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Woodcrafting is the skill of making wooden weapons, items and equipment from the different logs that have been cut from trees or treated by alchemists. Some wooden items are also essential to other crafts.


Crafting and repairing wooden items is performed with a pocket knife on logs which can be cut from forests with a woodcutters axe.

Chopping trees

Use (u) a woodcutters axe on an area of forest on the main continent to chop trees into logs. If you're unable to 'get a good log' then try a different patch of forest.

Logging is like mining: i.e. there are 'veins' of wood that will be exhausted by logging, but will regenerate over time.

Logging, like most actions, can be repeated with F9

Types of wood

There are seven types of wood. The following four types can be found in forests. Your skill in woodcrafting will determine whether you can find non-ordinary woods.

  • ordinary
  • oak
  • silverleaf
  • ash

These types of woods are all alchemical concoctions and cannot be found by logging:

  • vampyric
  • venomous
  • ebony

The different wood types have the same properites as the non-ordinary metals. More on types and properties here.

  • oak -> copper : lighter and faster, less durable
  • silverleaf -> silver : undead slaying / repulsion
  • ash -> gold : lightsource
  • ebony -> blackrock : allover better attack & defense rating / more durable

How to make tinted logs

Venomous, vampyric and ebony logs are made by alchemically treating regular logs with various ingredients. More on treating and alchemy here.

Polypiling Logs

Tinted logs can be made from ordinary logs with a polypile wand; however you'll have to use your own brain to figure out the recipe! (it's pretty obvious.)

Crafting items

Use (u) a pocket knife to craft items from available logs in your inventory. Use a tinted pocket knife to craft tinted items. There is a skill premium required to craft tinted items.

Woodcraft can be used to make wooden weapons like staves and bows as well as adventuring items like torches and rafts. They also make poles which are useful for Tinkers and Weaponsmiths.

Here is a list of items that can be made from ordinary logs along with their minimum skill requrements:

Item Ingredients Skill
crossbow Logs 65
long bow Logs 60
crook Logs 55
short bow Logs 50
shillelagh Logs 45
small shield Logs 30
buckler Logs 25
club Logs 15
staff Logs 10
pole Logs 5
torch x5 Logs 0
lumber* Logs 0

* Lumber is created by using a saw rather than a pocket knife.

Woodrafting, like most crafting skills, can be repeated with F11

To craft oak items you will need a Oak Pocket Knife. You will not be able to find Oak Logs until 50% Woodcrafting. This is not the whole Oak crafting list as i reach a higher % i will add more.

Oak Item Ingredients Skill
Oak Long Bow Logs 75
Oak Crook Logs 70
Oak Short Bow Logs 65
Oak Shillelagh Logs 60
Oak Small Shield Logs 45
Oak Buckler Logs 40
Oak Club Logs 30
Oak Staff Logs 25
Ash Item Ingredients Skill
Ash Crossbow Logs 75
Ash Long Bow Logs 70
Ash Crook Logs 65
Ash Short Bow Logs 60
Ash Shillelagh Logs 55
Ash Small Shield Logs 40
Ash Buckler Logs 35
Ash Club Logs 25
Ash Staff Logs 20

How to create tinted pocket knives

Blacksmiths can make tinted pocket knives. The are made from the following ingot colours:

  • oak pocket knife: copper ingot
  • silverleaf pocket knife: silver ingot
  • ash pocket knife: gold ingot
  • ebony pocket knife: blackrock ingot


All carpentry requires a hammer, which can be created by a tinker. Carpentry creates soulbound furniture scrolls, thus is only useful if you own a house.

Item Ingredients Skill
small table lumber + nails 70
tile scrolls (wooden floor) lumber 70
chairs lumber + nails 75
dresser lumber + nails + mirror 80
keg lumber + nails 80
door lumber + nails 80
drawers lumber + nails 85
door with window lumber + nails 85
barrel lumber + nails 95
fence lumber + nails 95

Repairing wooden weapons

Drop your weapon on the ground and use (Shift+u) a pocket knife of the appropriate type or tint on the item.