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Latest Updates

31 Dec

  • fixed linux mouse
  • fixed linux 'null item tile' prob for cursed/unid objects

24 Dec

  • added xmas present for 2010

20-22 Dec

  • euo linux build

14 Dec

  • add dm command for locking maps to prevent people from entering them
  • added /delete command for permanently removing characters
  • added 'wand of happiness' - zap on your pet and it will never get unhappy and run away! (it will get no worse than 'rather unhappy')

13 Dec

  • added /arms (or /weapons) command to toggle visibility of your own weapons on your avatar

( it won't work client side, ie show your own av, until next patch - but you can hide your weapons from everyone else in the meantme)

9 Dec Moa 0.99.3

  • updated moagl with flipped sprites
  • rotating models in moagl!
  • agro/threat boxes darker in euo, transparent in moagl (to work better with the health bar)
  • pet dyeing - buy a 'wand of pet dyeing' from the pets merchant at the cash shop - zap your pet (or any creature actually) to allow it to be dyed. Dyes sold separately (same dye used as for chests) - only works well on greyscale pets - same system as for avs - so you can't dye a red dragon brown
  • wand of dragon blanking - zap this on a dragon pet to make it white and dyeable - does not affect the pet stats - combined with pet spell customisation, you can basically turn a red/black dragon into any dragon you like
  • added gnarled staff + artifact
  • renamed taming wand to wand of pet constitution

8 Dec

  • avatars and monsters that have a distinct profile now flip to face the correct direction when walking, attacking and casting - ie, you/they don't look like they are running backwards anymore - applies to cows, dragons, wolves, horses etc

(if anyone cares this was a lot of work in previous patches in the making - it required player facing directions ... first done with ships, then shields/block/mounts, it also required tile flipping .. which was added with visible weapons. I just added a flag to tiles.txt for tiles that need to be flipped, added monster directions and FOV updates ie client/server syncing)

  • client now draws self large properly

7 Dec

  • dyable containers, created via improved container scrolls (10 addy coins)
  • merch that sells dyes (1 addy coin per dye)
  • added /movecontainer command
  • fixed fire golem legs
  • fixed 6-bind when using mouse to select spells
  • fixed some terrible mouse related crashes in client

4-5 Dec Moa 0.99.2

  • spent a lot of time trying out MASkinG (a gui for allegro)
  • min taming req for pet tomes
  • added another npc that strips spells of pets but saves them as pet tomes (9999gp) - both npcs are in Strangiato
  • lord mort tidied up all the avs again - thanx LM
  • fixed client crash when peering with a tinted av (the av doesn't show the tint though)
  • fixed binding item to 6 with inventory mouse click

2 Dec

  • tweaked ai spell selection so that a mob that only knows a 'rare cast' spell like XC won't spam it (this is so you cant strip all spells except XC off a black drag and expect it to spam it) - if a mob can't cast a spell, it will then instead attack or chase.
  • cannot transfer a pet with non standard spells (just spells it doesn't know by default)
  • added res stone merch to cash shoppe (in the cafeteria)
  • fixed tinted avs showing up as brick walls on armoury
  • added improved lime and brown pots to alchemy craftables
  • white potion now req 60 alchemy, down from 80
  • added a flesh golem for alchemists that can be healed with pots and xm
  • inanimate golem is now grey

30 Nov

  • added npc that can unlearn (ie remove) a spell from your pet (for 999gp)
  • pet tomes ... read to teach your current pet a new spell

29 Nov

  • automatic delivery of of weekly pd prizes via the Delivery Bot npc near nord bank
  • can now try b4 u buy avs+dye combos - but avs & dyes are still bought separately

27 Nov

  • finished dye shoppe
  • tinted av scrolls show their tint colour in the item list

26 Nov

  • weekly pd continent will only regen at monday 12-1am, regardless of server crashes & restarts
  • randomly generated lua maps like swamp, dungeon farimond now regen every week
  • fixed delayed d/c when permanently killed
  • thanksgiving turkey mount hack
  • alpha server now back to the regular New Sosaria continent

25 Nov

  • blue stone now req xile completed, not the key subquest by xanophear

21 Nov 0.99.1

  • added machete & trident artifacts
  • added a xp & level penalty for killing a substantially weaker player on weekly pd

- weaker player must be 70% your level or less (eg you 100, them <=70) - attacker's xp is reduced to the average of the attacker & target's xp - attackers level & stats are then reduced accordingly - eg attacker has 100,000 xp and killed player has 50,000, then the attacker then has his/her xp reduced to 75,000 - their lvl is then reduced accordingly and stats scaled down

  • added dwarf race chg & avs

20 Nov

  • improved & fixed initial map transfer clashing with item sync
  • res stones no longer drop on weekly
  • removed level requirements for items on weekly
  • added machete and trident to weaponsmith craftables

19 Nov

  • finished random continent
  • spells that can be bought now drop on weekly

10 Nov

  • started random continent generation for weekly
  • fixed problem with launcher so that it overrides the server selector in client

6 Nov Moa 0.99

  • added host selection to clients
  • dwarfs now available to roll on all servers
  • dwarf bonus hp down to +10%
  • shadowkin can't be revealed when hidden via shadowmeld
  • added polypile recipes for converting pots into beer (for lotl dwarves):

-- 2 pots + yellow pot on top -> 2x mead -- 2 pots + red pot on top -> 2x extra stout -- 2 pots + blue pot on top -> 2x pale ale

  • more polypilable food
  • poly pile no longer req 3 completely diff items - you can use it on a stack of 3
  • you now usualy get 2 items back for each 3 polypiled
  • polypile wand won't create an explosion on a PD server
  • fixed couple of bugs in moagl
  • fixed walking when drunk with mouse not staggering
  • fixed doors being shown underneath, mats not
  • fixed numeric name login problem
  • bunch of pink pixels removed

5 Nov

  • av dyes, still need to add the merch tho
  • saving av tint to av scroll

31 Oct

  • new weekly pd ladder server
  • server option to enforce pvp after a certain lvl
  • experimental dangerous xp bonus
  • server option to give quest xp to lotl chars
  • server option to enforce LOTL

30 Oct

  • no immediate log out when have a combat cooloff - no more shift q to escape death on pd
  • glass weapons now drop on pd but don't instakill in pvp
  • fixed old sgt wep drops (actually fixed it months ago but forgot to upload the script)

25 Oct

  • fixed instances not spawning as heroic

17 Oct

  • fixed cos typo
  • fixed furniture dupe bug
  • fixed disarm with any non foil/ss weapon
  • fixed drake form cancelling flying on relog or travel to maeondir
  • monk can lev into maeondir via portal
  • can no longer lure mobs out of random caves
  • added improved loot tables to mundane mobs, fixing salt not dropping from zorns

15 Oct

  • added level to size up

11 Oct

  • added golems & skeletuns to alpha
  • dwarven alcohol changed to a food item - ie it feeds a little, and use with 'e'
  • renamed pale ale to extra stout - still boosts strength 15%
  • added mead that boosts a dwarf's dexterity 15%
  • added pale ale that boosts a dwarf's intelligence 15%
  • dwarven hp bonus reduced to 15%
  • added vomiting & sickness for non dwarves (and non golems) for those that drink too much
  • the dwarven drunk buffs now last for 10 mins, even when the drunkenness wears off
  • added Grunkk's skeletun avs (thanks Grunkk)
  • added scarebare + little girl avs (thanx LM)

8 Oct

  • working on golem and undead races
  • option to disallow a race to be rolled as a new char

4 Oct - Moa 0.98.9

  • finished new dwarf race for alpha
  • added pale ale
  • dwarven courage - replaces being drunk for dwarves (+15% str)
  • added tipsy state so you don't become drunk straight away
  • added mithril affinity perk (for dwarves)
  • dwarves can mine, smelt, smith and WoT mithril
  • moved racial boolans organic, undead, and IRvis into perks
  • added IRvis to moagl
  • added /race command to alpha server to allow fast free race changes for testing

2 Oct

  • 10 dwarf avs, heavily based on lord mort & magex's work
  • volume can now be reduced to 0 (ie muted)

1 Oct

  • finished merging euo main site and armoury into euotopia.com

21 Sep

  • finished infravision as a racial option & health status (moagl needs updating tho)

18 Sep

  • started infravision (possibly for dwarves)

10-11 Sep

  • pet runes
  • fixed plants not growing after server restart bug
  • fixed bad crash related to zorns using IVPY

6 Sep

  • added player merch town names back to the armoury

3 Sep - Moa 0.98.8

  • finished up binding items to f keys & spells to number keys
  • use shift, alt etc + dir to use an item!
  • when binding to num keys, now only need to use alt or ctrl when using / to search by name
  • default lvl up key for pd is now alt-2 (due to clash with shift-2 & spell binding)
  • both mana & rage bars now show on stats screen - scrapped shift-3
  • fixed a server crash relating to looking at pets guarding the meditating monk during astral travel
  • fixed an old bug where client didn't get updates for the first 3 sec!
  • possible fix for getting stuck when loading into mines/instance maps

1 Sep

  • binding items to f-keys

31 Aug

  • fixed orb invis clipping
  • monster av shoppe
  • added recall runes to the shoppe
  • new tiles for moonstones, addy coin & hearthstone

29 Aug

  • improved dm delete quest command
  • server now routinely tickles mysql to keep connection alive

28 Aug

  • updated engine for multi mark & recall

27 Aug 0.98.7

  • cash shoppe - via nord
  • races changes are available for 50 ac via the cash shoppe
  • extell's tower re-opened. portals cost 1 addy coin per use
  • tanking stance requires fighter weapon equipped
  • vamt/amt only effective every 30 sec per mob (they get a 50 sec immunity between casts)
  • hopefully fixed resetting maeondir levels (it wasn't working for non humans I believe)
  • to reset maeondir levels, talk to the monk at the shrine of humility at any time. (Meditating at humility when ready to level up does nothing)
  • hoe's dmg is up considerably - s/b decent wep now
  • new overlay for shortsword and main gauche
  • added trident and machete (new weapons)
  • zombie, mummy and ancient vamp avs can now show weapon overlays (players only)
  • added young blood moss tile
  • added bucket and hoe to farm supplies merch
  • added well, paths, bridges and jetty tiles to ikea (addy coins)
  • added wells to most if not all town maps with player housing -lmk if any are missing
  • blood queen will no longer back herself into a corner
  • lots of cosmetic fixes
  • fixed moagl transparent terrain bug in 3d mode
  • immobile mobs should no longer return to spawn position when moved (eg by seize)

21 Aug - Moa 0.98.6

  • farming: crops stage #1 complete including LM's crop tiles
  • more item descs: pots and addy coin purchases
  • fixed broken banker scrolls (they were sleeping)
  • throat strike rage req up to 50
  • d/w troll monks should get crit bonuses
  • fixed statues not being grey in moagl

20 Aug

  • fixed moagl splat probs
  • tidied up some weapon overlays
  • fixed glowing self client crashes
  • fixed some incorrect glows in moagl
  • books and quest items no longer glow
  • added item descriptions in the eat/make lists to foods that give a bonus

17 Aug

  • farming updates + initial spreadsheet of 15? crops - just need tiles

15 Aug - Moa 0.98.5

  • monks live on reg
  • unarmed is now a class skill - you will probably have to pick between unarmed and your fighter skills!
  • finished visible weps
  • longswords are now 75/25 str/dex optimum damage ratio
  • fixed instance maps transferring when they didn't need to
  • when not dual wielding shortswords you no longer get the +15% speed bonus
  • improved & predictable party targeting mode (hit ctrl-t to select it)
  • party list now shows mana as a blue bar
  • battle roar is now sent as a local message identifying who roared
  • threat square should still show attacker when block dodge or parry
  • added 0-9 as valid spell words
  • monk's sanctity spells (except aspects) now have casting letters
  • monk's pet will stay by meditating monk during astral travel (summons won't tho)
  • ironfist gm now has a stoneform ability
  • no longer get a free respec when converting from mage to priest
  • added free respec offer to 50/50 longsword fighters - see the orc in nord by the well

12-14 Aug

  • started visible weapons on avatars
  • started mana bars in party list
  • named weapons glow purple

10-11 Aug

  • more instance bug fixes
  • monk tweaks
  • other odds and ends

8 Aug

  • heroic instance entrances moved to just inside the normal dungeon entrance
  • monsters will now traverse levels properly in instances
  • farming framework basics completed

7 Aug

  • soft configured mapsets and spawner scripts
  • added heroic river's end and epic wizard's tower

6 Aug

  • finished multi floor instances and heroic minos

4 Aug

  • started multi floor instances
  • fixed bunch of beta monk probs

1 Aug

  • instance support for single level dungeons!

an instance is a private copy of a dungeon. Every player or party that enters the instnace gets their own freshly spawned copy of the map all to them selves!

  • converted blood dungeon / queen's lair to an instance (the very last level of blood moor)
  • blood queen always spawns - this of course means you can't camp her and the dungeon must be cleared (or skipped) to get to her
  • holes and instances do not respawn unless you enter them and leave them
  • an instance will instantly unload and respawn when vacated - WARNING: if the entire party leaves even via a town portal the portal will close and the instance will be reset!!

29 July

  • mani and xen mani heal a min of 20-30% health

27 July

  • free respecs on alpha
  • added tanking stance (buy it from the fighter trainer at the uni) ... -50% damage done, -50% damage taken
  • added a title for sanctity ... "sanctifier"

28 July

  • fixed moaq

24 July Moa 0.98.4

  • completed monks beta server
  • status are shown with longer descriptions and timers above buffs (alt-s)

23 July

  • more monks

22 Julu

  • made mr bonus from str/dex more friendly to 50/50 str dex ratio
  • more monk alpha dev
  • eating a corpse as wolf in arena is now logged

21 July

  • monks alpha fixes
  • added statuses to the list on the left of the window above buffs - but need to make status a set (like for monsters) for efficiency

20 July

  • completed monks alpha

19 July

  • monks - renamed the stances
  • added venom stance, med to blink, heal, cure-all, xray vis spells
  • added thick skin and phase shift but both need work
  • stoneform needs to be more useful

18 July

  • revised lua mob levelling func to give more int & mr
  • black mountain revised again - replaced balrons with frost imps, left blue drags with high hp but normal blue mr & int
  • toned down giant mothra's hallucination attack
  • removed fire drags from nizweideux

17 July Moa 0.98.3

  • night vision bonus for brighter moons in outdoor maps
  • threat-boxes - visual indicators that a mob is attacking you - toggle with ctrl-shift-t
  • taunt now req 0 rage
  • added an aoe taunt 'battle roar' which adds a lot of threat to all mobs within 3sq rad, req 0 rage
  • charge hamstrings an enemy so that it can't move for 4 sec (but can still attack)
  • launcher now has a checkbox to allow easy launching of the opengl client

Improved targeting for healers (don't forget you can edit client.cfg to make a thicker crosshair large_crosshair=1)

  • targeted party member name is in green in stats box
  • changed good aligned crosshair to blue
  • target locking - ctrl-L to lock your crosshair on one target (lock it on the damn tank!!)
  • numpad+ also cycles targets (and shift numpad+)
  • shouldn't lose target when some party member stands on top of your target
  • a locked target (or any party target) can be a little further away than 4 squares before they become untargetted

( you can't hit the next targ button and pick up anyone inc party member that is beyond 4 sq tho - but once they are targetted they can move between 4-7 sq and stay targetted, and if locked, can go out of range and back into 7sq range and be instantly targetted again)

16 July

  • put int of all the black mountain levelled mobs on the roof down quite a bit - it was waay to high
  • white drag's ivpy dmg is down
  • zorns are now melee monster (they will chase you and close) but will cast ivpy randomly on hit
  • fixed charge bounce somewhat - will monitor it (maybe townportal bounce too?)

15 July

  • all maps are no longer loaded and unloaded at server start - had to fix up quests and player merch loading code - maps are only initially loaded when needed

14 July

  • parties can share squares indefinitely (no bounce back)
  • bandage-healing is no longer interrupted by moving
  • dropped food is never cursed (except due to one scenario, you'll figure out what it is)
  • fixed artifact def bug
  • added spawn 'time alive' timers to crablings and poopdeck's helpers
  • mr for all golems is now 2000 (down from infinity)
  • put the casting rage of mothra's IZH right down as it was becoming annoying
  • fixed pheonix egg xj cheese
  • blood queen now spawns around once per day (per ingame day that is)
  • monsters no longer can be lured out of buried treasure caves
  • only the discoverer of the underground treasure cave and party members may enter the cave

13 July

  • fixed the inv sync bug when buying
  • frenzy shirt and ironfist cap are now mr+6 (up from mr +5)
  • lvl reqs lowered for nightstalker cap is lvl 64, ns shirt and shard aegis lvl req 75, thinking cap 50
  • all of the artifact armour with +15 stats has had the stat increased to +25, lvl 75 req

12 July

  • flying over cactus is no longer painful
  • added npc that collects pvp tourney fees

11 July

  • all sorcery spells damge has been increased to compensate for the staff material bonus damage reduction from 10 july
  • including: vog has been unnerfed, back to whatever it was pre July 3
  • copper weapons and oak staves do +10% dmg (as well as keeping their speed increase)

(mages not only have the best dps, they have the best dps gain per level. plus they also kill faster due to being able to do ranged multiple target spells - I have spreadsheets to prove it, so now you can all shut up about it)

  • a disarmed mob can no longer perform a special move on you
  • a disarmed mob does 50% less damage, both magic and melee !
  • shortswords can now disarm and foils can now slice n dice (default 'special move' is unchanged) - buy the individual abilities at the uni !
  • slice n dice is now a 3 hit flurry as opposed to hitting the same targ 3 times
  • slice n dice now has 50% chc per hit to inflict bleeding for 4 sec
  • added silk u/a grade armour (same effect as crystal) drops
  • added crystalhide leather
  • flying over a waterfall will now longer send you down it and cause damage

10 July

  • added runed, barbed and addled u/a gloves drops
  • added crystal armour that adds +10 mr per +1 def bonus (and +10 for a +0) (med & heavy armour only)
  • fixed a bug with copper weapons so that their speed increase does actually result in a dps increase - it's much better now
  • battleweave gloves add 20% AS to u/a attackers!
  • material dmg multipler now comes after stat damage is added for weapons and UA
  • br material damage bonus is now +20%, addy +25%, silver +50% vs undead, addled +15% NEW!
  • unfortunately for mages this nerfs br/addy staves a little but they were overpowered anyway
  • copper staff increases casting speed for mages by 15% (vs any other staff)! - WON'T BE LIVE TILL NEXT PATCH
  • the str/dex ratio for max foil damage is now 25/75 (it was 0/100) - this should put their dps up quite a bit as everyone has str. Also makes all rogue str/dex builds 25/75 ratio.
  • fixed a bug with flurry that made the later hits have very poor damage
  • experimental fix for monster flurry that was crashing server - have re-enabled monster flurry for sword golems and blood/shadow warriors

9 July

  • upgraded server hardware!

5 July

  • fixed a problem with resistances not working
  • aep for mobs is now adjacent cast only
  • added 10 sec immunity to bleeding once your cured of it (similar to curing poison temp immunity)
  • added euo's first rare spawner
  • tinted boss zorns should drop now
  • adjusted gnome stealth time so that they shouldn't come out of shadows at full speed at 100% stealth, tho they may now be able to run full speed stealth at just less than 100%

3 July

  • xj, ijo and og are now ranged spells for players

(oj does not do dmg to non targeted mobs if the lightning goes thru them)

  • xj: if targ mr is 2x the caster int (+/- 10%) then xj is fully resisted
  • wounded time from cleave is now 3 sec, down from 5 (from both player and mob)
  • int bonus dmg for vog reduced
  • int bonus dmg for og increased, base dmg for og increased
  • int bonus dmg for vf increased
  • lvl bonus damage for flam grav increased
  • vamt now instead of being auto target, it targets all the mobs around the player within 2sq radius

vf and og: do same int bonus dmg, but base dmg of vf is slightly higher (which is less noticble at high levels when int takes over), thus vf still has slightly higher mana req. og is better vs water creatures, while vf is better vs cold & wooden creatures (too bad there aren't more water creatures)

18 Jun

  • every mob now has configurable fire, elec and cold resistances (and weaknesses)
  • can only heimlich players, players that have been throat-struck can't be heimliched
  • added stoneform monk spell
  • added levitate monk spell
  • fixed a bug with ai confused targeting so thunderclap should work better

8 June

  • converted all items that were iron to runed using new item codes - same for zinc->barbed, steel->addled, thus freeing up steel as a material to be used for weapons


  • chged spiked collar to u/a weight
  • can't cast when choking (monsters too)
  • weaknesses/resistances may apply to non magic attacks too
  • added perm buffs that don't deteriorate (stances??)
  • buffs that add fire, elec, ice dmg to melee attacks
  • some monster resistances but needs to be configurable in monsters.txt
  • monk: edited dat files for new monk class
  • monk: added throat strike ability
  • monk: added elec, fire and icy unarmed attack stances

4 June

  • maybe fixed blinking in rand maps - can't reproduce at home so will wait for live to test on
  • fixed couple of typos and spelling mistakes
  • added vampire to corpse drop list
  • flame cold ivpy should now work v named enemies (except merchants and chests)

3 June

  • fixed missing ingred list
  • fixed lost ingred lists (like crystal golem) not being fully shown by showing 2 ings per line
  • fixed (hopefully) party sizes getting over 5
  • xp per person for 5 man is 83% down from 100%
  • fixed moagl bug with maptile-barriers
  • added the other edible base food ingreds like lettuce, tomato to drops
  • renamed salt to rock salt
  • rock salt dropped by all zorns
  • gob, troll & mino shamans drop spices
  • increased egg drop rate for chickens
  • increased party xp radius to 6 (from 5)

2 June Moa 0.98

  • add potion cooloffs as a visible buff
  • as above with bandage cool off
  • added way to disable mouse for laptop users (client.cfg, disable_mouse=1)
  • tinted axe throw trolls green to distinguish them from melee trolls
  • shift-c screen - search for the onscreen name not ultima name
  • lotl can no longer butcher corpses they didn't find
  • increased party xp
  • revised scaled xp for relatively lowbie party members
  • parties now have a max size of 5

1 June

  • made dat file crc checking slightly more efficient - may help loading into a dungeon and getting attacked during the black screen

31 May

  • finished maped with preset tiles underneath - added ctrl-click command to add a tile underneath (indicated by a pink u)
  • fixed crashes
  • moasv with new Item class live on reg

28 May

  • added preset underneath tiles that fix up the look of maps for when floor detection fails
  • added dm command for setting psu
  • built maped with new Items & above (still need way of setting psu in maped, crashes when mouseover feat - txt showing null)

26 May

  • transparent bgs for map tiles with improved semi intelligent floor detection

23 May

  • added high 32 bits to item
  • added extra digit for materials as a test, working well

22 May

  • bugs

21 May

  • got clients built with Item, not heavily tested however

20 May

  • fixing bugs with the new Item class

19 May

  • kept hacking away at C++ and lua to getting Item working and tidy
  • got an alpha server running, fixing bugs
  • made lua 5.1 enabled euoserver live for reg

18 May

  • upgrading all the lua scripts to work with new Item class
  • fixin all the bugs with the new Item class

17 May

  • gave up on lnum 64bit int patch on lua
  • Item is now a class - server compiles and runs but there is much work to do
  • installed lua 5.1 on the live server and PD & NG are running with it ok

16 May

  • finished upgrading to lua 5.1, with bitops patch
  • lnum patch works with one correction to fix simple compile error (which I end up fixing)
  • compile fails with both patches on

15 May

  • mucked around making Item a class but got over it after running into a lot of trouble with operator overloading
  • fixed poop deck blaine
  • new char that picks shortswords now learns backstab for free
  • bumped up the quest xp for the 5 books to a total of 20k (from 15)
  • added cooking to starting secondary skills
  • added craftable bucket to woodcrafting (2 planks, carpenter's hammer, 25% min skill)

14 May

  • finished Item typedef, but left as long and not int64 due to problems witih lua
  • finished buffered msgbox (increases fps for moagl)
  • finally stripped all item wear off weapons permanently (as opposed to just disabling it)
  • removed library card quest token from inventories
  • moved player merch search database off the euo server and onto the armoury to save cpu

13 May

  • converted all long item refs to a new typedef Item, first step toward items being a class and not just a long int

10 May

  • more moagl opimisation & cleanup
  • disabled all skill bumps for disench and deconstruct

8 May - Moagl Updates

  • items on walls show on top - tho they sometimes should show on each wall (bleh)
  • player or npc or mob on a wall flattens the wall (or forest or door) for visibility's sake
  • improved real estate in 2d mode
  • tweaked initial cam vals
  • added shift-ctrl u and shift-ctrl-d to slide camp up and down to adj vertical real estate
  • got shader working for glowing and tints and statues!
  • more moagl/euo code merging and cleanup
  • fixed some moagl bugs

5 May

  • finished moagl minus glows, tints and couple of other things

4 May

  • deconstruction only bumps ench when your skill for making that item would bump (same system as for butchering)

3 May

  • started getting moagl up to scratch

27 April

  • cursed ctf flags cannot be removed
  • fixed monster bloodbolt huge dmg + loop hopefully
  • cleave should sync status icon on client hopefully
  • made under snowy island non-blinkable
  • can't stable a dead pet, stabling should now auto load unloaded pets too
  • fixed ctf not warping everyone problem
  • added a little cheese that shows the <-> on player/mob when they suffer from DoT (like AMT)

26 April

  • no more hiding when mounted (inc raft, drake form)
  • halved the nutritional value of black dragon pudding since the effect is so short
  • renamed the 'black dragon pudding' buff to the actual effect (not spoiling it yet)
  • fine tuned nutritional values and put the satiated message at a fuller belly state so that you are actually fuller when satiated and should probably avoid eating, esp meaty bulky meals (won't be live until next client patch)
  • 5% chance each sunrise in maeondir HUGE CRAB will spawn
  • u/a weps definitely should be 1h
  • butchering only bumps skill up to 20% beyond the min skill req to butcher that corpse
  • revised butching skill reqs (a little upwards but not much)
  • charge now has a min skill of 25% in the equipped weapon skill
  • fixed a bug in mob ai that they won't cast VSL if already invis (applies to silvengard tower)
  • silvengard tower wep mobs now use specials properly
  • food stolen message now has food type in it
  • a number of higher end melee only mobs now can use special moves (mino chief, iron golem & better)

23 April

  • added 6 necklace artifacts
  • revised most of the weapon artys to either +7as/+20 stat or +7/spell, both lvl 70 req
  • artys from monsters drop more often (but still rare as hell)
  • boss mr down to 1.5x normal, and intel down to 1.25x normal, because they seem a bit too strong atm
  • fixed charge thru locked doors
  • mined gems in collapsed mines are now owned by the miner (until they decay of course)
  • fixed some typos & grammar
  • added drops to boss water demons and zorns
  • fixed chest number of items cheese
  • fixed searching corpse on top of chest cheese
  • fixed a couple of map errors
  • removed ring of leeching drop

22 April

  • race updates for bk, sf, orc, drac, gnome
  • u/a bonuses don't count if offhand item is a weapon (u/a weapons remain 1h)
  • all of the deteriorating bonuses such as vum, nv from lime, str from brew are 2x slower in degenerating

19 April

  • vum hp bonus capped at +150
  • um hp bonus capped at +100
  • vas mani cool off increases with class points over 125, to the tune of approx +1 sec per 10% over 125%, when a blessed mace is not equipped in the main hand. A 200% class suffers 15s vas mani cool off. Otherwise, cooloff remains 7sec min.
  • Vas Mani cooloff is visible as a buff
  • spears now 1 handed, and otherwise made all other polearms slightly more attractive

17 April

  • maeondir now req white stone
  • all other stones now recall you to their shrine when used, they don't need activation
  • black stone takes you to humility as part of the above update
  • streamlined conrad's emerging underworld quest, also Redbeard is a ghost that appears in the sunken ship in the underworld
  • chged Journey to maeondir to a fedex quest
  • added diplomatic mission return quest
  • made the minos around golwid in Kurz good aligned and added some bloodhoof guardians
  • chest zap traps can now be lethal!!
  • protection status no longer guards against chest-trap para or chest-trap blindness
  • bosses now have 2x INT and 2x MR
  • added vial and jar to most if not all alchemy shops
  • flask on fountain giving a clear pot now bumps alchy to 10
  • mondain's crypt slightly less cheesable
  • fixed disench & deconstruction cheeses

16 April 0.97.1

  • flying doesn't work anywhere other than on a continent
  • better gp rewards for the shorelines and cam quests, replaced poly pile wand reward with WoT
  • finished montor E guard quests

12 April

  • revised class quests a little, book quest xp better, more hints to go to tanelorne after doing foveaux
  • thunderclap confuses for a flat 7 sec on the primary target and 5 sec on the surrounding targs
  • added a packet enhancement to update health status <..> on a mob when it attacks you
  • more montor E quests

11 April

  • fixed a bug with monster confusion to make it more effective - monster that was targeted with thunderclap say should immediately seek out new enemies
  • a mob you confused kills another mob and loot is dropped then that loot is flagged as yours
  • if a confused mob dies by another mob then its loot is as flagged owned by confuser
  • added lava fish and superior lava fish
  • fishing for dragonscale boots req addy rod
  • worked on montor E quests

8 April

  • revised loot and lotl loot

6 April

  • lotl dropped tools less likely to those already in your inventory
  • pd monthly scoreboard sorted by quests completed

4 April

  • butchering - use knife on corpse - no longer need to pick corpse up
  • added chef title
  • if raw meat makes you sick you no longer gain the buff

3 Apr Moa 0.97

  • finished cooking & butchering
  • finished resistances
  • add brief hist of new sos to book drops
  • lime pot no longer stacks indefinitely
  • fixed a bug where enchs weren't dropping
  • fixed a chz where you could eq a wep in off hand and attack at UA speed with it
  • dual wield attacks now req weapons in both hands (ie empty main hand doesn't count for dual wield)
  • fixed sextants in stats pane
  • reduced weight of tiny vial to 0.1
  • removed ability to blink to wolfsbane!
  • fixed some lunacy blink bugs

2 Apr

  • large inroads into butchering and cooking
  • player resistances framework
  • working fire resistance
  • softbuffs for temporary resistances

30 Mar

  • added 22 books as very rare random drops: 8 from the competion, 12 by myself and one that was written some time ago but has never been available
  • fixed the staff special not using up rage

28 Mar

  • revised cartog weapon/armour drop rates
  • crafted house tile scrolls no longer soulbound
  • using reno wand no longer flags tile as soulbound

23-26 Mar Moa 0.96m

fighter specials:

  • for each wielded fighter weapon type (ie longswords, polearms, maces, axes) you can now use 3 (of the 4) special moves, providing you have the skill in the main weapon type for that move
  • added trainer in uni that trains the individual fighter specials, ie bloodbolt, flurry
  • you can bind this indivudual special and use it at will, provided you have the skill in the parent weapon
  • 'special move' ability still uses the default special for your weapon, this is unchanged
  • added blink-attack 'charge' spell for fighters & classless weapons

rogue specials

  • added a new rogue trainer in uni for the new rogue specials
  • added gouge: blinds target temporarily, shortswords & foils only, 50 rage, 50 skill req
  • added spray n pray from EFBD - shoots 3 arrows at once, 90% skill, 100 rage
  • added aimed shot: 1.5 dmg and slows target for a short while, 50% skill 50 rage

other fixes / tweaks

  • you now gain mr from high dex (same formula as str)
  • made dodge a little more likely but not much
  • added Fkey binds to the shift-c select spell list
  • nerfed insects and golem: they have a max level
  • sword golem has 5000 mr now
  • if a rage attack / special fails then you don't lose rage (eg attacking pet by accident)
  • monster blindness

22 Mar

tint changes

  • runed weapons now increase rage 33% faster instead of more crits
  • plain weps give more crits than all tinted weapons
  • added leeching to non staff drops
  • added improved leeching - eg leeching +1 that adds +1 dmg/as and +1% more mana leeched

other fixes

  • finished visible health status on others
  • poisoned status also shows as a green health bar
  • thunderclap now confuses the main target of the hit
  • added a sound to 'you feel a tug on the line'
  • added location to the statsbox if you have a sextant in your inventory
  • hoe of destruction now has the fg spell instead of vf
  • disench now reduces the + by 1 rather than just nullifying it completely
  • disenchanting and deconstructing now have chance to bump enchanting skill
  • deconstructing now has a chance to return ingredients when only 1 of an ing is req - eg decon a dagger may return 1 ingot and decon a halberd may return the pole!
  • when spreading loot it won't go under a player
  • added | to help file

20 Mar

  • added experiment func in maped for inserting rows at top of map
  • fixed a crash with monsters moving into unloaded maps
  • added Traders' Outpost map

14 Mar

  • digging in mine maps bumps skills more slowly
  • fixed a bug with petrification wand
  • fixed bug where dug up artifacts were never tinted
  • removed jewelry from ench drops
  • adjusted newbie dungeon spanwers
  • added sancs in the bit under monastary with vamps and phantoms
  • dug up loot will now decay if left behind

10 Mar

  • revised monster bounce in lag code so it's a little more predictable

8 Mar Moa 0.96l

  • fixed mount dir incorrect when attacking NE & SE
  • fixed being mounted only lets you block E & W
  • made fishing skill increase faster on reg
  • new character won't get tp scrolls until after leaving newbie island (via the portal)
  • added dm race chg command
  • when open a loot-chest contents scatter so you can see them
  • added magic weapons & armour to spawned chests
  • the blue message you get when you finish the requirements for a quest now has the NPC name in it who gave you the quest
  • you can either decode a map or you can't, depending on your cartog skill and map level - there is no more 'barely too difficult' - which doesn't matter because:
  • cartog skill is bumped when treasure unearthed or cavern found, not when map decoded
  • consequently cartog skill increases much more quickly
  • buried treasure has better armour and weapons
  • scrapped the rare false positive 'sense treasure is close' message
  • the decoded treasure position is more accurate in general

7 Mar

  • certain skills bump 3x faster if you have +10 in a similar skill - eg you have 50 longswords - all other fighter weapon skills will bump 3x faster up to 40
  • scrapped the min stat requirement for all skills
  • disabled pet/summons square swapping with owner since this was allowing pets to escape homes, and because AI already takes care of mobs not wanting to share squares
  • player merch is now locked when accessed by owner for adding items
  • added sell price and value to screen when selling items (or adding to your merch)
  • plyr merchs will not sell items when price is set (or left at) 0gp - min price is 1gp if you want to give something away cheaply
  • added mana bar on top of avatar as alternative to rage bar - cycle thru with ctrl-shift-b
  • re-added the option to hide bars above head with ctrl-shift-h
  • added default price to skull key
  • phase maps and found caves should unload more readily

6 Mar

  • revised DTK so that not too many mobs spawn
  • starving msg is in red
  • fishing tug on line fishing msg in blue
  • added helpful message to indicate when a fishing spot is dead
  • fixed bug where cancelling chat, inv etc when fishing cancelled fishing too
  • fixed bug where repeat use didn't work immediately when chatting
  • squid is a little less likely to squirt ink in your eye
  • disabled WoT for non weapons & armour
  • pets now save custom spell lists

4 Mar

  • updated pd lotl scoreboard to sort by skills%

3 Mar

  • u/a damage material bonus is now calculated in the same way as normal weapons - ie it got nerfed
  • but, base u/a damage is up from a flat 1d2 to 1d7 if you have 100% in u/a (the base dmg is 1d(UA-skill/11)+1
  • base damage of the 3 u/a weapons up to 1d5 (frm 1d3)
  • wearing +attack items will boost your AS, except for +attack gloves when you are wielding a weapon! (but not damage, just AS)
  • added rings and necklaces of attack - should help you break Raiden's def a little
  • dragonscale boots are now u/a grade
  • fixed izumi's visible land at the far south of town on the boat
  • added helpful pirates at the docks in Shoreline and Kingswood
  • bayside 4x bigger but still just headlesses
  • added missing book in VoT hidden caves
  • fixed Dead Forest region mishap - also made that teleporter invisible that is on the stairway (so it looks like stairs now - is it is meant to be)

1 Mar

  • fixed new bug where attacking with bare hands or poly-claws was not bumping U/A
  • fixed cursed bandage on self flagging criminal
  • fixed 'after qp seeing crits but they are not actually crits'
  • iag hall quest: lich, skel mage and skel dragon are now considered skeletons
  • fixed incorrectly named boss minotaurs in the labyrinth

28 Feb Moa 0.96k

  • id skill works smoothly up to +32 now (up from 15)
  • nv item drops now max +5 (up from +4)
  • using a uncurse all scroll with detect traps/curses active will uncurse hidden curses
  • fixed paul's orb lag (had to ditch common.cfg soft configurable item codes though)
  • removed some olde english from guard conversation
  • fixed bug where after binding in shift-c menu, mouse wheel stopped working
  • fixed ancient bug when login on mount it shows the null-item icon in your status window
  • fixed bug where after id-ing item, alt or mouse over still said unidentified
  • no longer can parry when med, or held, or asleep

27 Feb

  • finished phase monsters and phase anomoly maps
  • finished checks for wielding items
  • added a ctrl+dir mode to use an item - first hit alt-u to toggle 'use mode' then use ctrl+dir to use equipped main main hand item in that direction
  • added | (pipe key) as shortcut for emote
  • can no longer tame with cursed food
  • discovered mine entrance is back in the mountains again, and it doesn't require grapple to enter
  • fixed mouseover item name for locked chest
  • lowered int on a few maoendir mobs to work better with the new mr/int formula

24 Feb

  • more informative bind messages remind you of key combos (because I never remember myself)
  • added gaudy item & spell colours to the bind info z-page
  • made races chgs easier for myself
  • fixed stupid old bug where binding a an un-id'd item would wreck your binds
  • fixed bug where ore spawners appeared in an item stack count
  • fixed paul's lotl xfer cheese

21-22 Feb

  • started equipping non weapons

20 Feb Moa 0.96j

  • bloodkin lose 15% bonus to LS but gain +15% as (which is an improvement as it comes after the weapon +)
  • shadowfolk get +15 to ranged now too
  • fixed shadowfolk nv to be +2 (it was meant to be +2 but was in reality +1)
  • fixed a bunch of probs with glowing mobs
  • carrot gives +1 nv if eaten when not blind (5 min non deteriorating buff)
  • ench carrot gives +3 nv as a 10 min buff
  • can hit keypad 5 to drop something under you
  • can hit space, enter or keypad 5 to pick up something under you
  • added fx to learn spell and health scroll
  • if you due to lag share a square with a mob, it will now get bounced, not you
  • ai tweak: ranged/magic mobs won't retreat out of LOS (blocking path may force them to)
  • ai tweak: a mob will not sidestep away from you (eg you are in a corridor, and mob in door way used to step in doorway, then out again, then back) - it's more robust now
  • pet golems have 2000 MR now, up from 500 (still not magic immune)

19 Feb

  • locked chests and unlocked chests now look different - so you can see which ones are locked
  • mining cave ins if you dig out a room that is too big
  • digging in a mine will increase mining skill
  • improved use+dir clientside
  • fixed client mouse artifact in windowed mode

18 Feb

  • added reprints of 4 quest books forsale in the lib - req that you have done the book quests
  • added all of the starting avs for sale with scrolls for 10addy coins!! that's 1$ - look for them in the Resort and Braemere Innes. Good luck figuring out which av is which (tho they are in the same order in the list as they are when you create a char)
  • shortened av scroll name so it's more readable in inventory
  • deleted npc Zane in Camerrata to make way for av merchs but then didn't use his spot but he was crap anyway
  • mining: the entrance is now placed under the player - so you can get to the entrace without needing a grapple
  • fixed a server crash during login on a temp map

14 Feb

  • fixed a bug where you could fail to make a xtal golem or tile at 100 - even tho it wasn't technically tinted

13 Feb

  • mining maps

11 Feb Moa 0.96i

  • mouse autohides if not used for 2 sec
  • experimental: searching a trapped chest now auto attempts to disarm it (if you have an uncursed probe)
  • when you size up a player what they are wearing is now colourised
  • pkt length is now max 16k , fixes jacek's epic chest
  • max items sent to client from a chest/merch is limited again, but this time it is a huge 2000 items (when it was limited before it was 100 ! ) (jacek had 1800 items in his chest when it broke)
  • fixed a bug with health statuses overflowing and going negative (eg crim)
  • field report quest item no longer shows in readable list

9 Feb

  • glowing artifacts and avs
  • added mm locked loot command
  • worked on phase monsters & their maps

8 Feb

  • added pkt grouping and compression to buy from merch
  • when you use a tile scroll, the old tile is now saved as a tile scroll in your inv (so you no longer need to use a renovation wand first to save the old tile)
  • added /send command for dms that works for mobs - as req by dm beavis
  • did some groundwork to allow custom avs for player containers and better saving in general

7 Feb

  • added a Lord Broden npc that disappears when Broden the player logs in! (as they are meant to be the same character!)

6 Feb 0.96h2

  • fixed aep tinting mobs (forgot the code was being modded with a +0x10000 here)
  • fixed xp crash when drawing shaded (alpha blended) tiles
  • dm toggle xray vision is now alt-v
  • old lighting mode shaded tiles now use alpha blending

5 Feb Moa 0.96h

  • added Chronicles of K, Necromancer book texts, renamed Chronicles of Ncheuleft to Chronicles of Kurzmord'ar
  • chg'd all refs from kazadoom to Kurzmord'ar
  • add tints to tools and bone items
  • to bind item to number key you now have to hold CTRL .. this is because
  • you can now type 123..0 in when / searching for items in your inv
  • when readying, space is disabled when / searching (use enter to toggle readiness)
  • can now fish and chat - press TAB to reel in instead of space.
  • IVPY, FG now pvp
  • INH, IZH, IFH now pvp
  • IZH & INH have flat 50% success rate - but the time asleep/poisoned is scaled to mr-int difference (in a similar fashion to magic damage in general - ie it uses the new formula)

4 Feb

  • finished client support for visibly tinted objects and player avs
  • added support for mobs with long item codes (eg statues)
  • toned down the new tint colour values for materials
  • ensured all weapons and armour were desaturated so that they tinted properly

2 Feb

  • book on bookstand - you can put any book you like on a blank bookstand and read it!
  • workshopped tinted avatars with good progress
  • tinted weapons engine done but some weapons need to be desaturated, also doesnt work with 16x16 tileset, and maybe not with shaded lighting & large

1 Feb

  • fixed a bug where the 'pet faring' message was not sent when pet was starving and getting mad
  • pets get hungry 2x slower now
  • pets get hungry 3x slower when at home (so that is 6x slower than previously)
  • pet will never get mad at home, even when starving!
  • the pet faring message is now in red
  • a house banker no longer cares if you are crim or not

31 Jan Moa 0.96g

  • added wand of petrification that allows you to make little statues of monsters - it is a rare drop but also for sale for 1 addy coin in Nordhaven - collect them all
  • removed disenchant wand from drops as it's not that useful - you can still buy it tho
  • a home owner can now place a player merchant anywhere near their house!
  • dragonscale boots are now substantially easier to get but you can only get them once per character and you need min fishing skill of 50, and the chance that they are enchanted too is increased
  • renamed candelabra to candelabrum
  • added tile description to tile scroll in the scrolling inv list
  • fixed the descriptions for the stairs tiles for sale in ikea - they all used to just say 'up'
  • tidied up Ikea a little but it could do with some more work
  • fixed one of the drac player avs

30 Jan

  • chgd Forest's Heart shadowlord's anvil altar into actual altar tiles

19 Jan

  • added wander command - not useful for much other than letting your pet wander around your house! make sure the door is locked! You can always retrieve your pet with 'follow' etc
  • finished pet / map problems
  • if your pet isn't loaded, you can always try and load it by issuing a command
  • added pet transfer deeds for 30 addy coins in Nord haven!
  • added a useful reminder to say your pet is dead if you give it an order when it is dead

14 Jan

  • a pet will not decrease in loyalty when (staying) in their owner's house! (unless it is staying on a level changer, like a ladder to a basement! so be aware of that)
  • a staying pet can be unloaded when a map is unloaded - and reloaded when the map is loaded - this means 2 things: a pet won't stop a map being unloaded, and also that effectively a staying pet will not get crankier as time passes when the map is unloaded - which means now that while pets will generally take longer to get cross and leave, the time is unpredictable - depending on whether the map unloads from memory!

13 Jan

  • fixed carpet and table not highlighting in kyle's quests dialog

7 Jan Patch Moa 0.96f

  • re added in dual wield separate attack effects, works better with lag

3 Jan

  • when encumbered you can still move (albeit really slowly) and traverse levels!
  • rondel weight down to 2
  • shortsword speed slower, now at 2
  • werewolf form max-carry-load is based on the higher of your non-wolf str and your wolf form str (so it won't go down, only up)
  • fixed ng stat cap bug affecting wolves

1 Jan 2010

  • fixed a bug on NG whereby a stat limit in wolf mode could lower your str or dex considerably. being in wolf mode will no longer check your stat limit when bumping on NG