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You set the map's properties by pressing the p key. You will then be asked to enter the following information:

  • name : can be anything
  • type : 0=continent, 1=dungeon, 2=towne
  • music : 0=continent music, 1=dungeon/combat music, 2=happy town music
  • vis : 1=visible (like a towne), 0=dark (like a dungeon)
  • exit level : the level to load if the player walks off this map (i.e the parent level)

More about map types

  • type 0 (continent) : the players can't walk off (walking is wrapped, like a sphere). There are also a bunch of other properties that the server gives continents (such as the ability to spawn ores), so it is best that this map type is never used for anything other than an actual continent style map.
  • type 1 (dungeon) : you can't walk off the map to load its parent level - you are bound within the dimensions of the map, and it isn't wrapped.
  • type 2 (towne) : if you walk off the map its parent level is loaded.

Offmap Default Tiles and the Top Left Tile

New Way
In maped, you can set the offmap default tiles for all four sides of your map. Select the tile from the palette then click off the map in the greyed out area. That will set the offmap default tile for that side. Remember to do it for all four sides.

Old Way
With maps, when tiles are being displayed that are beyond the boundary of the map, it is the top left corner tile of your map that defines what you see outside the map. Eg, to make a towne surrounded by grass, make the top left corner tile a grass tile.


With visibility, if vis is set to 1, then the sun & moon will be shown above the map in the client window, implying that the map exists in the outside world. If vis is set to 0, then the sun & moon are not shown.

Even when vis is set to 1, the map will still get dark at night time!