Euotopia is a retro 2D multiplayer online MMORPG inspired by the early Ultimas, Nethack, Diablo, gold-box AD&D, Magic Candle, etc.

Euotopia lies somewhere between the realms of action RPGs, MMORPGs, MUDs and roguelikes. It began as a multiplayer roguelike, morphed into a multiplayer Ultima-like, and 10 years later is now a fully fledged virtual world with its own rich history.


  • Old-school tile-based 2D multiplayer RPG action
  • Dungeon crawling and grinding - in a party or solo
  • Pretty much the best community there is
  • Player vs player combat (PvP), including tournaments
  • Rare & magic item collecting & hoarding
  • 100+ quests to complete
  • Crafting & miscellaneous skills
  • Player housing and pets
  • Optional Permanent Death server
  • It is (and always will be) free to play!

Even Lord British says Euotopia ...


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