Updates in 2011

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21 Dec

  • added heroic pendragon instance
  • new /perks command to list your perks
  • if a clan chest is named a players name surrounded by [ ] then that chest can only have items removed by that player - eg [eggmceye] (see screenshot)
  • eating a garlic inflicts damage on a player vamp
  • added /sign command: set the text on the sign near your house - you must be facing the sign in order for it to work!
  • fixed monk aspect not checking if weapon equipped
  • vamps mutually exclusive with lycan
  • fixed vamps not getting res sickness immunity
  • vampires (both player and mob) immune to XMP
  • player undead (ie skeletuns) immune to XMP
  • added prices to skeleton avs above heads
  • deleted free longswords respec npc
  • tanking status text shorter to be less intrusive
  • added /chestname, works the same as /merchname (as a matter of convenience)
  • fixed weekly pd < lvl 30 thing not working

15 Dec

  • fixed undead perk not sticking for vamps
  • fixed buff bug
  • fixed graveyard not being dark
  • sunlight changed to dmg 3% per sec (33 sec till death)
  • non pvp rules do not apply to self - fixes non pvp vamps being safe from Mani damage

14 Dec

  • player vamps on alpha - see thread
  • sieze pvp hamstrung 4sec
  • weekly req 3x lvl 30 chars at end in order for winner to be declared
  • bro's keep pvp disabled (so it no longer resets you to your bound level)
  • monster vamps no longer heal when attacking undead
  • xm / xvm hurt vampires
  • 'The Graveyard' map is now bindable & dark for player vampires

12 Dec

  • players can have resitsances
  • skeletun tweaks: +50% weakness to fire, MR +20% bonus, don't get hungry
  • skeletuns live on all servs

11 Dec

  • fixed igoring typo
  • fixed fishing+when dead bug
  • when treasure (from cartog) is placed all items in that spot are first removed, so it can't get placed under something that isn't yours
  • made small shield light, so it shouldn't drop as steel any more
  • seize works on neutral, hamstrings players 2 sec
  • cannot curse flags
  • valley of trolls is fully non blinkable again
  • roar no longer works on neutral
  • shields now work with fast equip bind keys
  • random caves hopefully should no longer have braziers or fountains that completely block pathways, time will tell though

10 Dec

  • GM crafting max cooloff 2 sec
  • if run out of ingreds or any crafting error cooloff is reset and repeat making cancelled if it was engaged
  • can now shoot with ctrl+any direction
  • fixed stuck on book screen when disconnected and reconnecting

9 Dec

  • fixed mage av 0x351 weapons not showing
  • added gnarled staff to craft list (so it can be deconstructed), should also help with bumping woodcrafting skill (it's placed between bucket and raft)
  • can now consistantly deconstruct all cursed & blessed items
  • silvengard tower weapon bosses drops should now decay and be owned
  • white stone must be in inventory in order to be activated
  • fixed chests+merchants /sort command
  • fixed copper weapons not showing speed decrease in stats
  • fixed intro music not playing when going back to intro screen
  • fixed bug with music volume when starting game
  • fixed enchanted weapons, artys, leeching weapons showing incorrect damage in stats screen

7 Dec

  • ships 10x rarer
  • fixed trap door bug on some maps requireing client restart due to lock up
  • fixed ancient vamp av hands not moving, and nightmare pixel (thx mort) (run the patcher by hand)
  • Greene's lens quest now removes the lens upon completion
  • ench carrots will cure blindness before improving nightvision (but not both at same time)
  • renamed Orcasaurus mob to Orcosaurus to be consistant
  • fixed treasure map getting negative y co-ord
  • changed trident to piecing
  • fixed bodwin pilage typo
  • ye old shopppe no longer pvp enabled
  • can no longer id pseudo items (such as ore spawners)
  • can now drop items when flying

16 Nov

  • fixed fer-grue not accepting dwarven beer
  • fixed ice dragon mob/av not flipping
  • fixed using a wand of pet constitution on a pet thats already been zapped returns a message reffering to the wand as a taming wand instead of the new name.

6 Sep

  • added Evandale trailer park map
  • new GoD hall

1 Sep

  • removed all existing housing from NG & PD (it was never meant to be there)
  • housing via GP is now available on PD (min lvl 75)
  • saving maps now saves empty item files
  • GP housing also available in Dulwich on NG & PD
  • added music + 32x tileset into the installer

24-25 Aug

  • player can enable / disable a lock on their house using /setlock
  • house deed! buy a 8x8 plot of land for 50k gp - one house per account, min lvl req!
  • Marrickville gp housing estate (reg, NG only)
  • you can use house deed in Chester Hill on NG too
  • scrapped dropped ships limit on all servs, meaning they can drop while hunting

29 Apr

  • fixed trident to be piercing
  • fixed morning star uses flail vis weapon overlay

25 Apr

  • estorrath's Ripley pet
  • added New Sosarian Cooking Adventures book to Estorrath's hut
  • added text to Estorrath's Manuscript
  • updated Estorrath's journal text

21 Feb

  • fixed crash in moagl
  • completed borderless fullscreen window and maximise toggle
  • fixed billboarded names and health bars but rotated view names are still positioned incorrectly
  • finished brewing, ie crafting malt, wort then using wort+yeast to make a beer keg in your home, fermenting, bottling etc
  • added hops crop to farming (for beer)
  • added barley to farming (for beer)
  • young tomato & pepper plants now have distinct names and codes
  • when look at plant/crop it tells you whether watered or not

18 Feb

  • some changes made to estorrath & fort grunthos to bring into line with 'New Sosarian Cooking Adventures'
  • added sofa maptiles

15 Feb

  • started brewing beer

14 Feb

  • removed hooks under BM rafts so loot can drop on them
  • fixed rivers end conv typo
  • flyng over a trap door no longer triggers it (still triggers traps however)
  • added bottom row of pixels to fire and ice drags
  • chged Garry to Gary in I Golem pt 1
  • fixed estorrath anomaly quest typo
  • fixed thieves' guild quest typo
  • fixed bakyre life guard sign typo
  • fixed dawn typo
  • fixed mountain pass perserve typo
  • found and hopefuly fixed random map blink dead spot bug

13 Feb

  • renamed water demon to water daemon
  • removed lightning res from fire daemon
  • fixed theive's guild quest typo in dialog
  • fixed "copper statue" inaccuracy in quest dialog
  • fixed 'you see a spices'

7 Feb

  • moagl fullscreen borderless windowed, f12 needs fixing
  • mucked around with perspective for long distance 3d mode to emulate 2d top view
  • billboarding sprites always

23-25 Jan

  • sortable containers, player merchs and banks

18 Jan

  • fixed all equips not removing apsect of the turtle

10 Jan

  • fixed hot key equip not removing tank stance, etc