Updates in 2007

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Moa engine 0.80 - 25 Dec 07

  • ship speed fixed at 200ms per sq (5 moves per sec)
  • ship's cannons - use f to fire (broadsides only!)
  • clarified & made consistant 'which direction' queries
  • added explosions (to be revised)

Moa engine 0.79 - 10 Dec 07

  • added subclasses (buggy as hell, since removed to be redone)
  • added simple ships (private beta)
  • reworked trace a little, updated class name
  • added res fx when converting corpses into zombies
  • added auto party rejoin for when you relog or disc (only works for parties with >2 members as parties are auto-disbanded when only 1 player left)

Moa engine 0.78 - 27 Nov 07

  • chests:
    • mimics slightly more common if chest opened when hidden
    • setting a trap off (inc mimic) unhides
    • mimics have scaled difficulty to the chest level
  • house keys - any key opens your lock as long as it's your lock to open
  • mounts
  • An Corp on a corpse turns it into a zombie
  • visible crits - shows up in log and also shown by orange splat
  • crit rates for u/a up
  • quiv palm effect up to 5 sec


  • provide constant speed across all terrain
  • buy summon horse ability from Dryden (replaced healer)
  • NEED awesome horse sound

Nov 9

  • new house key formula - use any key to open house

Oct 22, 2007

  • summoned creatures (eg demons, guards) no longer summon (ie multiply)
  • 1 in 7 repair scroll drops are improved, rest are regular
  • huge crab may spawn randomly on continent at sunrise

Oct 21, 2007

  • finished boss names

Moa engine 0.77 - Oct 17, 2007

Around this time the EUO versioning system dropped (last was 1.2.2) with only Moa getting version number increments. Even though there is a clear distinction between game (EUO) and engine (Moa), the changes listed in these pages are not categorised between the two.


  • re-added polypile to some degree - no weapons though - will expand further later
  • tab to cycle targets
  • ctrl+r to reply to whispers - ctrl+shift+r cycles recipients in the other direction
  • can now bind to numbers when /finding (this means you can't search for numbers now though)
  • added fortune cookie tile
  • new avatars for sale - thank you morthwyl


  • NG stat cap - fixed, was counting 25 points of wisdom!
  • dipping weps: if new weapon too heavy or powerful it will be unequipped
  • slimes split near parent, not player
  • boss names in combat messages: removed articles, added surnames where missing
  • cactus men tile fixed
  • boiled eggs & carrots drop qty always 1
  • IMJ tome merch name fixed
  • squid ink sound is now only heard by the recipient of the ink

Sep 29

  • more boss names

Sep 27, 2007

  • fancy boss names, not completed

Sep 24, 2007

  • res scroll on corpse makes zombie pet (again)
  • squids can squirt ink in your eye (again)
  • wand of transferrence drop - slight return to old enchanting
  • removed BR and ven from drops, so now they are craft/enchant only
  • weapon dipping - improved chance to get an enchant
  • added fortune cookies
  • added 2/3 of Rusty's Gauntlet map

1.2.2 (Sep 17, 2007)

  • added block title Defender
  • added some new map tiles, can now have up to approx 2500 different land tiles
  • re-added taming of water demons
  • new item dragonscale saw replaces blackrock saw for converting dragonhide to scales - throw your old blackrock saws in the bin!
  • staffs are now one handed (so you can ready your orbs)
  • shields won't block unless non-staff equipped!
  • tinker creatable golem repair kit for fully healing golems - 1 chc in 10 of breaking
  • bashing is more euo 1.1 like - requires strength!
  • mobs don't drop loot on hooks
  • monsters can only see you through forests on the continent map
  • not showing xp% in top left corner on NG server
  • hiding cancels repeat use
  • added improved yellow pots to drops and chests
  • scaling treasure map drops to creature difficulty
  • cursed sextant gives wrong co-ords
  • cursed bandages with varied effects
  • cursed torch sets hair on fire
  • improved chance to improve the weapon when dipping plain weapons into fountains

1.2.1 (Aug 17, 2007)

  • enchanting
    • old enchanting scrapped
    • enchanting now just a list of crafted items like tinkering etc
    • removed all improved gems (eg magnificent, etc)
    • disenchant essentially the same - but only basic gems
    • all ench recipes still require soul shards of different colours and strengths
    • int cap placed back on enchanting (since no sb recipes)
  • 4x4 monsters (not spawning though, needs work)
  • added inflict status enchant: eg sword of slowing (chc to slow on strike)
  • diet for all pet golems is golem power crystal
  • removed polypile for the time being
  • food prices (thx destroyer)
  • 100% rage bar is now white (thx sandy)
  • re-added rage bar above head - client config.cfg option -> rage_bar=1
  • tweaked apothecary drops as mega yellows were too common
  • mega pot weight 1.5 stones (down from 5), flask weight 0.7 (down from 2)
  • removed lightning from green drags
  • made xj & aep casting by all mobs rarer
  • always spawn turned on for reg (mobs spawn every 120 sec regardless of players on map or not)

1.2 (July 26, 2007)

This was the first EUO release using the Moa Engine. Between April and July, all of the EAO & EUO code was merged into one codebase, called Moa. EUO (the game) was shoehorned into this new engine with as little disruption as possible. Lots of undocumented mods were made to Moa to get it to support EUO's quirks (like Ultima casting and the intro screen).

  • widescreen view
  • edible slimes, brains
  • skull keys
  • press C to cast a spell from a list
  • use the above list to bind spells to letters and ctrl-alt keys
  • to learn spells from tomes use L (shfit el)
  • fighter abilities must be bought and manually bound to the ctrl/alt/shift keys!
  • backstab is now an ability that must be bought and bound - it does not auto-fire simply when hidden!
  • fountains need to be activated with 'a' rather than looked at
  • bash is a purchasable ability (like a spell, and flurry etc)
  • different foodstuffs have different nutrition values (ie feed you better)
  • monsters actually level up and get harder as they gain xp
  • size up shows everything that the player is wearing
  • trapped chests may zap you (cosmetic change)
  • to see your rage instead of your mana press #
  • pet xp sharing - you get some of your pet's xp and your pet gets some of yours
  • shfit-v toggles old lighting on and off

1.1.11 (Apr 19, 2007)

  • craftable wood golems
  • quest journal
  • player made clans
  • AI tweaks (mostly to do with portals)

1.1.10 (Feb 24, 2007)

  • scrapped shift-d to drop - use d only now, asks for qty if qty in inv >1
  • instead of 'a' to select all from scrolling list, press enter
  • uncheesed search for mandrake/nightshade
  • lvl reqs for ench weps upped to min 61 (since +5 is intrinsic)
  • lvl req for leeching upped to 33 (since +3 intrinsic)
  • re-enabled old EP code for chests
  • re-enabled gold dropping when killed by mobs for lvl 10+
  • removed requirement for anvil for repair
  • tinted gloves of attack should work now
  • see names and bars of players & npcs when dead