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The skills in EUO can be divided into three categories:

To check your skills, press z (to toggle through your character information) or use the slash command /myskills. (Note that there are various other skill-related Slash Commands, and you should familiarise yourself with all of them.)

Skill Level

All skills go up based on usage. A skill generally starts at 0.0%, and increases as it is used. The following are the skill mastery titles that are attained as a skill increases.

Skill Mastery Title Percentage Range
No Title 0-29%
Neophyte 30-39%
Novice 40-49%
Apprentice 50-59%
Journeyman 60-69%
Expert 70-79%
Adept 80-89%
Master 90-99%
Grandmaster 100%

Note: you CAN of course attain the Grandmaster level in more than one skill.

Skills with Stats Requirements

Certain skills, and in particular, most of the class ckills (i.e., the skills that contribute to your class cap) have an associated stat requirement.

With each such skill, to achieve an X% proficiency, you would require X points in a particular stat. For example, in order to attain 75% magery, you would require 75 intelligence. (Note that you can also achieve such stat requirements by wearing items with the right stat bonus(es). For example, if you have 50 intelligence and a total of +50 intelligence from items worn, then you can train magery to 100%.)

The following is a list of skills with stat requirements.

Skill Stat Required
Axes Strength
Blessed Maces Strength
Block Strength
Enchanting Intelligence
Foils Dexterity
Locks Dexterity
Longswords Strength
Maces Strength
Magery Intelligence
Polearms Strength
Ranged Dexterity
Shortswords Dexterity
Sorcery Intelligence
Stealth Dexterity
Tactics Strength
Traps Dexterity
Unarmed Strength

Training Skills

The typical approach to training or increasing a skill is to simply use it. However, this can often be a slow and tedious process. An alterntive is to learn at the University of Tanelorne - located at 135' 66". However, be warned, training at the University can be expensive.

To train at the University, just check the vaious training rooms and press b (buy) at a trainer to see what training is on offer.