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Introduction to Regions

In order to make metamaps look like distinct maps in the minimap, when using a peergem, white pot and blinking, maps are now divided into regions. A region is a single rectangular area or a area made up of rectangles and each region has a different number associated with it, starting at 1. 0 is the default region. Putting regions in maps is optional, and is actually not advised for non-metamapped maps, and if you don't know what you are doing.

Maped keys for regions

  • hit alt-n to select your active region number
  • alt-r to show/hide regions - they are on by default
  • e sets the region top left corner
  • E (shfit-e) sets the bottom right corner, and if 'e' was used correctly, a region will be instantly created.
  • alt-f will delete the region that your mouse is hovering over
  • alt-e delete all regions by number

Constructing Regions

Individual region blocks are rectangles, but most actual regions will be some other weird shape. see below:


see the blue region? that is made up from 2 rectangles. we all know this map - and you know how conceptually the blue area and the non blue area are distinct

Now have a look at this more complex example:


Each coloured area is a different region. If you look carefully, each region has it's own wall - regions should not share walls, otherwise the minimap looks ugly (that is the only ill effect).

When to use regions and when not to

  • don't use them if you don't understand them
  • maps that are contiguous or not meta mapped don't need them

When to use the default zero region

  • this region is uncoloured
  • it counts as a region
  • make this the biggest or the most complex shape!
  • also make this the region that for towne style maps (type 2) the area where you can walk off the map to exit!
  • region zero regions use the offscreen map tiles
  • coloured regions use the tile at 0,0 to draw off-region tiles (eg if u use a peergem, you will see the tile at 0,0 for tiles not in this region)

Other Notes

Regions can overlap, but don't do it - because region numbering will be unexpected and it just wastes time *** (just don't do it)