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1.1.5 (Dec 23, 2005)

  • deep water
  • all mobs now have unique tiles (a few mobs got deleted, eg gnomes, hillgiant)
  • replaced some old tiles and added some new ones - thanks to those who contributed
  • inventory weight shown when buying/selling/transferring
  • shift+~ shortcut for use bandage in direction
  • shift+enter shortcut for /g (ie global chat)
  • bugs fixed

1.1.4 (Dec 9, 2005)

  • improved method for equipping identical shortswords and rings
  • BR/copper rarity tweaks
  • studded AC nerfed, boiled nerfed a little
  • spell tomes are now spread across the continent among merchants, with some found as quests and drops
  • named items are now purple in the list
  • new quest goal type 'slaughter' : ie kill X of monster type Y
  • much improved method for transferring files ingame (may even fix the missing bank inventory due to it being massive)
  • fixed bugs

1.1.3 (Nov 29, 2005)

  • reduced xp for lowbies partying with highbies (within limits)
  • recalculated item level requirements
  • mimic-containers may be added to clanhalls by the clan leader for use by clan members
  • disease no longer affects encumberance
  • talking to NPC's must be activated with t-dir (pets unchanged)
  • magic using mobs 50% less likely to cast when disarmed
  • mostly bugs fixed otherwise

Nov 13 2005

  • changed some merchants in montor and shoreline to armourers
  • monsters won't walk on chests
  • green pot only poisons for 30 sec now, rather than indefinitely
  • doors are for sale in Ikea

1.1.2 (Sept 28, 2005)

1.1.1 (Sept 12, 2005)

  • mostly bug fixes and anti-cheese remedies
  • re-enabled polypiling after changing the pricing formula

1.1 (Sept 2, 2005)

  • canned mage staff wear and magic damage reduction due to staff wear
  • blue potion recipe is flask+moss+ginseng
  • monsters a lot less likely to cast WQ
  • spell cast times with staff down very slightly
  • artifacts 10x rarer
  • price of tomes a lot cheaper
  • missing when adjacent to target when using ranged weapon down to 20%

Alpha 034 (Aug 31)

  • new shortswords special move 'slice and dice' (nothing fancy, just 3 hits)
  • new ranged special move 'point blank headshot' - 2x dmg, induces wounding, must be adjactent and use it like a melee wep
  • tailoring expansion: see Tailoring
  • renamed the non ratskull rat to giant rat
  • diamond mage staff increases INT for the domination test only (ie doesn't affect damage)
  • lightning now lights up the darkness
  • effects visibility tweaks (you should see lighting bolts from offscreen attackers now)
  • QP 3 crits max
  • disenchanting tweaks as requested
  • some slight network improvs
  • fixed monsters healing too quickly after losing a target
  • improved pots are heavier
  • lots of bugs fixed + other stuff forgotten

Alpha 033 (Aug 28)

  • yellow pot rewrite, see forums
  • bandages (only healing) rewrite - see forums
  • bandages can now cure wounded status
  • major enchanting recipe rewrite (new enchants require special gems from old items): see Enchanting and Polypiling
  • oilskin back to being padded --;
  • player merchants: will auto delete after 4 weeks if not maintained - see Player Merchants
  • player merchants: setting price to -1 will mark an item as 'trade only' and can't be sold for gp
  • AXC rewrite
  • many bugs fixed (see http://bugs.swut.net)

Alpha 032 (Aug 22)

  • changed 'nearly got it' formulas for item id and cartog.
  • removed int requirement for reading spell scrolls for casting (they still req mana)
  • itemlore and enchanting now have an int-req in order to train
  • trade chat channnel - use /t or start a sentence with WTB or FS
  • trainers have the type of training in their name (floating above their heads)
  • cursed stat items negative effects + other cursed tweaks
  • ranged mobs should stop retreating after around 3 steps

Special moves revision

  • Flurry: hits down from 5 to (3 to 5) (4 avg), reduced (on average) damage per successive hit (NERFED)
  • Bloodbolt: max bounces 3, down from 5. Works on full mag res mobs. (NERFED with bonus)
  • Disarm: pvp: target is not allowed to re-equip for 5 seconds. PvM: monster has Attack Strength halved for 5 sec
  • Cleave: still gives cleaved status (reduced as/ac) for 7 sec. Cleaved no longer stacks on mobs. Cleaved also halves MR. Cleave-axe move also induces a new status 'Wounded' whereby the target bleeds 5% of health for 5 seconds (25% total) and during this time cannot heal. Bleeding/wounding will not kill mobs.
  • Quiv Palm: rewritten completely. Target goes into 'complete shock' for 3 seconds, during this time, every hit landed on him will have a 50% chance of being a critical. This goes for all attackers. This might need nerfing.
  • Maces new move "Thunderclap" with spiffy sfx: target and the surrounding 8 squares all suffer a shockwave. 50% chance of being stunned (held for mobs and sleep for players) and 25% chance of confusion (4 seconds for player and indefinite for mobs)

Stave's revision

  • oak staff : + 10% to magic damage
  • silverleaf : +50% to magic damage vs undead
  • ebony : +25% to magic damage
  • venomous: 10% chance of poisoning target when casting
  • vamp : heals caster 5% of magic damage inflicted
  • Staves of slaying have the + added on to the damage
  • Leeching: changed from 50% of melee damage dealt restored to mana to 1.5-2.5% of your max mana restored per melee hit. Leechings weps get intrinsic +3 slaying bonus.
  • Staff wear: damage is scaled down in proportion to the wear % of your staff.

Alpha 031 (Aug 19)

mostly bug fixes and tweaks

  • old style stat display (with + and -) but keeping colours
  • player joining/leaving message is in grey
  • now using allegro 4.2beta4

Hopefully with the new allegro version, there won't be problems with attacking and windows 98. Hopefully this new version will also fix a myriad of bugs, namely

  • alt tab probs
  • caps probs
  • midi probs
  • keyboard probs

Alpha 030 (Aug 8)

about 30 bugs fixed and things tweaked, most I won't mention since you probably won't even notice that they've gone or changed

  • server side per character item and spell binds
  • scrolls you learn to cast are now called 'tomes'
  • inscription rewrite: only a handful of scrolls to cast are inscribable, 6 new scrolls: id all, uncurse all, protection, repair item, scroll of health (4 variants), scroll of truesight - see InscriptionSkill
  • monster casting range down to 4 yards
  • stat damage bonus formula re-written (so that weapon matters more)
  • new tile for rondel
  • studs recipe for tinkers, studded leather for tailors (to make studded leather items from)
  • pets get 10x xp on the PD server
  • correct damage ranges displayed for weapons when readying/viewing
  • ok to hide near pets
  • mage staves wear from casting (tho the wear doesn't affect further spellcasting, yet)
  • chat doesn't stop meditation
  • low fishing skill no longer gives good maps: high fishing skill gives both good and bad maps
  • shrines on PD should work for id'ing curses
  • added River's End to PD
  • can't dodge with shield equipped

Alpha 029 (July 31)


  • awesome party list under stats display
  • offscreen party members indicated on the edge of screen with icons


  • loot ownership: the killer of a mob gets exclusive rights to the loot dropped - ie, only they may pick it up. May need tweaking in a party situation but we'll see how it goes this week
  • ID changes: separate identification process for item stats and curses. All loot now (again) un-id'd. ID scrolls only reveal stats, not curses. ID skill in addition to revealing stats (unchanged), may reveal curse. Drop an item near a shrine to see if it is cursed! Equipping a cursed item will reveal the curse also. I don't plan on changing this again ...
  • looking at a pile of items will tell you everything that is in the pile
  • new items: spiked collar, falchion (longsword), shillelagh (staff), crook (staff), leather tunic (light armour)
  • renamed padded->oilskin (eg padded leggins are now oilskin pants)
  • in addition to new tiles for all the above, I made a new tile for the scimitar
  • reviewed all weapons, made sure dmg/sec is current, and prices relevant
  • bandages weigh less than cloth, drag scales less than hide
  • food weighs less, especially fish, all 0.05 stones now (so poor weak mages can carry more and not starve)
  • require a coloured tool to repair coloured items
  • material type 'studded' for leather items (eg studded leather armour): 1.5x defense, craftable with studded sewing kit made by tinker


  • pets can now walk on sanc squares
  • abandoned pets no longer go red and disappear after 10 sec
  • pets walking speed when following should roughly be same as owners (so they keep up) - may need tweaking


  • adjusted mob treasure
  • new mob skeleton archer, new tile for skeleton warrior (thx Dolus!)
  • vampires summon bats


  • dodging: high dex gives a chance to dodge an attack. Dex no longer contributes to defense (ac)!
  • fast weapon switching: bind a weapon to a number then press that number to eq that weapon anytime
  • ranged: 4 square range now, down from 5
  • ranged: when targeting an adjacent mob, you have a large chance of missing
  • ranged: 2 ammo types, arrows and bullets


  • added Dolus's player avatars
  • intelligible werewolf party chat (so partying with wolves is ok)
  • in random caves unearthed by digging, the mobs spawned are now proportional (in strength) to the quality of the buried treasure. Eg a lvl 15 map will spawn dragons
  • LOTS of network optimisations - expect problems :/
  • shrines are now non-pvp
  • added 'too difficult' message when you have no hope of unlocking/probing a chest

Fixed lots of bugs, noteworthy:

  • enchant weps no longer get Int bonus like spells do! consider this a mager nerf for mages
  • in PvP, autotargeting spells should no longer miss (die dexxers)
  • bloodbolt damage doubled
  • magic fx and other things are now in b/w when dead
  • can only dip in fountains on pvp maps (ie not in town)
  • fixed serious bug with magic merchant where you could sell artifacts for 1gp and buy them back for 0gp. Also magic merchant gets locked when used, similar to how player merchants are. Items sold to magic merchant are destroyed

Alpha 028 (July 25)

  • AI fleeing / retreat improvements
  • when a monster flees, it's last enemy will get a message saying that it's running
  • fixed weapon requirements
  • spell list in stats display sorted by school, then circle
  • lycan: you stay as a wolf even when you die/res, until the sun rises
  • lycan: if you log in after midnite you will still poly into a wolf
  • lycan: you get xp for kills
  • lycan: faster movement
  • lycan: dmg up, defense and attack strength scaled to player level
  • lycan: instant criminal status, but goes away when sun rises
  • completing a quest now tells you how much xp you got
  • gold a little rarer
  • adjusted material drop rates (eg vamp rarer, BR less rare)
  • party disband message
  • red death message for dying party members only
  • new character names are checked against old ones case-insensitively
  • fixed a problem with environment sounds
  • fixed: correct message when connecting to shutting down server
  • now have 0% chance of hiding when wearing heavy boots, pants or armour
  • can now craft/repair the new weapons added in 027
  • polymorph (VYR) improvements
  • when login, you are always made visible
  • IZH PvM only
  • fixed treasure spawns in forest
  • fixed OG not going through sanct and other map features (still blocked by locks)
  • when selling, you get a message telling you how much gold you earned
  • PD server: added a desert & swapped locations of one of the shrines and the magic merchant
  • PD server: added Netherterra

Alpha 027 (July 18)

  • Improved character creation skill selection
  • new weapons: 2 new axes (tomahawk & labrys), 1 new foil (epee), 1 new dagger (rondel)
  • cleaver is now an axe (5 axes total now)
  • new tiles for claymore, club, flail, morn star, kryss
  • new merch type armourer
  • pets won't walk on cursed items
  • bandaging: 5 sec cool off, 3x skill gain rate
  • xp formula rewrite (will apply to reg soon)
  • 3 new polypile recipes (see EnchantingAndPolypiling)
  • PVP min lvl 10 (up from 5) (doesn't apply to alpha server)
  • for sellable items, only enchanted items are now sellable, and, they are only valued as much as their non-enchanted counterparts (doesn't apply to alpha server)
  • try dipping a weapon on a fountain (shift-u)

Alpha 026 (July 15)

  • Fixed bugs with 025
  • Minor network optimisations
  • Improvements to volume control (eg it controls music vol too)
  • Pet kills give gold to party (rather than leaving it on the ground)
  • Hopefully fixed 'old pet names' bug
  • clan invitation slash command changes
  • enable player remort with /command (won't work on alpha tho since there are no levels)
  • dynamic map unloading: server unloads maps it's not using to conserve memory

Alpha 025 (July 11)

  • sitting in seats
  • reflection of self in mirror
  • mirage in desert
  • rising and sinking town portals
  • environment sounds

Alpha 024 (July 4)

  • Potion cool off 7 sec, up from 5
  • Bandages have a cooloff of 7 sec as well now
  • Shield/block minor rewrite
  • [Party invitation changes|AlphaControls]
  • Lots of changes to make alpha backward compatible with regular player files in preparation for 1.009

Alpha 023 (June 27)

  • fixed bugs
  • spell enchanted weapons now only found on high end mobs
  • regular weapon drops are back in - but quality is on avg a lot lower than player enchated
  • enchanting recipe changes
  • added spell weapon enchant recipes
  • spell weapon enchants can now wear out
  • removed 'bling' from dug up treasure chests, rarer in regular chests
  • increased golems attack strength considerably
  • all mobs sight dropped to a max of 6 (was 7)
  • item ID changes

Alpha 022 (June 23)

  • visible merchant names
  • new merchant type bowyer
  • chgs to peering
  • spell-enchant weapons now show spell in item list rather than a *
  • unlikely to get blocked & reset logging in
  • KOP changes: unlikely to get blocked
  • clan chat with /c
  • /wc to see online clan members
  • minor FOV optimisations
  • walking on swamp only has 33% chance to poison (per step)
  • zorns can travel across mountains (but can't see across mountains)

Alpha 021 (June 15)

  • experimental change to combat: damage reduction/absorbtion based on defense-AS; [see forums|http://forums.swut.net/viewtopic.php?t=2085]
  • press ` (tilde key next to 1) to use bandage on self
  • brown pot speedy time up to 30 sec, from 20
  • slight change to client stats display
  • added some new artifacts (look out for the Boots of Blinding Speed!)
  • other bits and pieces

Alpha 020 (June 6)

  • diagonal movement for laptop: use NW=[[ NE=] SW=; SE='
  • eating nerf: if vomit, can't eat again till hungry
  • slaying weapons are now known as simply + : eg, axe slaying + 3 -> axe +3; similarly for armour
  • reading scrolls nerf: minimum int required, proportional to scroll lvl but reduced if you have skill in that scroll's school
  • bash rewrite: easier to bash (min 100 str aprox), however sometimes breaks chests contents
  • Ex Por no longer works on chests
  • all weapons are wearing out now. Use pocketknife (shift-u) on wooden weapons to repair them, sewing kit on sling.
  • shift space buys/sells/xfers 10x the usual amount (ie 1000 ammo, 10000 gold, 10 for everything else)
  • can now put worthless (ie invaluable) items, ammo & gold in containers
  • logging rewrite: similar mechanism to mining, see WoodCrafting
  • for wood items, gold->ash, silver->silverleaf, copper->oak, blackrock->ebony. New names, same effects
  • for fish, copper->rare, silver->prize, gold->wonderous. New names only
  • new skills page format: if you dont like it, put old_style_skills=1 in client.cfg
  • crafting: min skill reqd now shown when selecting items to make
  • slings/guns require ammo; slings now 1 handed but slower
  • if not pvp-enabled, can't target other players
  • monsters can see players through forests
  • item list enhancements
  • lots of little changes as usual & bugs fixed

Alpha 019 (June 2)

  • XC back in, but no longer kills. A bit harsher than VF. Still nasty.
  • Brass golems nerfed; require 100 skill to make; powergems now boss drops only; all powergems in game removed
  • client tidy up; can quit to title screen
  • when banking/using container or pmerch; press 'a' to transfer all of an item
  • silver armour reflects 100% damage to undead but only if the body position you were hit has silver armour on it
  • age (in mins) on client screen; time on screen if pocket watch in inventory
  • when repeat use/make with shift f9/f11, can use esc to cancel it
  • when a target you cast at resists, it no longer says 'missed', it now says 'no effect'
  • springing a map-trap will display a txt message if one is defined
  • when /trimskill etc, 'UA-combat' renamed to 'unarmed'

Alpha 018 (May 28)

  • [copper weapons and armour|WeaponAndArmourMaterials]
  • player & npc avatars stop animating when paralised
  • new player sleeping tile
  • ghosts of PD'd players no longer have the inventory (alpha needs the item loss)
  • scrolls to create mimic containers are for sale for 5000gp
  • try shift-F9 and shift F11 instead of holding the key down with bluetak
  • repairing magical weaponry now has a weaponsmith-skill requirement (same formula used for ID)
  • mining bumps STR
  • recipes for [Tinkering] new tools have changed
  • new GM tinker recipe Brass Golem - see [Tinkering] page
  • when crafting, skill won't bump if you're well over the min-required skill for item you are making

Bugs Fixed

  • fixed magrocks f11 bug (moving resets your last_recipe to zero)
  • fixed kybas bandaging-res bug
  • taming a boss will now give message 'no chance' rather than 'you can't tame that'
  • fountain waterdemons are no longer bosses so should be tamable
  • rework of armourmaking-skill such that it can be trained from scratch
  • fixed poisonous creature immunity; golems are now also poison immune
  • fixed view spells page in client - formatting was broken

Alpha 017 (May 21)

  • EnchantingAndPolypiling
  • weapon degradation
  • pet xfers require an expensive pet transfer deed
  • gold items being worn work as a permanent light source (ie they glow)
  • full item wipe (including res stones and quest tokens! sorry!)

Alpha 016 (May 16)

  • Artifact weapons/armour/etc

Artifacts are just rare magic items with multi enchants. Eg a LS+6 str+20 etc. They also happen to have fancy names. This has been half finished for a while now but I polished off today to make room for enchanting (skill), which is comign soon hopefully.

Alpha 015 (May 13)

  • Taming And Pets
  • runic font for certain signs and magic
  • waterfall cursor
  • AXE no longer creates followers, just temporary allies
  • stat items values scaled correctly
  • can use some potions in a direction with shift-u (only yellow, blue and red atm)
  • upgraded to the allegro 4.2 beta library

1.008e - 6 May

a lot of recent changes on alpha absorbed, + alpha fishing (minus treasure maps) and alpha eating (minus actual huger)

  • alpha style fishing+eating (no maps or hunger tho)
  • can only catch fish on the continent map
  • clear-pot/fountain/halluciation minor rewrite
  • res-sickness: 5 min delay before stats actually start decreasing
  • cursed staff will make you fumble spells
  • glowing lava
  • parties see their own stealthed/invis members
  • stocks (like jail)
  • new food items carrot & boiled egg
  • added crocodile and rabbit mobs + 2 croc spawners on the cont near kingswood

Alpha 014 (May 1, 2005)

  • can only catch fish on the continent map
  • clear-pot/fountain/halluciation minor rewrite (see below)
  • res-sickness: 5 min delay before stats actually start decreasing
  • cursed staff will make you fumble spells
  • glowing lava
  • parties see their own stealthed/invis members
  • stocks (like jail)
  • new food items carrot & boiled egg. Figure out yrself what they do (I still love nethack)
  • added crocodile and rabbit mobs + 2 croc spawners on the cont near kingswood
  • + bugs fixed as noted in the bugs thread

Clear pots have been nerfed a bit. They no longer restore full health: infact the healing effect is now just like a yellow pot. There is no mana restoration.

Clear pots can only be made in pvp maps (ie dungeons, ie where there is risk of summoning snakes & water demons). Looking at (using) fountains directly however will give you a full hp/mp heal.

Finally, hallucinations has been made less severe. Altho the base Halluc time is up to 20 sec, you are no longer confused & the screen is not upside down - so it is possible to actually keep fighting.

The motivation for these changes was the dual (and contrary belief) that clears were both too dangerous but too good. They're still a double edged sword, but have just had their edges dulled a little.

Alpha 013 (19 Apr)

all bugfixes and changes absorbed from 1.008d

1.008d - 16 Apr

An actual exe update wasn't really required, but I completed the ability to display runic messages - hence the ext changed. All I need is to convert a suitable ruinic font to euo/allegro format. There was a lot of graphic updates however, and some bugs fixed.

Server side, many many changes, mostly quest related, in order to get the lycan cure quest working as smooth as interestingly as possible.

Alpha 012 (11 Apr 2005)

all bugfixes and changes absorbed from 1.008b and 1.008c

1.008c - 5 April

  • disabled portal hopping
  • client side bug fixes

1.008b - late March

  • accounts based
  • mostly bug fixes
  • disabled disarm dropping the weapon on ground

29 Jan

guard changes:

  • anyone can now attack a guard (that's not a quest NPC) but will get flagged as crim and will get attacked
  • guards will summon other guards to help fight

mob changes:

  • mobs will slowly heal over time
  • mobs are 50% faster moving and a little faster to attack
  • guards (but not quest guards) will attack crims
  • AI tweaks so mages will stop bitching already and other fixes
  • mobs will no longer attack quest npc's
  • can't eat/drink while choking
  • can't read while blind
  • can drop on raft (but not into the water)
  • can't talk (t-dir) while hidden
  • no PVP warning message when attacking party members

18 Jan

  • GMs can remove and rename player merchants
  • cyan pot no longer works in jail + other jail tweaks
  • fixed emote max distance
  • mega pots give reinforced empty flasks
  • ingame inventory sync instead of forced relog if inventory problems
  • coloured tools back at the secret merchant
  • few other treats