EUO Download

1) Download & Install :

Windows exe installer: euoinstall.exe

Windows zip: - try this if windows 11 gives you problems.

Linux: euo-linux.tgz ... more instructions/requirements below the video.

Dear Chrome users: if you get a warning about 'this file not downloaded often' it is because the installer is kept up to date with every patch!

2) Get an account : click here

3) Read the quickstart guide : click here

4) Or even watch the tutorial video on Youtube!

Looking for the launcher and/or map editor? Click here.

Linux Notes

Download the tgz and extract it, preserving directory structure, somewhere within your home directory.

You will need to install allegro 4.4 separately. To install allegro 4.4 do something like:

sudo apt install liballegro4.4

Apt is the debian flavour package manager. Please use the package manager appropriate for your system.

Linux support thread on forums: click here

Or join the discord and post in the #linux channel.