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This is just the last 10 or so updates from this forums thread:


  • renamed Monastery to Athran Monastery (after St Athra and all the refs to him)
  • can use mythic upgrade wand on any mythic item to change the dun/bal/fel etc, not just add a dun/bal/fel on a plain mythic item
  • fixed tile scrolls
  • AS items now effectively capped at +10 (up from +9)
  • can put multiple / commands on one line separated by ; (for dms)
  • chests and merchs theoretically won't take damage
  • added Kynt's new map "Igneous Badlands" in apoc new sosaria
  • just to the west of shrine of x-x-x-x
  • thanks Kynt, good job

  • [attachment=0:2mmmitf2]igneus badlands.PNG[/attachment:2mmmitf2]
  • scaled mobs, such as bosses, large, epic, heroic, hybrid etc, can't gain magic immunity: their MR maxes out at 9999
    moa 1.3.30
  • disabled the 2nd AM spell (removes it from the merch on weekly)
  • crashproofing client with help from Chedich (thanx, bet it still crashes tho)
  • shift key fix for win 10 maybe
  • fixed memory leak in draw button as part of hotbar
  • fixed bug with conversation with npc that drops an ear (eg Drumheller)
  • dm can reload a map while in it
  • scrapped the random npcs in sandy valley and replaced with (mostly) draconians
  • dm can add/edit conversations in game
  • fixed level up msg bug for the 500s on reg
  • fixed crash with tols large dragons being upgraded by the drac ladies
  • if you get the last hit that kills a mob that took dmg from your summons, you get all their xp
    moa 1.3.29
  • ranged weapons show ammo+qty on hand in statbox
  • you can right click on stuff to get, talk, look (needs enabling in f12-options)
  • you can shift right click on a pile of items to pick them all up
  • alt right click on an item to activate it (eg fountain)
  • right click binds spell to f7 in spell list. CTRL rmb binds f8
  • fixed bug with mouse/queue
  • fixed fov bug coming out of stone form
  • fixed client not launching patcher (won't see it working till next patch of course)
  • fixed daily boss not resetting
  • maybe fixed Chedich's crash
  • fixed sticky ctrl() in win 10
  • completed new daily "boss hunt" quest - in Nord (I had help with this, but unsure if they want credit :geek: )
  • added medium craftable dropping 'girdle' waist item. Renamed 'girdle of the dead' to 'sash of the dead' (because it is still a belt, ie UA, not a girdle, ie medium)
  • fixed bug saving crops
  • might have fixed a random crash in server
  • added enchants to "look dps" (poorly)
  • longswords & axes all get slight dps boost (like 0.3333%)
  • labrys stats matched to claymore so it no longer sucks
  • all fighter weapons now 90/10 strdex ratio
  • see the npc in nord to determine if you qualify for a free respec
  • fixed a bug where if you hearthstoned from the matriarch domain instance entrance it would create an instance of your house
  • please let me know if any other map changing / instance loading stuff is broken - tried to test it all but I bet I missed something

    there is actually quite a lot of unfinished things in the pipe but sick of this one and wanted to push it out before the weekend

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