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Alpha 011 (19 Dec 2004)

all the bugfixes (including network) from 1.008a, as noted in the journal, + the following changes

  • fighters get an AS bonus from str, 3 per 50 str over 100
  • the rogue's dex->as bonus has been nerfed to equal that of the fighters, of course it is still dex based
  • lag detector tweaks
  • fixed probs with titles
  • dual logging is now not allowed
  • account based GM's (currently only cat and extell)
  • lots of tweaks

1.008a - 19 Dec 2004


  • parry/disarm
  • khaki pot

Minor changes and fixes:

  • old style poison
  • randomised KX, KVX a little
  • green dragons get INH + other dragon spell tweaks
  • stat item drop tweaks
  • fixed portal luring
  • fixed res-scroll on corpse not using a slot
  • fixed client spell circle problems; circles are now in line with alpha
  • poison & sleep potions will remove user's hidden/invis
  • getting cloned when in polymorphed dragon form will summon a dragon
  • OG, IVPY and maybe other ench weps will fire on kill now (tho weps that specifically target won't)

Connection/network changes:

  • have added checks to ensure that if player's map get out of sync wth the server, this will get rectified (eg to fix guards in water)
  • connection changes in an attempt to make connecting more reliable

Alpha 010 (8th Dec)

A lot of this stuff will be going into 1.008 as soon as it's proven to be stable.

  • parry (block) for foils at 70%, riposte (reflected damage) at 80%
  • disarm special move for foils at 90%, only works PvP
  • experimental damage type (eg slash, pierce) bonus vs some. Piercing weps do added damage to dragons, bludgeoning do extra damage to undead, and slashers do extra damage to hellspawn.
  • new item khaki potion sets full rage that doesn't reset for 10 seconds, and anyone can do specials when 'enranged'. This item is so good that I won't add it to the alchemy crafting table. I might give out some for free for evaluation purposes however.
  • new U/A weapons katar, neokode & brass knuckles. These U/a weapons are a little slower, do a little more damage, and have reduced criticals. They can of course get all the regular weapon enchants.
  • old style poison that degrades HP over time
  • scribes can only scribe spells that they actually know
  • randomised KX and KVX slightly
  • Mob AI tweaks; green dragons cast INH (also cast XJ less)
  • bash tweaked so that min str required is about 150 (alpha only, its about 350 on reg)
  • stat items rarer, min stat now +7 roughly, down from +10. max is still +30
  • trap skill bumping tweaks and fixes
  • rage cooloff timer now 15 sec, up from 10
  • new item 'horned helm', same properties as full helm

Alpha 008 and 009 (6th Dec)

  • replaced %stat items with regular old style + stat items
  • houses are now linked to accounts, not characters (so houses can be shared)
  • attempt at fixing a lot of the map transferring errors (eg when you enter nord, and see the guards floating in the water, and other strange things)
  • \ and ; for party chat and emote (shortcuts)
  • merged many other changes in from 1.008 (most of which I've forgotten)

5 Dec 2004

  • XC & KXQ casting rate by mobs decreased
  • KXQ & XMP weapon drops
  • XMP nerfed: amount healed is only 50% of dmg dealt (was 100% previously)
  • Rage meter should increase a little more quickly now

1.008 - 29 Nov 2004


major changes

  • Rage meter (for the dummies, this replaces mana use for fighter specials. Hitting and getting hit pumps your rage meter, and when it is full, you can perform a special)
  • Wis Quas, Vas Flam, Xen Mani Por
  • Extell's Kal Xen & Kal Vas Xen rewrites
  • return of level requirements for slayers, defense items and stat items
  • ore spawners
  • scroll reading for casting (but not inscription) (C to LEARN, R to CAST)

minor changes

  • return of \ for party chat and ; for emote
  • chopping wood no longer bumps woodcraftng skill; getting logs is no longer dependant on woodcrafting skill (this might get a total rewrite like mining one day, then again, probably not)
  • /trimskill has changed to alpha version: it no longer takes X points off, but sets your skill to X, eg: /trimskill magery 50 will set your magery to 50
  • MR slight rewrite; each +1 of MR on an item gives you 20 bonus MR, instead of multiplying your existing base int. Also effect of int on base MR nerfed a little
  • fixed that cheese where attacking resets your casting cooloff timer

Nov 15

  • range move-cooloff before shots will hit upped from 300 to 500 ms
  • XC disabled for use by players
  • casting SL or VSL will now dispell your summoned creatures (may need further nerfing)
  • trigger/feature changes absorbed from alpha
  • trap changes (but with trap occurrence reduced) absorbed from alpha
  • stun nerfed against creatures with 750hp or more (this is everything above dragons)
  • mandrake harvest window up from 10 sec to 30 sec at midnight

1.007d - 1 Nov 2005

  • alpha bank fixes & inventory changes merged into 1.007
  • fixed sextant
  • terrain no longer affects walking speed for dead players
  • fixed chat lag
  • lvl no longer hidden

USE R to read a scroll! Keyboard controls page updated.

Alpha 007 (30 oct)

  • inventory fixes: bank should suck less
  • 'u' only displays usable tools and misc items
  • use R (shift-r) to read a scroll (of any sort)
  • skills pages now show 1 decimal place
  • stat boosting items are now % based: eg a +1 dex helm adds 1% to your dex, not one whole point
  • added Osan's Lunacy! map

Alpha 006 (27 oct)

  • Changes to special moves: 1/3 mana deduction replaced with a RageMeter
  • new PD characters get 2 lives (ie you can die twice & get resurrected, but the 3rd death is permanent)
  • Character names can now be re-used by the original creator. Eg if your character called Henry dies, then you can recreate Henry. The character name, once selected, is yours to keep.
  • player merchants deleted on character death
  • Provisioners now sell all provisions - inventories no longer random
  • slight continuity changes to noob dung/sewer/jail
  • bugs fixed and lots of other little tweaks

Alpha Changes (22 oct)

  • bandages now removed from inventory when used
  • scribe merchants now sell all scrolls

Alpha 005 (18 october)

  • full wipe
  • Alpha now accounts based, apply [here|http://swut.net/euo/alphaaccount.html]
  • fixed healing & bandage use problems
  • monsters dropping weapons again because player economy sucks (and PD is on)

Alpha 004 27th sep)

  • full wipe
  • reorganisation and shrinking of bartertown
  • NPC smiths & tailors are selling some weps & armour
  • NPC provisioners are selling random things, but also tools
  • [completed healing skill|SkillsHealing]
  • use shift-C to learn a scroll
  • use a scroll to cast it (no magery required)
  • /limitskill command
  • [basic food requirement|Food] (will expand on comestibles some other time)
  • only 'metallic' food heals HP (eg golden fish)
  • cows sometimes drop hide which can be cut into leather with scissors

Alpha 003 (15th sep 2004)

  • full wipe
  • magery split into 3 schools: magery, piety and sorcery: see SchoolsOfMagic
  • merchants only sell the BARE neccessities (and I mean bare!) see PlayerEconomy

Alpha Changes (12th sep)

Many things have changed or been tweaked in the last few days: too many to mention. Here's the main changes

  • enabled the alpha/ NG patcher: it runs on a non web port so hopefully proxies won't interfere with your patching process
  • Quivering palm special move for unarmed (temp blinds and paralyses)
  • fixed server lag spikes
  • chest traps are MUCH more dangerous, in an attempt to justify the traps skill
  • chests may have multiple traps
  • resurrection sickness (stats deteriorate) - med at shrine to cure
  • medding at humility shrine will remove your crim status somewhat more quickly
  • extell has rewritten fishing
  • KX & KVX enhancements by extell
  • bash on chests and doors now str based, not skill based

Alpha Changes (6th Sep)

  • enabled armourer
  • enabled inscription (recipe list only partially complete however)
  • enabled cartography requirement for treasure map decoding
  • buried loot is a bit more interesting & substantial
  • stats will still bump with skill use even if that skill is at 100
  • can now catch 'metallic' fish that heal substantially more
  • skill rates down a fraction, stat rates up 50%
  • + rings & amulets add defense like they should (bugfix)
  • unarmoured defense forumla rewritten a little

Alpha Changes (5th Sep)

  • fixed MR & AS display
  • added shovel and treasure map tiles (thanks Extell)
  • added a new corpse (thanks Extell)

Alpha Changes (3rd Sep)

  • full player wipe
  • 300 pt stat cap but stats are worth a lot more
  • HP max is based purely off strength (as mana max is based purely off int)
  • [armour skills|SkillsArmour] (UA attack probably sucks a bit)
  • block skill (shields are still adding to AC tho, which may change)
  • karma is visible but not moving
  • other skills soon to be coded are visible but unusable (cartog, taming, armourer, healing, enchanting, inscription)
  • /limitstat command for stat limiting
  • rewritten /trimskill so that that for example, /trimskill magery 50 now sets your magery to 50, rather than removes 50 from magery
  • PD is not on

Alpha Changes (27th Aug)

  • added ore spawners. Ore is in veins now. figure out for yourself how it works. There is currently a way to cheeze finding the veins but I'm not telling you how: will be fixed next client patch.
  • added treasure maps (but not a cartography skill, yet) : treasure maps will be exhaustively expanded when I have more energy

Alpha Changes (24th Aug 2004)

  • mining no longer bumps str
  • doubled med increase rate
  • doubled all skill increases overall (dont forget this is a test serv)
  • stat increases up a bit
  • 10x recipes no longer bump stats and skills 10x
  • skills that are tweaked to increase at a higher rate due to low usage (eg ID) now bump the stats at a proportional rate.

20 Aug

  • only 1 player at a time can use a merchant with an inventory (eg player merchants)
  • hiding / invis players can't use merchants
  • might have fixed encumbered/plague bug

16 Aug

  • binding now clears all your portals
  • enabled use of flasks on fountains to make clear potions (bottled fountain water)

9 Aug

  • Diagonal casting of HUR spells is enabled for players
  • VYR changes:

when you cast VYR, you now unequip your weapon and shield (like how turning into a wolf unequips everything). This fixes about 10000 VYR problems and allowed me to delete alot of VYR checks that have been pissing me off for months. Predicting that mages will now cry alot about how they will have to re-ready their staff after VYR. Predicting that I won't be listening.

There is an interesting side effect: now a polymorphed (or wolfed) player can have a wep equipped and use it (tho under no circumstances in the game atm this can happen). But the support is there for it. VYR removing the staff from hand is 100x neater than leaving the staff in. Tough titties mages.

  • re-enabled global red death messages for comedy (eg cactus) deaths
  • syncing of own splat & sound - splat events no longer get sent to their owner, and are instead generated client side with the damage done message. Makes for slightly smoother combat in lag.
  • bonus for those who read this: being encumbered on water will drown you.

18 July

  • if you walk into your pet or summoned creature, you now exchange place with them. You also see their health bar as orange, like party members (they don't actualy count as party members, and only you as the owner see the orange bar).
  • you can now buy terraforming scrolls (called tile scrolls) that will change the actual map tiles in your house. Eg you can buy plants, chairs, tables, new floors, carpet, even an anvil. You can buy these scrolls from Ikea in Dryden: use the scroll in a direction to chg that tile. You can only use these scrolls inside property you have bought.
  • you bank inventory is now sent to you the first time you use the bank, rather than when you connect. This is to help players with massive inventories actually get into the game.

16 July

  • Monsters can now walk diagonally now: let's see how this shakes things up. Tiny changes can have massive effects on gameplay ...

13 July

  • Added basic pets. Added the beginning of a whole bunch of quests by Kybare centered around Cammerata Keep.

1.007b - 4 July 2004

balance changes

  • vamps have xmp back
  • INH & IZH can now be resisted
  • 10 second rule for pots is now 5 second rule
  • IJO got a slight nerf

bugs fixed

  • can emote and attack
  • vials added when potion spilled or no effect
  • attack packets from old levels are now dropped
  • total reqd str only shown when readying
  • no KPY/KOP on res squares

misc changes

  • all tiles are all now 16x16, except some sfx
  • party chat is /p msg, global is /g msg, emote is /me msg - shift enter, ; and ' no longer work
  • share squaring: party only and can be disabled entirely with no_share=1 in client.cfg
  • genderised avatar selection for new players somewhat, added some new male avatars (thx extell)

new things

  • added some terraforming protocols
  • renamed mining to mining & metallurgy; ore smelting is now part of mining skill
  • enabled tailoring and tinkering, tho no recipes yet

when chatting, use DEL and PAGE-DOWN to move the cursor left and right (since left and right arrows are used for movement), HOME to put the cursor at the start of the line and END to put the cursor at the END of the line

14 June


  • rogues can hide anywhere & in daylight
  • can be now only 3 squares away to hide
  • increase of stealth skill by moving up 50%
  • backstab: always hits (except for target players with heavy armour)
  • dmg is no longer instant-kill, but rather skill/10x : so a 100% hider can do 10x damage, 50% in hiding does 5x damage, and so on.


  • added telefrag from KOP
  • enchanted weps now have a +5 to AS (not damage though)
  • fixed players hiding under portals
  • flurry first hit is no longer double damage, but still guaranteed
  • chged how poison works (very ultima-5 style now)
  • when drink a pot, you get an empty vial
  • other bugs fixed

9 June

  • finished quest-ed alpha

1.007 - 31 May 2004


new features

  • added waterfall entry to the underworld
  • better skin support + custom font support
  • added player lycanthropy (ie werewolves)
  • added 1 basic moon with phases
  • added item use bindings to keys 0-9 (use v, then press number to bind)
  • p now brings up a potion use menu - P is removed. Cat's idea. Use numbers to bind.
  • added bound items display to the z-screens
  • shift-z (Z) cycles z-display in reverse direction
  • can now chat and walk at same time (thanks Bugbo)
  • added robe (U/A torso wear, not a new slot)
  • can now target players with ranged, for better or for worse
  • PvP is now optional - elect to participate in pvp with /pvp command (arena is exception)
  • fighter special moves

New GM commands

  • /robe - put on fancy dress, to look important
  • /gag - silence a player globally
  • /pardon - remove a player's crim

New maps

  • Tangled Forest, by Cat
  • Cassandra's Tower, by Cat
  • Ruined Base, by OSanJiri
  • The Resort, by Stegos

bugs fixed

  • fixed title generation order (ie, magery is higher priority than mining when both are the same)
  • enchanted weapons can no longer be used with 'U'se, F9 or bound key
  • named weapons now have proper speed
  • when crafting batches (eg potions) skill is bumped proportionally

balance changes

  • med heals from 0 now, though it is very slow
  • nerfed UA
  • vampires no longer cast magic: but still leech life on melee attack
  • if a ranged attack is made under 1second since last move, it will always miss

aesthetic changes

  • all maps now play appropriate music
  • made hallucinations less splotchy
  • player's title & gender are displayed when you look at them
  • many new tiles for various things by Extell
  • slings have bullet tile rather than arrow
  • added ability for gm's to put on a red robe at will with /robe command
  • genderised titles slightly

misc changes

  • last message is now repeated using Insert key (rather than UP)
  • when smithing ingots, it is now done in batches of 10
  • terrain tiles are now checksummed to stop people cheating with custom secret walls
  • ranged attack can now only be performed with CTRL-UP
  • target selecting is now CTRL-Left and CTRL-Right only

9 May

  • Dragons' int & MR is up somewhat. Added some new logging facilities.

27 Apr

  • if attack as UA when diseased, chance of spreading the disease: and flag as crim (10 mins)
  • fix the diseased/level up halved stats permanently bug
  • disable BS on PD for PvP
  • BS: heavy armour save chance increased to 75% from 50%, med from 25% to 50% and light from 12% to 33%
  • BS: for pvp, if attacker is lower level than target, target will save 66% of the time, before any armour check is made
  • BS: can now backstab mob targets of up to 2hp per skill point (ie up to 200 hp).

24 Apr

  • scaled skill progression inversely to wep speed
  • scaled +dmg to to wep avg damage (not as harshly as the skill scale tho)
  • made choking harsher
  • made lvl 8 spells bump magery even if at 99%
  • vampyric weps no longer absorb hp from undead (dmg done remains same tho)
  • on server load, empty player merchants are deleted
  • expanded barter town map

6 Mar

  • added some trainers to PD
  • foutains won't summon daemons or snakes in nonpvp areas
  • gloves of slaying are now skill checked (but not live until next client patch)

24 Feb

After playing some PD tonite I decided that fighters really do suck, so I pretty much halved all of the weapon speeds - as in made them almost 2x as fast. S/b pretty balanced now.

1.006 - 16 Feb 2004


  • class cap
  • new crafting rules/recipes
  • new wep skills
  • player merchants
  • alchemy skill

28 Jan

  • 1% xp loss on death unless it's in the arena
  • 10 sec cooloff between potion use
  • equipping staff sets your mana to zero
  • fountains won't give a stat boost if you have one already
  • charmed & cloned sea creatures won't follow onto land anymore

18 Jan

Map Changes

  • added new town Shoreline (by broden) just north of Mino Halls
  • there are now 6 towns you can bind/res/TP to: Nordhausen (the default), Izumi, Shoreline, Cammerata, Bakyre & Buccaneers Den
  • Added a potionman to Cammerata
  • Added a bank to Izumi & bucc den
  • Redid thieves guild somewhat with minor Yew (u5) basement influence (I wonder if jaana is down there hiding)

Engine Changes

  • the town you /bind to is now the town you Town Portal to
  • upped critical rate for 2H weps, to make up for the fact they are slow and get less criticals than 1H weps
  • no U/A crits if you are wearing any non-UA gear
  • you can now buy/sell to certain merchants if you a crim (ie Bucc Den)
  • fixed a couple of bugs + other shit I've already forgotten

1.005 - 13 Jan 2004


client   fix   don’t display until got all dat files & maps
client   add   when binding, remind player what they had bound already
client   add   add shift-ctrl-dir for f2 spell
client   fix   removed shift-e fast-eat
client   add   added j-immy use lockpick shortcut
client   bug   new shader doesn't work for small proportion of ppl : added mmx autodetection
client   fix   use nonblocking sockets for client
client   fix   split spell screen into 2
client   add   add extinguish light (shift-x)
client   fix   death looks better now
client   fix   added the pain sounds to the female voices
combat   fix   magic dmg no longer causes confused
combat   tweak   confused/concussion times vary depending on weight of hat && unarmed skill
combat   fix   reworked dmg bonuses such that they are calc'd from str & dex, depending on weapon type
combat   fix   added weapon speeds, + 4 new weapons (scythe, main gauche, great maul & rapier)
combat   fix   added AC bonus for dex>100 (which is more effective when the armour is lighter)
combat   add   silver armour does bounce damage back to undead on hit
combat   add   added bad breath monsters won't melee attack
items   add   added vamp & toxic & diamond gloves, that give bonuses to unarmed
items   fix   for wep skills, put max required skill is capped at 100 (so +20s can be equipped by grandmasters)
items   fix   when banking, item value is displayed
items   fix   added dual wield, but won't actually do anything until guilds are in
items   fix   movement speeds now (slighltly) affected by armour weight (both positively and negatively)
items   add   added locked & trapped chests
items   nerf   red pots 30-50 hp, blue pots 20-40 mana
magic   fix   can no longer blink into jail squares or nopick lock squares
magic   add   finally completed AEP (para)
magic   add   added a bunch of other spells
magic   fix   ivpy: more dmg (physical) but not vs flying
magic   fix   XC lvl 8 and 10d5 dmg if fails
magic   nerf   EP fails occasionaly, depending on magic skill
magic   add   vampires have their own draining version of AM that adds to their HP
misc   add   re-added peer to xtal balls, and peergems (which are very rare)
misc   add   npcs will tell u the time if you ask
misc   add   added disease
misc   fix   added 60 minute timer for kill quests
misc   fix   extended shop hours
misc   fix   max players up to 30
misc   add   link skills progression to stats, cap, deterioration
monsters   fix   bosses a little more common, items dropped are mixed up somewhat more
monsters   add   monsters have custom spell lists
skills   add   added stealth (& backstab) & trap detect & disarm skill
skills   fix   some skills go up faster than others (eg lockpicking, stealth)
skills   add   added trainers
skills   add   add probe & disarming of traps

Jan 1

Coded Stealth/hiding/backstab today. In a nutshell:

  • It's one new skill, called stealth (encompassing all 3 above)
  • press H to attempt to hide. Chance of hiding depends on lighting, what you're wearing, whether players & npcs are around, and ultimately your skill in stealth
  • once hidden, you can move & stay hidden: but you must move slowly. It's like 1 step every 3 seconds for a hiding newb, or 1 step every 1/2 second for someone with 100%. You have to take care to time your steps: you aren't actualy slowed down, you will become unstealthed if you move too fast
  • once hidden, you can attack (players & critters). You will kill them with a backstab move if you have a dagger/shortsword type weapon equipped (no saving throw, tho maybe there should be). You will leave stealth mode if you attack.
  • I probably should add a bonus to stealth if your dex is high, tho haven't done that yet