Updates in 2008

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Latest updates

25 Oct

  • added server:port to intro screens so you know what server you are logging in to or creating on
  • fixed holes so that mobs come out of them properly (chged the way the map feats are set)

22 Oct

  • with tyler's help, revised all mob xp

Oct 20 - Moa 0.90

  • chged regen ring to 10% restored every 5 sec, regardless of being in combat or not (I regard this as a bugfix + improvement)
  • put non combat regen rate down for everybody from 5% per sec to 3% per sec
  • finished draft set of 4 new races (draconian, half troll, half elf, gnome)

Oct 19

  • variable perks: stealth walking speed and held reduction
  • exported all the new races stuff to lua, updated creation scripts

Oct 18

  • fixed skill bonuses
  • perks: no heavy armour speed penalty and dual wielding

Oct 16

  • made spawners on thieves guild and bayside more newbie friendly
  • fixed a bug: when lose an unbonded pet the ghost stays on the map forever
  • fixed: fast attack on horse
  • fixed: disabled boarding of ships when dead
  • fixed: mobs w/o lava walk that spawn on lava may walk on lava (but won't walk back on lava once they are off)
  • fixed: ships can no longer attack pets & non-pvp players

Oct 14

  • adjusted some existing quest xp's
  • tree ent xp down significantly (it was way too high before)

Oct 12

  • revamped library
  • scrapped library card quest
  • added drops to tree ents
  • huge crab no longer spawns near Izumi and Nordhaven

Oct 11

  • added compression to file transfers
  • socket library should be safe from 0s in strings now

Oct 9

  • worked on quests
  • named mobs will no longer chase up ladders
  • fixed some bugs with vision-range & LOS checks

Oct 7

  • added quest type other - use for sending a player to talk to another npc
  • rejigged kill quests so that they can optionally always spawn the target

Oct 3

  • started & did most of hall take over scripting

Oct 2

  • finished updating moagl to 0.17

Sep 30

  • fixed bugs
  • orbs break on death rather than randomly
  • added guards to cam keep and braemere
  • started updating moagl and fixing bugs

Sep 19 - Moa 0.89

  • ships revision 1 - real working ships are done (of course there is room for improvement) - a bunch of ships will drop for a while, so good luck finding one
  • books

Sep 26

  • search by level req, sitem type, wep skill, armour weight
  • euo serv writes directly to merch db

Sep 18

  • more work on books - added zlib compression to book text packets, looking at readable book on ground activates it
  • renamed Interview with the Vampire to Blood of the Fallen

Sep 17

  • finished books, updated book maps, items, book png

Sep 16

  • worked on content, fixed bugs

Sep 15

  • finished off continent seam bugs (except vog bounce across seam, won't fix)
  • did some more work on ships (engine side: retaking control, making duping of ships harder, storing ship creator names)
  • reset on blocked now resets you rather than sending you to newbie island

Sep 14

  • fixed bug: when die as wolf then change back to human when sun rises, you stay on as crim

Sep 13

  • finished books (png needs some more work tho)

Sep 12

  • did some work on readable books

Sep 11

  • scrapped y-axis map wrap for continents
  • fixed party continent east-west wrapping bugs
  • fixed immobile mobs chasing players across levels
  • fixed maeondir walk off edge map bounce
  • fixed ranged attacks not working across map seam

Sep 10

  • started damaging ships
  • started rewriting can_see funcs & AI so that they work on continent seams, though I have mobs chasing and attacking players across the seams already

Sep 9

  • did some work on ships, fixed alot of bugs, got ships attacking working properly (and neutrally)

Sep 8 - Moa 0.88

  • made crackling mouse and silver serp, alligator a bit easier
  • normal zorns evolve into copper zorns (and so on)
  • increased xp for crocs substantially
  • put xp for minos down (they are way too easy for the xp you get)
  • xp for red drags down, other drags adjusted (mostly up)
  • xp for scaled mobs in maeondir up
  • removed repair scroll drop
  • fixed a bug where you were allowed to use a repair scroll on non-damagables (thus changing their codes, eg repairing IMJ scroll to chg the enchant on it)
  • added a 15 sec poison immunity just after you get cured of poison (so poison is less of a pain in the ass)
  • rage bar toggle is ctrl-shift-b
  • piety is back to being just a mage skill again
  • disabled taming of large mobs
  • added ore spawners to maeondir (so you can chop and mine)
  • undid some changes to minimap so that it always resets on crc change (back to the way it used to be pre 0.88) - will fix later so it only resets for designated random maps
  • added plant in terracotta pot item
  • fixed targeting of low HP mobs

Sep 6

  • fixed an ancient bug where if mobs or players stepped out of a portal the portal disappeared
  • finished monsters traversing levels

Sep 5

  • started monsters traversing levels

Sep 4

  • did very simple whitelisting, really needs to be done properly however as I just hardcoded a single account to be whitelisted

Sep 1

  • added fix for Aeryn's caps/ctrl remapping bug

Moa 0.87 - Aug 31

list of changes

  • 800x600 client release
  • maeondir final
  • png tilesets and screenshots
  • highlighted keywords in npc conversations
  • combat msgs toggle saved to client config
  • dungeon name on minimap
  • toggle rage bar above head key - use ctrl-r
  • custom skins, can arrange window elements via skin.cfg file
  • added support for scripted npc chat and bot chat
  • optimised when sync_health pkts are sent so that client doesn't get countdown packets
  • custom treasure codes for individual mobs
  • made kxq, kvx more commonly cast by mobs (kxc unaffected)
  • added mob large toggle support in lua
  • added permanent hp and mana boost to player files (to be obtained by medding at the maeondir shrines)
  • added permanent class cap bonus to player files (" " ")
  • added max class pts notification to /myskills
  • fixed up vog so that mobs can cast it against players and their allies
  • unhacked void tiles so they act as actual void, and no longer water (fixes minimap as well as sea creatures moving thru void)
  • added lava walk so mobs like fire golem can move on lava (not just limited to flying creatures)
  • completed multi family mobs
  • re-enabled magic merch code, luafied their inventory creation

fixed bugs

  • can no longer target dead players
  • can talk to grey kill targets again
  • minimap cropping
  • fixed serious bug in moving merch inventory to bank which might destroy all items
  • fixed 2 bugs with seating / lying in beds

July 27 - Aug 7

  • server profiling

July 15

  • finished getting subclasses working properly

July 14

  • added /roll command to roll a number 1-100 - everyone in your party sees it
  • made /crimtime a player command, now anyone can see how much crim time they have left

July 11

  • added /ignore command

Moa 0.85 - May 19

  • added a minimap, toggle with alt-m


  • thunderclap: target of strike suffers 2x dmg. Everything else gets confused.
  • flails and morning stars are a little faster
  • revised merchant/chest item socket code, scrapped 100 item limit on chests and player merchs
  • tweaked inventory sends to be a little more efficient
  • added support for different offmap tiles for each n,s,e,w border
  • added walk off exit to snowy island
  • grey text when looking at hooked items (like books)
  • vigour now 5x more effective
  • removed max lvl 100 req on items / artifacts
  • re-added the ultimaish names for tomes and scrolls etc, so instead of tome (small light) it's tome (In Lor) - didn't re-add runic tho, for simplicity of coding and accessibility for players
  • map compression (RLE)

Enchanting changes:

  • ench skill gain 30x faster (but max skill gain is 1 point however)
  • added non soulbound sextant to drops (uncommon)
  • added orb to drops (uncommon)
  • ember, fang, clay more common (all 10% chance to drop)
  • charged shard drops are improved
  • added mega yellow pot to healing ward ingredient list

Item drop changes:

  • tints drop a little more often
  • essentially, all tints now drop, but specifically:
  • re-added blackrock, venomous weapon drops
  • added boiled and studded leather drops
  • added copper weapon and wearable drops
  • fixed a bug that stopped gold medium and heavy armours from dropping
  • added goldweave & silverweave u/a and light armour drops
  • added battleweave(cloth) + battlehide(leather) light armour drops (which is essentially adamantium by another name)
  • silver+gold leather armours now known as silverhide/goldhide ... both now drop
  • U/A gloves can either be slaying or stat boosting (were 100% slaying). Also added spell enchants (eg AM, VOG to gloves)
  • max stat bonus drops up to +32
  • min vig bonus is 4, up from 1
  • the + on drops now a little more consistent, and improved overall. However, don't expect to get +32 stat gear or even +8 weps or +6 def off balrons or dragons: kill shadow creatures or it or dig it up. It's still not guaranteed!!
  • fixed some strange code that made NV and vigour 2x as common as other wearable drops
  • any wearable item can be +def, +stat, +nv, +vig etc
  • 'rarities' (wands, nuggets) slightly more common (still rare though)
  • readded leeching staff drops - this isn't to say they aren't still useless, just added for completion

Item craft changes

  • removed addled, runed, barbed smith hammers from tinker list

Wand of transferrance:

  • can now transfer enchants between wearable items
  • can only enchant plain, studded, copper (boiled), silver, gold and blackrock (darkweave)
  • removed + limits for transferrance
  • swapped +'s are still reduced by 1 (most of the time!)
  • target item shard reqs have probably changed, you can go figure it out but they are reasonable
  • enchant reqs are scaled 0-100 depending greatest enchant+ being transferred
  • still cannot transfer anything but the + on weapons, and cannot transfer enchants between weapons and armour and vice versa


  • fixed mounts gfx glitch
  • fixed large furniture items appearing randomly
  • fixed invisible player merchs in mon-ferrato
  • fixed attacking/casting when invis not making you visible client side
  • fixed ability to buy a res from a healer
  • fixed bank sync such that it only syncs when access bank
  • fixed a client crash when binding a non existing item (found with filter) to number key
  • fixed a bug whereby the last 2 levels of the random caves & roguelike dungeons leading to the under world weren't loading
  • fixed negative int leading to huge MR
  • fixed a client crash on NG when ressing with 0 str (due to 0 hp max, now minimum of 1)
  • fixed mon-ferrato's land visible from wharf

May 8

  • added support for making random maps in lua

Moa 0.84 - 04 May 08

  • added (some) key remapping - press shift-k to remap a few keys
  • added ability to hide combat messages (ctrl-m)
  • updated moagl with help screen and popups

01 May 08

  • removed ability to create chests on PD
  • removed access to houses on PD
  • body parts appear under boss drops

Moa engine 0.83 - 28 Mar 2008

  • added facility for obnoxious popup messages
  • added newbie island
  • added help screen

Feb 26

  • reduced threat for mages

Moa engine 0.82 - 23 Feb 2008

  • network rewrite, phase 2
  • threat based target selection AI

MoaGL 0.14 - 23 Feb 08

  • fixed minimise bug
  • changes from moa 0.82

Moa engine 0.81 - 16 Feb 2008

  • network rewrite, phase 1

MoaGL 0.13 - 16 Feb 08

  • support for md2 models for creatures & players
  • changes from moa 0.81

12 Feb 08

  • shared xp for non-parties proportional to damage inflicted

10 Feb 08

  • scrapped lvl cap on reg, added diminishing returns for stats > 600 (that means they are worth less (not worthless, just worth less once over 600)
  • added stage #1 of ingame mail: admin can send players items through the mail (eg res stones)

MoaGL 0.12 - 27 Jan 08

  • shaded lighting
  • optimisations

MoaGL 0.11 - 25 Jan 08

  • shader detection

MoaGL 0.10 - 23 Jan 08

  • EUO in 3d : open beta initial release