Privacy Statement

* EUO (ie Euotopia, this rotten game) knows only your email address that you signed up with and an anonymised version of IP address with which you play, as far as PII goes. Email address is only used for resending passwords. EUO used to do a newsletter but I can't be bothered with that anymore.

* EUO does not share this info with anyone.

* When you log into the armoury on this website a single damn session cookie will be used to remember that you logged in. Same goes for the forums.

* EUO does not use any 3rd party stuff like Google Analytics ... and I even deleted the stupid Facebook widget (although the link to facebook is still there). EUO has used these things, plus some other ad widgets, in the past, but not anymore (as of May 25, 2018).

* If you, an EUO player, want your email address / IP address deleted, then that can be arranged : email egg AT