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30 dec - moa 0.96e

  • ng stats pane skills total now only shows counted skills
  • ng stats pane no longer shows class breakdown
  • ng skills page now has non-counted skills in grey, and a 'capped' total at the bottom
  • ng stats are shown with 1dp and with a total underneath
  • removed traps on boss chests
  • 100% in magery should be able to unlock any chest
  • can use skull keys and clan hall keys to lock/unlock your house
  • can cast Ex Por to unlock/lock the door on your house

29 dec

  • vog bounce down to 4
  • max mr and def will only block up to 75% damage (down from 95% and 90%)
  • if you login on full moon in werewolf form you won't get auto reset to town
  • added quickstart pdf to euo install

11 dec

  • fixed a bug where having a house banker prevented you from creating a merchant

10 dec

  • added staves weapon type to merch search
  • searching for books no longer turns up boots (not that I'd ever actually expect to see any books for sale - and tomes don't count as books)

9 dec

  • dtk disabled on pd
  • dtk map no longer an arena
  • if you shift-1 (!) in a map you can bind to, you are rez'd in that town instead of where you /bind
  • removed lvl req for divine hammer on NG

8 dec NG revisions

  • revised stat gains on ng to be much much faster
  • non-class skills (eg crafting) no longer count towards the cap
  • cap lowered to 300
  • humans get 400 cap
  • updated /myskills command to be more useful for NG
  • updated um/vum/summon priest spells on pd so that their strength is based on combined stat total, not level

4 dec

  • fixed the stats info screwup when medding/blind
  • fixed ring pseudo dupe via ready/drop
  • lotl players may not pick up the loot dropped by a player ghost, whether they killed it or not
  • changed visible land in south izumi to water

26 nov moa 0.96d

  • added turkey
  • added spell success chance to shift-c list
  • added softbuffs to the top left of play window (toggle-able with alt-s)
  • added 2x zoom out on minimap with alt-z
  • mouse over shows item name
  • added brown horse for coins, rabbit and cow mounts
  • also added drake and turkey mounts (restricted availability)

25 nov

  • finished item spreading – except of course for dropped chests ( a dropped chest will pile on top of an existing item however

24 nov

  • added other server alt lists to armoury profiles
  • started item spreading from killed bosses – loot tries not to stack

17 nov

  • laughing coyote updated all old english in conversations
  • updated all old english in quests
  • updated default 'thee' replies in engine
  • map prespawn on load back up to 6 passes (was 3)

10 Nov

  • swapped valor & compassion shrines
  • fixed armoury char not found page

9 Nov moa 0.96c

  • pmerch dump once per day now at 3am
  • /find when viewing inv etc is now case insensitive

8 Nov

when using merch/bank:

  • changed ENTER to buy/sell/transfer 1 item (so same as space), not b/s/t all
  • TAB now buy/sell/transfers all
  • you can safely hit space when using slash-filter - hitting space will no longer transfer - can search for space in an item name
  • /find: can back space all you like but the only way to cancel it is with ESC

7 Nov

  • added /q - to show both complete and active in book format simultaneously

6 Nov

  • support for tmp maps with portal entrances
  • disabled autobash on chests
  • put /aq and /cq into pretty book format

1 nov

  • tinkered with pmerch dump - most of the time wasted in the wl funcs, no fix yet
  • ready weapons - chged order to weapon shield, hat, shirt, gloves, trouser, boot

31 oct

  • non-skilled abilities are in light grey so you can see the highlighted one which is in white
  • server support for lua script hook on temporary maps (so lua can tailor a temp-rand map)
  • server support for lua called temp maps (so lua can can create temp maps)
  • can blink onto some lvl changers, but not onto others

30 oct

  • if there are items under another item, it is marked with a +n where n is the number if items hidden
  • changed tmp map loading numbering scheme so that you can have as many tmp maps as you like and they won't override unloaded fixed maps
  • fixed 222 so it stays unloaded
  • changed bind message
  • added a helper/info npc in izumi near the boat to guide thee to the ticket for bucc den

29 oct (server updated)

  • finished montor W quests
  • iag skels now any skels that spawn there

28 oct

  • more montor W quests
  • fixed couple of bugs with qe2
  • quest over reminders in blue

27 oct

  • fiddled with the RL rand dungeon generator
  • added mondain's crypt from EFBD to the bottom of kaza
  • fiddled with quests & minibosses & maps

26 oct

  • scrapped offscreen party
  • fixed orange party x on stretched minimaps
  • minimap no longer distorted-stretched - kept in original proportions
  • fixed neg mana (short/long conversion prob)
  • fixed trusight casting orcs in LJ

23 oct - moa 0.96b patch

  • finished map regions retrofit
  • auto bash (for those who have that ability) - simply attack the door/chest to bash (doesn't work with mouse)
  • no min str for bash
  • all new f/r/p's get special move
  • all new fighters & priests come with bash
  • any new char that picks stealth gets backstab for free
  • loot quality tweaks

22 oct

  • added medium/high chance of random tint to arty wep drops
  • nerfed um & vum a little
  • death now resets soft buffs (bugfix)
  • more map regions

21 oct

  • medium armour won't slow down a fighter/priest (same way orcs get no penalty from heavy)
  • leather won't slow down rogue
  • ua won't slow down anyone
  • quick artifact revision
  • map regions

20 oct

  • more map regions

19 oct

  • fixed colt gold hack #2
  • more regions in maps (slow progress)

18 oct

  • crafting: sends all items that can be made with that skill regardless of having ings
  • missing ingreds shown in red
  • fixed lag spike caused by update kills query (binary was not making index work!)
  • fixed small lag spike when unloaded map prespawning (changed spawn cycles to 3 from 10)
  • scrapped dual titles as the code was ugly
  • added titles for divinity, staves, blessed maces
  • put regions in a couple more maps
  • added humility shrine strips maeondir levels
  • added respec cert for sale from boy in nord

17 oct

  • retro fitting regions to all maps ctd
  • fixed can't auto target heal a freshly res'd player
  • maped fullscreen and custom resolutions

16 oct

  • added maped+engine support for interior map regions (for better meta mapping support, stopping blinking between meta-levels, and so peergem/xray vis don't show meta levels)
  • can't blink onto ladders or teleporters

14 oct

  • can now find ash logs at 25 skill, oak at 34, and silverleaf at 45
  • skull keys can open chests

12 oct

  • removed sb on crafted magic items
  • making untinted only bumps to 40
  • when an crafted item doesn't bump skill delay is a flat 2sec
  • number of ingots req'd to make armour lowered
  • renamed lvl 282 to blood dungeon

7 oct

  • lotl / non lotl can't party share xp
  • fixed bug where opening chest as lotl may not have given you rights to entire contents
  • lotl can't disench / ench / deconstruct items without their name on them
  • fixed some case insensitive db queries
  • inscription skill increase 5x slower until recipes get fancier
  • added craftable wood axe to tinker list
  • removed vamp dust as a monster drop
  • added steel to heavy & medium armour drops
  • removed diamond/vamp/ven non-ua gloves
  • fixed a dud ladder in monastery

4 Oct moa 0.96

2 Oct

  • wand of deconstruction

1 Oct

  • finished packet grouping & compression that works for multiple sockets and can be called multiple times (ie inside a recursive function) ... have applied the above to player magic, player combat, player updates, ai
  • continued 2 menu crafting revision

30 sep

  • have working prototype packet grouper and compressor, but only works for 1 player at a time (eg works for a craft list but not for update_everones_fov)
  • having rough but working 2 menu crafting prototype

26 sep moa 0.95b priest patch

  • finalised priests after much alpha testing
  • finished LOTL PD mod
  • fixed up sutek's is
  • fixed pheonix xp 0, egg xp 5k
  • fixed a bug when av/cls/race choice was not being remembered if the new char name taken, and next char could use an invalid combination
  • re-arranged create character page and added short class & race descriptions
  • new chars learn spells from Max instead of receiving tomes
  • added a taunt ability for purchase at the uni ability trainer that uses 30 rage, does 10% normal damage but adds threat equal to half of the mob's health
  • fixed some conversation colouring with max on newbie island
  • revised all spell trainer locations
  • added new tome drops and a couple of priest quests in the monastary chapel
  • VF now does +1 dmg per 20 int, up fom 1 per 30, moved to circle 6
  • XC gives back 1/4 dmg done as hp ! works vs undead
  • IVPY moved to circle 5
  • IFH is now a cirlce 8 tome drop, does VF damage (warning: fire drags will now do the same damage)
  • XMP works v undead
  • magic users will often fumble a spell if they are over the class cap
  • player marked on minimap as a red +
  • party members marked on minimap too

25 Sep

  • all provisioners have a standard inventory now
  • all spell tome merchants replaced with trainers (ie you can no longer buy tomes)
  • tidied up alchemists and some others
  • made stained glass window tile
  • finished fixing up monastary / domain for priests
  • trapped chest will never kill you if you are at full health (max dmg is 85% down from 105%!)
  • finished multiple entrances to townes
  • showing weight for unid items in inventory
  • showing spell long name for tomes in inventory / trade
  • removed load display for training items
  • S and VS are now a flat 3 or 7 defence that lasts for 10 mins
  • mage cert is no longer required to do Virgil's XC tome quest
  • VF tome is now a drop
  • fixed a bug with npc replys wrapping really badly
  • more spell / inventory colouring
  • if you don't have a pet then the raise pet scroll won't drop (from kills only)
  • thunderclap: all surrounding targets of the thunderclapped creature take flurry like hits as well as get confused - but the damage inflicted is only 1/2 normal
  • added max hp etc to the bars in your stats pane

24 Sep

  • started lotl changes

23 Sep moa 0.95a

  • draft monk on paper
  • click on creatures to set target recticle on them (crosshair must be on first however)
  • spell lists are sorted by school and colourised
  • soft coded staff mana/cooloff discount so only mages/sorcs need it
  • fixed halluc not randomising items
  • removed fumbling for xm, xvm
  • spells list on Z page and shift-C only has non-runic names now
  • removed ctrl+A/s and shift+A/S from target selection
  • target type is now saved to config
  • client option for fat crosshair again: put "large_crosshair=1" in client.cfg
  • added slight cooloff to combat when you are out of ammo to stop the message getting spammed
  • no longer allowed to sell soulbound items
  • cooloffs for combat and magic are now separate

22 Sep

  • started reworking monastary map for priests
  • client fixes for priests
  • added support for multiple entrances in towns (need to update the maps now)
  • monsters that follow you up ladders or into town generally won't land under you and be hidden
  • mouse red/green arrow accuracy fixes

21 sep

  • added rusty's polymorph rewrite to alpha
  • made xmp circle 5 (from 6)

20 sep

  • truesight scroll time up to 10 mins, from 1 min
  • renamed wq magery spell to aq (due to a priest spell truesight being called wq)
  • quake int dmg bonus back to 1 per 20 int, from 1 per 30 int
  • finished draft set of 15 divinity school priest spells
  • updated newbie is for priests
  • start up alpha server for priests

19 sep

  • draft priest spell list
  • draft druid spell list
  • client side: polymorph cancels make, also can't use f11 when poly'd
  • finished player generic poly
  • protection status no longer adds +5ac, prot scrolls no longer crafted soulbound
  • added dot and hot to softbuffs but not sure if I am pleased with the result - it is a bit too generic in the descriptions
  • fixed a bug with ctf party ids not being reset

18 sep

  • fixed a crash with auto targ spells in lag
  • fixed AS bonus from str/dex
  • added staves skill - with special MR cleave (if anyone can suggest a better name that would be welcome)
  • unarmed fighting skill is now classless
  • made rondels a little slower, but they are still the best dps weapon
  • regular cleave time down to 5sec (from 7)

17 sep moa 0.95

in preparation for adding the priest class ...

  • blue and yellow (& clear) pot 7 sec cooloffs are now separate, all other pots have no cooloff
  • revised mr formula to work like ac/def
  • added targeting of good, evil and all creatures - use ctrl-t to set target option
  • xm and xvm now auto targeting spells (so you can heal your friends at range)
  • did 0/99% spell chance mod - or brackets ... but still need to do skill bumping change for it, which will require research - not completely sold on the idea yet however
  • dtk: all spawned undead unlearn KXQ
  • ivpy: player range down to 2 sq radius, mob range down to 4 (both were 5 sq radius)
  • player ivpy: int damage bonus down from 1 per 20 int to 1 per 30 int
  • ijo enchant wep burns 1/9 mana
  • all weapon enchants can't be resisted, except for magic immune creatures - they still don't get stat bonus damage, so effectively they do the spell's base damage only

16 sep

  • for the AS bonus from str or dex, it is scaled to the SI of the equipped weapon
  • added blessed maces and auto transfer of skill from maces to blessed, but needs soft coding one day!

15 sep

  • dps tuning - attack speed fixed to the wep skill, configurable - needs finer tuning, rondel needs slowing down
  • put mace & pole si down to 0.9 since everybody gets 100 dex at least

14 sep 0.94b

  • fps tweaks
  • added novice & apprentice specials

13 sep moa 0.94a

  • added IJO ench wep drop
  • put back the 'unnessary' h pkt in give_xp
  • wards are no longer use+dir : just use and they summon nearby (saves a keystroke)
  • added mob name to av chg scrolls
  • scrapped weapon rating line in stats
  • finished blessed mechanics
  • bless features
    • something that is blessed can't be cursed (the blessing is lost however)
    • blessed scroll of uncurse all will remove hidden curses! (it doesnt drop, wait for priests)
    • blessed coins don't drop on death (but cursed coins do: the end a of a good cheese)
    • more blessing feats to come, it will be part of priests

12 sep

  • finished mouse for patch
  • started blessed item status

11 sep

  • added monster meats, butchering of corpses - again not available until cooking
  • text help file for client - hit ? then ? again

10 sep

  • added monster corpses, but they probably won't drop until cooking (just added the item/naming mechanism)
  • combat message: when kill an undead it now says 'destroyed' rather than killed

7 Sep

  • support for artifacts with random materials (not added to drops yet)
  • finished mouse rc1
  • added /ears command

6 Sep

  • add weapon rating to stat screen
  • ship icon for party members on ship in stats pane
  • allowing party members only on ship

2 Sep

  • DTK tweaks
  • removed an unnessary h pkt in give_xp
  • event pkts are only getting sent to observers within 4 sq (and to 9 sq to owners, unchanged)

1 Sep

  • Defend the Keep

28-30 Aug

  • started mouse input

27 aug moa 0.93

  • incorporates changes from the 19th

26 Aug

  • boss chests much less likely to be locked (1/7 chance)
  • if get 'no target' when casting auto-target spell there is no cooloff

25 Aug

  • fixed kills list on armoury

24 Aug

  • id all & uncurse all now use a lot less network & should be very fast
  • fixed a bug where a boss with undisclosed name would show his name in the message box when he attacked you

23 Aug

  • even softer buffs
  • polished fishing mechanics
  • added superior fishing rod to tinker craft list
  • added adamantium fishing rod to drop list (quite rare)
  • added slash command to change clan tag /setclantag
  • touched up deep water on continent
  • removed portals in extell's tower
  • somehow landing on a void tile will certainly kill you (and your ghost won't be visible)
  • revised dm's /tele command so we don't land ontop of you and wipe you off the map anymore
  • fishing is now allowed on any nonpvp map

22 Aug

  • finished working draft of soft coded buffs (single effect per buff only, players only)

21 Aug

  • fishing revision / minigame
  • use alt-s to toggle the status icons top left of viewport

20 Aug

  • rejigged h (get all) function to be less laggy
  • you can drop under yourself by hitting space or enter when prompted for a direction
  • when buying you can see the ready icon for readied weapons
  • players flagged for pvp are identified by a purple health bar
  • added spell lvl (aka circle) to the z page for spells
  • fixed a bug that prevented non-pvp-flagged players from targeting in arena map
  • added dm server side pkt dump command
  • started fishing minigame
  • added gravedigging
  • moved vog tome to xxxxxxxxxx

19 Aug

  • misc changes in preparation for clan hall fight
  • meals are allowed in ctf maps but you won't gain healing from them (buffs yes tho)
  • updated /pvp command messages
  • improved messages in arena for potion use

16 Aug

  • added auto backstab - when attacking with shortsword from hidden, backstab is automatically attempted! euo 1.1 style backstab
  • added killdate to kills updates so that kills can be kept for 1 week max
  • wis quas now reveals monsters too

9 Aug

  • added Rusty's map Deja Vu - lvl 100+ in the NE of maeondir - thanx rusty
  • added turn to fight AI when a fleeing mob is blocked or is sick of running
  • added name to combat messges when monster is named - eg Grugnack Twoheads flees in terror
  • added definite article to Eldar bosses (ie generic named) - eg hit by the Elder Ettin
  • pd monthly ladder prize is now a res stone gift certificate that you can transfer to any char and read to create a res stone - is given automatically to winner - so I no longer have to give stones out by hand
  • when given shutdown HUP signal, server will shutdown (nearly) immediately when 0 ppl on or when becomes empty
  • rank dungeon & treacherous cave now re-randomise once per ingame week (at midnight, new moon night) but only if they are unloaded from memory and unoccupied

backstab revision boost as suggested by somebody or many people:

  • backstab: now 7/8 chance to hit (up from 3/4) - and no extra save roll for pvp - and removed PD backstab save roll, I don't know why they had that
  • backstab also counts as a normal hit on saved instead of nothing happening
  • backstab: for pvp, heavy torso armour only has 50% chance to save, medium is 33% chance and light 20% chance to save
  • when backstabbing, you get a guaranted hit which is not scaled down due to as/armour difference - ie you basically get very very high AS to attack with

7 Aug

  • finished secure trade

6 Aug

  • started secure trade

4 Aug

  • /roll local radius now 15 sq

3 Aug

  • dm can make a drop owned by server
  • dm can assign ownership to a pile of items with /io
  • pot use & VM is logged locally and to file in arena maps

1 Aug

  • added donation container type
  • fixed a bug where av scrolls weren't working for some avatars

19 July

  • tweaked autobanner for stats since wolf form is banning a lot of people
  • gone back back to the new-old weapon to inventory disarm (altho you can still disarm-to-inventory the offhand item)
  • items obtained from quest targets placed into inv rather than on ground (which seem to get lost when players don't pick them up immediately)
  • /roll works locally as well as for parties
  • added missing halftroll avatar to creation screen
  • fixed a bug where if a ship's pilot was jailed, reset, or otherwise got on land somehow then the ship wasn't removed from memory - preventing that pilot from making a ship again
  • disabled /bind in ctf maps
  • only ctf participants may res in the ctf maps, otherwise you res where you bound to
  • bug fix: EP and jimmy work on a locked chest on a locked door
  • fixed a bug where a player could remove res sickness by getting killed as a wolf

16 July

  • started item rewrite (which was scrapped)

12 July

  • black stone disabled in ctf maps
  • fixed dm accounts hidden login issue
  • server no longer allows use (eg thru item macros) of items when asleep or held
  • fixed incorrect message pertaining to searching items with pseudo items underneath (Eg corpse on ore spawner)
  • ivpy will no longer do 4x dmg to large monsters
  • huge crab will only spawn when not charmed (ie only when evil alignment)
  • fixed huge crab's targeting problems after AXE
  • cowhide now weighs 3 stones
  • can't ride mount when polymorphed or as wolf
  • fixed sylvenguard tower possessed weapons always being tinted

11 July

  • tournament armoury integration part 1 : tourney registration

9 July

  • dm hidden login is now character based as opposed to a global server setting
  • when player PDs connection is not closed immediately so it should be crystal clear that you have been killed
  • party pets can be stepped thru and no longer block, also show green hp bar
  • added dm set health status command
  • added dm bulk terraform command
  • when gagged or jailed and you try to speak on global you are informed that no one can hear you
  • nerfed vamp weapons slightly
  • vamp staff gets a huge boost - infact I think it was a bug that the damage before was so low
  • when poly into a werewolf you no longer unequip your rings & necklace

8 July

  • vog bounce will not target the target just bounced off - ie vog will not get stuck inside large spawns
  • large confused mob should not target itself (as fixed above, but untested)
  • crim players will drop gold when pk'd
  • changed hidden cave entrances to space enter rather than working like portals

7 July

  • scrapped pmerch dump directly to mysql - done via text file again - fixes the 30 sec lag on the hour
  • Angela is now immune to glass & wounding

4 July moa 0.92a?

  • finished inventory sorting
  • henry can teach you the werewolf form ability after you've been cured
  • fixed alt key showing pseudo items
  • fixed boiled gi-legs
  • only wolves with lycanthropy turn back into humans at sunrise

1 July

  • started on inventory sorting

27-29 Jun moa 0.92

player werewolf changes:

  • when in wolf-form, your stats get redistributed to 45/45/10
  • player werewolves are now poison immune
  • MR is based off revised temporary strength (so is effectively proportional to your level)
  • turning into a wolf cancels repeat make / use
  • wolves can bash (if bash ability is known)
  • wolves get a simple special move 'maul' which is a rage based 3x strength attack - you must know the 'special move' ability to use it though

other changes

  • added golem repair kit to drops and tinker's craftable list
  • mages will fumble autotargeting spells up to 500ms after moving (just as ranged attacks miss after moving)
  • added player 'facing direction' to walking, attacking and casting
  • added direction facing indicator top left of window
  • shields block twice as well now but only when facing front on to your attacker. Attacks from side 50% as good as front on, and everywhere else shields have no effect
  • bosses may drop a locked and/or trapped chest with their loot inside
  • return to old style pvp disarm where the disarmed weapon drops on the ground. Works on offhand weapons & shields too. Dropped items are owned so can't be stolen
  • enabling 7 new sefton guard's quests that were completed about a month ago (aimed at lvl 30) - wanted to finish the montor ones and release all at once, but the sefton quests can no longer wait
  • when a party member identifies an item on the ground (with scroll or mag glass) everyone else in party is notified of what the identified item is
  • holding alt key shows items names of every item on screen
  • having a shield equipped negates equipped staff's effect on mana regen, mana cost of casting, and casting cooloff times


  • am/vam enchanted weapons can't be resisted (except by magic immune)
  • am weapons do 6d4 magic damge now (up from 3d3 resistable) (fyi vam weapons do 8d4 magic dmg)
  • added klimb direction message
  • flurry: if first target was player then subsequent flurry targs are players only - ditto if first target was non-player
  • rings vanish on death as orbs do
  • renamed brass knuckles to brass knuckle, so it is officially a 1h weapon now

13 June

  • clones no longer give xp (bug fix)

11 June

  • fixed hearthstone server crash

8 June

  • fixed grammatcal error while looting treasure map chest: 'family of an ettins'
  • added dm commands /dp (destroy pile of items) and /health (show all health status)
  • fixed vyr/raft green square bug
  • changed maeondir to a real continent to fix walk-on-water bug, you can float across the east/west timeline, not that I really like that
  • casting polymorph while on a raft will un-raft you (un mount actually) and you will start drowning, polymorph dragons can't fly in euo - sorry
  • removed obsolete 'dudeonraft' item
  • made spt tile on continent a ship again
  • removed hooks from flags in CoS (so items can drop on them)
  • fixed using merchant pass bug

6 June

  • added private house banker scroll
  • finished hearth stone
  • moved mrs ability to the uni
  • added addy coin merch in nord
  • added banker scroll merch in the bank in shoreline

5 June

  • finished summon banker scroll

10 May

  • modded slaughter quest so that you don't have to kill a specific monster code
  • added lua func set_quest_id_by_code
  • added "/dq" delete questtokens dm command for testing
  • add delivery quest type
  • added lua script_quest_init function

9 May moa 0.91 races on reg


  • finished new races avs
  • scrapped dim stats
  • avs during create screen are animated (random only)

6 May

  • summon banker scroll backend, needs tweaking however

5 May

  • Finished Dulwich player housing estate
  • added boat ticket quest for dulwich
  • worked on some new race avs

4 Apr

  • fixed windows server crash when there was a syntax error in lua

1 Apr

  • tweaked existing 4 pd races
  • added 2 new races for testing
  • normalise_stat server setting is now 5 on all 3 servers

30 Mar

  • added /res command
  • disabled dropping of soulbound items on PD
  • added date to ban reason

23 Mar

  • added server status to euo main page
  • newbie island updates
    • traps won't go off on chests on a non-pvp map (eg newbie island)
    • I reviewed all of Gulnar's suggestions but decided to leave newbie island mostly intact
    • Changed text about HP red bar from bottom right corner to top left
    • Made a note that monsters here are passive, but not so elsewhere.
    • Weaponsmith: yes it is totally pointless having him so I made a note to the new player that he wouldn't need to buy anything
    • Extra note when entering town about pressing b to buy
    • Ranged tute: added extra rats
    • Max talking about conversations: replaced reference to nouns with reference to highlighted topics

16 Mar

  • clone's INT & MR copied from source

15 Mar

  • Made reusable avatars for sale

6 Mar

  • fixed clan tags - now must be alpha numeric, allowing | for zeni on armoury
  • fixed bug where lowbies could attack guards w/o repercussion on nonpvp maps
  • fixed quest reference typo to Johnathan (s/b Jonathan)
  • renamed lefaux to foveaux
  • crafting blue pots is in batches of 5 now, reqs 5x ingredients, bumps skill 5x
  • updated crafting yellow pots to bump skill 5x
  • excess res stones no longer deleted from inv during log in

2 Mar

  • attempt to fix kills db updage lag by randomising which second of the minute each player does their update

1 Mar

  • added pd ladder achievement
  • auto update of ladder winner with achievment and prize
  • added custom titles plyr pages on armoury
  • made player search case insensitive on armoury

19 feb

  • fixed healing ward giving out res's
  • fixed bug where dying on pd doesnt reset your kills and alts get the old chars kills count
  • armoury kills updates now done on the minute rather when player logs out (to fix the logout lag)

5 Feb

  • added achievements, race & skills to armoury

4 Feb

  • added deaths, restores, age, creation date to armoury

3 Feb

  • added creation date to chars
  • added pd monthly ladder

1 Feb

  • pd restores now come with bank account

30 Jan

  • added kill counts to armoury
  • added profiles for NG and PD players (but not editable bio, the only thing missing)

23 Jan

  • added rivers and shores at ikea for addy coins
  • fixed a crash with mobs traversing into unloaded levels