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(Recipe List)
(Recipe List)
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{| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" style="background:#f0f0f0"
{| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" style="background:#f0f0f0"
| '''Item''' || '''Purpose''' ||  '''Min Skill % || '''Ingredients''' ||'''
| '''Item''' || '''Purpose''' ||  '''Min Skill %''' || '''Ingredients'''
| '''bone charm''' || 'food' for taming the undead || xxx || align=center| 0
| '''bone charm''' || 'food' for taming the undead || xxx || align=center| 0

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All bonecrafting is accomplished by use of a bonecrafting knife. Ingredients are usually just bones and skulls, or products made from bones and skulls such as skull dust. Other high end items may require more exotic ingredients such as gems, nuggets, or even flour and water.

Recipe List

Item Purpose Min Skill % Ingredients
bone charm 'food' for taming the undead xxx 0
bone krys hexblade weapon xxx 10
bone sickle hexblade weapon xxx 13
bone athame hexblade weapon xxx 16
bone stiletto hexblade weapon xxx 19
bone belt waist garment xxx 25
bone staff mage's weapon xxx 35
carved skull cool offhand item xxx 30
bone skull key opens locks xxx 35
ammunition used with bow, crossbow etc xxx 35
boneweave cloth used for bonetailoring (see boneweaved tailored goods below) xxx 40
skull dust bone-alchemy ingredient xxx 40
bone shillelagh mage weapon xxx 40
bone fishing rod better fishing rod xxx 45
boneweave cap cloth hat (that has the bone bonus) xxx 45
boneweave robe cloth robe xxx 45
skull dust of blinking teleportation dust xxx 45
skull dust of phasing teleportation+invis xxx 50
bone ring finger item xxx 50
bone necklace neck item xxx 50
bone quill for inscription xxx 55
calcium bone-alchemy ingredient xxx 55
bone crook mage weapon xxx 55
cloudy beverage Drink that heals and restores mana, cures poison, disease and wounding! xxx 60
bone carved skull even cooler bone-on-bone offhand item xxx 65
ruby skull as above but with rubies in the eyesockets xxx 70
bone gnarled staff mage weapon xxx 70
refined cloudy beverage a cloudy beverage but with better restoration of HP xxx 80
bone helmet very hard bone hat xxx 90
bone aegis heavy torso piece xxx 90
Sash of the Dead mini-artifact waist item bone belt, skull, diseased bandage (3), studs, spores, magic spleen 100
Skull of glue and gold mini-artifact offhand item bone carved skull, gold nugget (2), mesh, flour, water, magic spleen 100