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===Shrine of Versatility===
===Shrine of Versatility===
*'''Location:''' [[Maeondir]] 26' 92"
*'''Location:''' [[Maeondir]] 26' 92"
*'''Level Boost:''' Class Skill Cap +2% (for Humans only)
*'''Level Boost:''' Class Skill Cap +2%

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Shrines and Levelling Up

There are 8 shrines in New Sosaria, one for each virtue, as well as 3 shrines in Maeondir. Their primary use is to level up your character (on the regular server) and to cure resurrection sickness.

When you have amassed a certain amount of experience, you will receive a blue "You feel experienced" message which means that you feel ready to advance and should meditate at a shrine. Enter a shrine, stand next to the flame and meditate. Depending on which shrine you go to to meditate, you will receive a different reward. These are:

The New Sosaria Shrines:

Compassion:   Dexterity +6
Valor:        Strength +6
Honesty:      Intelligence +6
Sacrifice:    Strength +3, Dexterity +3
Justice:      Dexterity +3, Intelligence +3
Honor:        Intelligence +3, Strength +3
Spirituality: Dexterity +2, Intelligence +2, Strength +2
Humility:     Nothing

The Maeondir Shrines:

Sagicity:     Mana +12
Vitality:     HP +8
Versitality:  Class Skill Cap +2%

Shrine Maps

Below is the map for the 7 main shrines in New Sosaria. For the 3 shrines in Maeondir, click here.

Shrine Descriptions

Shrine of Valor

Shrine of Compassion

Shrine of Honesty

  • Location: New Sosaria 136' 10"
  • Level Boost: Intelligence+6

Shrine of Honor

  • Location: New Sosaria 87' 7"
  • Level Boost: Intelligence+3, Strength+3

Shrine of Humility

  • Location: New Sosaria 199' 85"
  • Stat Boost: No Stat Boost
  • Special: Meditating here will decrease your criminal time at an increased rate.

Shrine of Justice

  • Location: New Sosaria 15' 91"
  • Level Boost: Dexterity+3, Intelligence+3

Shrine of Sacrifice

  • Location: New Sosaria 195' 34"
  • Level Boost: Dexterity+3, Strength+3

Shrine of Spirituality

  • Location: Enter your own town portal at midnight
  • Level Boost: Dexterity+2, Intelligence+2, Strength+2

Shrine of Vitality

  • Location: Maeondir 65' 38"
  • Level Boost: HP+10

Shrine of Sagacity

  • Location: Maeondir 3' 45"
  • Level Boost: Mana+12

Shrine of Versatility

  • Location: Maeondir 26' 92"
  • Level Boost: Class Skill Cap +2%