Maped Paintsets

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You can specify a set of tiles to use randomly when creating a new map. This is nice for automatically adding variation to terrain.

Edit maped.cfg: see the lines:


Paint set 1, selected with key 1, will paint random dirt tiles. paint set 2 will paint random grass tiles. You can change the paintsets to any tile combo you want. The format is:


where: - X is the paint set num
- TILE is the tile number, from Maped
- QTY is the how common it is - you can put a high number to make a tile more likely to paint, eg plain dirt or grass

if QTY is 1 then you can leave out the x1, eg


is the same as


Once done editing, save maped.cfg. If Maped is open, hit ctrl-l to reload the config. Then set your brush size to huge (with [ and ] ) and away you go.