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"Also, when a character is totally 'unarmed' (i.e., equipped with only unarmed type armour and using either bare fists or an unarmed type weapon), and is a grandmaster with unarmed weapons, he or she will recieve additional bonuses in defense and attack strength. " -- Does someone with 100% UA, unarmoured and using UA weapons (only) still get a bonus to defense and AS?

I have tried to learn blessed maces on sev to check that everything is indeed the same as maces. However, I found that when using blessed maces, I could not execute the "other usable special moves" associated with maces even though I had sufficient % in those other skills. Specifically, I had 100% polearms and 100% longswords, but could not execute flurry or bloodbolt with blessed maces. Can you clarify that this is something that is supposed to happen please? Then I can update the manual with it.

hey sev - doin a great job!

with the special move details, I would suggest removing the details (such as what cleave does exactly) and maybe putting yours or cross checking yours with the existing details in the combat page - as a programmer I don't like doubling up any info :)

thanks egg :3

i'll be laying out a rough outline of "what goes where" today so that there is no duplication ... hopefully i can get all the info sorted out in a logical and succinct manner ... i'll post it here once its done (i'll leave my talk section for (more) questions) ;)