Maped Introduction

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Installation Instructions

Unzip the maped zip into your EUO directory, PRESERVING DIRECTORIES, such that maped.exe is in the same folder as euo. It will create a sdat and a smaps dir. The smaps dir is where the maps go that you make. If you want to edit a map that's on the server, copy it from cmaps into smaps and edit it. Don't do this if you don't already know the map inside out, it may spoil the game.

Running Maped

To run maped, double click maped.exe & it will load level 0 by default. If it can't find it (or any other level you're trying to load), then you'll see a blank dirt level.

Getting started

If you are going to make a map for EUO, please consult the map list thread on the forums (link below) and pick a vacant map number. This saves us having to renumber your level!

The first thing to to is resize the map with the r key. There are 3 layers to the map: the maptiles, the items and monsters, and the features. Items and monsters go on the same layer.

  • To edit the terrain press t, then click the pallette then paint the tiles.
  • To add items press i
  • To edit monster spawners, press m or s
  • To add features, press f

Always save your work - press w often to save. Maped may crash!