg. Change the port value to 26668.

Check out the Permanent death scoreboard, updated weekly.

October 2, 2003

EUO 1.0 is now live! Get it from the downloads page. If you need to transfer your character, email your .plr and .sum files from your old players directory to egg.

August 31

Finally released the much talked about patch. Major changes that I can remember include:

  • Fixed XP table
  • Added blue, white & black dragons, as well as minotaurs and more trolls, nixies and giant squids. Also added some gfx in general.
  • Added Kal Bet Xen spell (summon spider)
  • Hopefully fixed daily server crash
  • Nice new blue authentic(ish) border
  • Shuffled spell table a little (eg Invis is lvl 5 now, but you can no longer cast other spells and stay invis)
  • Wrote a shard rules page

August 9

Death xp penalty has been removed - I personally suffered too much from it and it killed the fun-ness for me. I still have a feeling there should be some death penalty however, but what that might be in future, who knows.

July 30

Just a note to say that (the equivalent of) bind stones are live - ie, instead of resurrecting in the same old spot, you can choose one of 3 towns (initially) to respawn in. These towns are Nordhausen (default), Izumi, and Cammerata Keep (on Tanelorne).

When you're in one of these towns, just type /bind. Next death, you'll respawn where you last bound. If you don't bind, then you'll resurrect in Nordhausen by default.

NB: this has nothing to do with spell bindings.

July 11

New patch online, comprising mainly of tweaked skills, eg smithing and woodcrafting. You can now meditate to regain health more quickly. Check the skills page for more details on the changes.

June 27

  • Encumberance is on
  • Quas An Wis and Xen Corp work
  • more info in the last post here

June 25

  • A bank is now open in Nordhausen! Use B to put stuff in, and b to take stuff out.
  • Local chat is enabled (infact it's the default). Only people within a 10 sq radius will hear you. Use shift-enter to speak to everyone online.
  • A tile-for-tile copy (from Ultima 5) of Buccaneers Den is open!

June 23

Maintenence patch. Here's what's changed:

  • F1 to F8 are now bindable. F9 is last item. F10 is last spell.
  • Mani and Vas Mani are back to heal self only, so binding and using is easier
  • Xen Mani and Xen Vas Mani have been created to heal others
  • Friendly party fire is disabled (can't hurt friends now) (didn't test with earthquake tho)
  • IVPY now only hits creatures you can see. Same goes for AXC
  • Put in appropriate delays on casting and using potions
  • Player dissconnect but still in game bug addressed (3 minute timeout)
  • Anyone not moving for 15+ mins will now get auto-disconnected
  • AI fixes (but new bugs already - AI is so delicate)

June 21

New patch live. You all know this already. Check the dev journal thread in the forum for details. Commands for parties have been added to the controls page.

Be sure to check out the underworld, if you can figure out how to get there in one piece.

June 15

Another week, another big patch. Here's what's in:

  • Combat now uses 3rd ed AD&D rules (goodbye negative AC's)
  • Combat speed decreased dramatically (movement speed unchanged tho)
  • Combat interface redone - use CTRL-arrow to attack in a particular direction with a melee weapon (ranged weapons unchanged for the time being)
  • All new visual effects for magic, unique for most spells. Still cheesy however
  • Some new sounds for magic, and for combat
  • Ingame binding of spells to F-keys. Press SHIFT-F-key to bind a spell to that F-key
  • Fast casting of spell bound to F1 by pressing SHIFT-arrow. Eg, Bind An-Mani to F1, then cast An-Mani north by pressing SHIFT-up
  • Experience points allocation slowed, levelling slowed also (noticible around lvl 20+)
  • All skill gains slowed
  • Added long bow & crossbow
  • 32 new tiles

June 8

Big patch, lots of exciting things.

  • New patching program allows graphics and sound updates anytime
  • Merchants with custom stock! (though none are configured yet)
  • Added meat, bread, cheese and a kite shield
  • New tiles for chainmail and leather hat
  • Improved brazier and fountain tiles
  • Added Wisps
  • Fixed ranged combat lag issues

The downside to updating the patching prog is that you have to download it manually (ie, it can't patch itself).

May 29

The map-editor is now available for download in the forums - please read the maped thread carefully before you do anything with the editor, and post any questions related to editing in that thread.

Also snuck in a server side patch requiring the smelting tongs to be equipped by the player in order to smelt ore. This is mainly for network efficiency more than for aesthetic reasons. You won't need the smith's hammer equipped to make weapons or armour, nor the pick equipped to mine ore, etc.

May 27

The Close window button (x button) now works properly - feel free to use it. Fixed in latest autopatch.

May 24

Monster summonning is finally complete. Go earn some Kal Xen today.

Just a note about downloading and patching - the zip you download here will inadvertantly have an out of date euo.exe in it - run it anyway, and when it says 'Incorrect client version', press a key (don't kill the window) and it will patch itself.

If you get a message saying 'there's someone ingame with your name - you're probably already connected' or something like that, check your task manager for any stale EUO.exe's still running, and kill them off.

May 20

Thought you might like to know that town portal scrolls are now available at the potion man, and they're awesome. I suggest you buy some and try them out.

Also rewrote the formula for what treasure monsters drop on death to suck less.

May 16

If your having trouble connecting, having problems with incorrect client version, or you think the autopatcher is ass, you can download the latest client files manually here: - protip: that's all the autopatcher is doing.

May 15, 2003 (revised)

Just made searchable chests and barrels live - don't expect to find much ATM but the functionality's there. Also fixed the 10s bounce bug (hopefully w/o breaking something else). Note that the s key is now used for searching, so use shift-b or B to sell to merchants.

Download here.

Changes include:

  • Fixed the 10 second stagger bug (you take a step backwards approx every 10 sec)
  • Added searchable barrels & chests (finally)
  • Made an autopatcher by hacking the source to wget (GNU's good for something apparently)
  • More quest types
  • Important NPC's (read Quest NPC's) have name's above their heads, as well as players
  • Some improved netcode
  • Disabled encumberance indefinitely (maybe until the bank opens)

May 9, 2003

There's a new EUO client build to try out. I've also moved the server to a new IP, and the new client is now required (due to changes in the messaging system).

So download this new client, and update your client.cfg.

Changes include:

  • Player names above heads (so u know who's who)
  • Player fast res - hit shift-1 (ie !) to respawn in town when you die without penalty.
  • Some network optimisation (with mixed results)
  • Bugfixes of course

(older news here)