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This is just the last 10 or so updates from this forums thread:


    euo/moa 1.2.27
  • added item colour to item names when picked up
  • added an /autopickup slash command: only works on weekly. When enabled, will auto pickup items that you find from searched furniture
  • dropped raise pet scroll price to 100gp
  • can no longer /lotl1 if you have picked up or traded an item
  • fixed a bug where vermilion would strip off curse, bless, soulbound etc when used on an item
  • fixed firing with F key getting weapons out of sync when no enemies in range
  • on weekly made it so party members near the ladder boss get a rune even if they didn't do any damage
  • added missing blackrock and ven ingots to smelting craft list
  • fixed hail of bones killing the same mobs multiple times (not tested, too lazy)
  • added titles for hexblades and bonecrafting
  • fixed water demon taming via fountain (they won't disappear)
  • unflooded betting ring map (not sure how that happened)
    moa euo 1.3.26
    finally an update!

    after a break for 4 months I'm pushing out my final changes I did (for weekly revamp that apply to all servers) last year plus a few things this week. Weekly is not updated yet, but the rest of the servers have inherited a change or two from that work.

    The first big thing is I've updated my compiler so there is possible trouble there: hopefully won't get any really weird bugs or crashes. Hopefully the new dlls are all ok. Hopefully it will just work.

    otherwise changes include:

    {{{ finished bonecrafting! }}}
  • added refined cloudy beverage to bonecrafting (80% min)
  • added bone helmet and bone aegis to bonecrafting (90% min) with new tiles even
  • added 2 bonecraftable mini artifacts to 100% bonecrafting: Girdle of the dead (bone belt, vig+8, mr+2, int+10) and Skull of glue and gold (gold carved skull, +health, MR 3)

  • F now shoots your first bound ranged weapon (as with EftV): improved networking to make this happen in multiplayer
  • when choosing resolution via f12 no longer displaying invalid resolutions
  • right click on hotbar button to bind a spell to it (cast-with-words spell only atm)
  • in shift-c menu (spells/abilities) you can highlight a spell and hit its bound key to unbind that spell to that key: eg, if highlighted In Lor bound to f1, then hit f1 to unbind, then f1 to rebind it, f1 to unbind it again, etc
  • fixed bug when talk to npc and if you are quick you can activate read, buy, view etc and the statbox gets stuck

  • wolfform cooldown capped to 60sec, plus the cooldown time rises much slower
  • you can search barrels for food
  • XMP by monsters only 1/2 heals them the dmg dealt
  • QAW by monsters now actually works
  • tweaked mob's use of IZH, freezing wind sprays
  • blessed ID all scrolls now reveal curses
  • can sell anything (over 10gp?) back to merchants for 1/10th of its buy cost
    moa/euo 1.3.25
  • added spell/item hotbar to client for the fkey binds (you can turn it off)
  • showing item tile when accessing any item list
  • fixed a prob with the map maybe causing lag for some
  • party network improvements
  • added a missing message when cast+dir and bound cast+dir
    6 nov MOA 1.3.23
  • completed new cash shoppe item: 'skill scrolls' - lets you transfer a skill from one alt to another! does require a house to transfer the scroll however. price: 50AC, single use!
  • optional client setting: Spell queueing: you may cast one Bound spell (must be bound) while your last spell is cooling off, and it will be cast ASAP after your cooloff is done. Makes for easy spell rotations. You will have to turn it on but new players have it on by default. Only one spell can be queued.
  • added a cheesy sound for when a spell fails (due to low skill), I might replace it, and if you don't like it delete spellfail.wav
  • added built in DPS meter to stat panel, tho I am unsure of how good it is
  • if AMT fails due to temp immunity you get a message
  • tactics bumps intelligence on NG
  • cooking bumps Dex on NG
  • fixed stat bumps on NG not bumping when skill was <2%
  • armoury character page skills sheet now sorted into class and nonclass skill columns and always show the % val whether it's your char or not
  • re-enabled dual account logging so you can transfer pets (but can't dual log same char) - PLEASE inform me of any probs, or even terrible cheeses (which is why it was disabled previously)
    moa 1.3.22

  • expanded particle engine: now featuring better sprays for ICH, ICE, INH, IFH & IZH
  • fixed IR not drawing hybrids and large creatures properly, also draws tinted and glowing mobs properly in IR
  • now drawing party members on the map as green dots
  • map now draws rivers correctly

  • when a mob thunderclaps a player, confusion time=6 sec
  • finished Apocalyptic Mountain Pass
  • white stone can now be used in a direction to place the portal exactly where you want it
  • fixed brown stone's portal position placement randomness
  • armoury now shows heads and hybrids
  • armoury now shows intrinsic tints on artifacts (eg Faulinei Felblade)
  • tinted muskets now drop in Road Warrior Town
  • OG enchant weapons are now OG4 : shoots a lightning bolt in a direction that doesn't stop at the target you just hit
  • added 1's map Uncharted North to Apoc New Sos (thank you 1!)
  • MAPED: fixed recurse fill such that it doesn't max out too early
  • fixed bombthrowers not being hamstrung when seized
  • invisibility spells no longer unsummon your clones/summons
  • cloning improvements (for cloning modern mobs such as pineapple chucker)
  • digging unhides / makes you visible
  • healing with bandages improved such that will heal at up to 8% of your dmg per sec OR 20 hp per sec, whatever is higher (for 100% in healing, scaled down for lower skill)
  • when you have tile sharing conflict with a mob due to lag, instead of the 'bounce the mob forever' bug, it will bounce randomly and you get the message 'you shove the xxx out of your way'
  • silver serpents & crackling mice now never run away from battle
  • armoury will show server boss / xp rate increases for the appropriate weekends
  • fixed AI probs with the guards in kurnigsberg, etc - also no longer flying
  • can now craft / deconstruct gloves of attack
  • changed ingred req to make gloves from 1 cloth to 2 (to help with decon)
  • changed ingred req to make leather gloves from 1 to 2
  • put blindness from trap down to 30 sec
  • glass armour reflecting & shield bash will no longer inflict any weapon effects you might have (eg toxic, vf ench etc)
  • made ladders in random caves (and phase anomolies) more accessible by having a clear 3x3 space around them

  • pet ai tweaks: better leash radius, less bouncy, won't range attack when guarding and out of range of leash
  • added pet command '[color=#FFFF00:eb1t1nqu]leash[/color:eb1t1nqu]' to set how far your pet can move away from you in guard mode only. Default is 2 squares. usage: 'leash 3' will set it to 3 squares. Use just 'leash' to see how long it is. hint: 3 works well with a ranged character+pet attack spell. (WoW hunter?)
  • new pet command '[color=#FF40FF:eb1t1nqu]spells[/color:eb1t1nqu]' - use it to choose whether i) a pet only casts spells ii) pet only fights physically or iii) both, which is default behaviour - note that this does not affect ai of a pet without spells !
  • improved ai for a pet with just a healing xm spell : you can put it on spells mode and it will sit back and heal you. Also will heal you when not in combat.
  • put price of strip pet spell down to 99, and convert to pet tome to 999

  • changed the old formula for skill bumps such that it's not so brutally slow for 90->100 %, and allround a tiny bit faster
  • taming 2x faster on NG
  • added bottle to tinker list (2 raw glass, 65%)
    moa 1.3.21
  • added 4 different bone staffs to bonecrafting
  • added log wall & log wall with window map tiles that you can craft with your pocketknife (woodcrafting)
  • added bone quill to bonecrafting
  • added bone carved skull to bonecrafting
  • added Rubied Skull to bonecrafting, an offhand bone skull with +1Mr, +5vig
  • added emerald as req ingred to existing bone necklace bonecrafting recipe
  • added sapphire & ruby bone necklaces to bonecrafting
  • added calcium to bonecraft
  • added cloudy beverage to bonecraft, req bottle, caclium, clear pot: a drink that cures bleeding, disease, poison and heals like a clear pot
  • can craft gold nuggets out of 100gp
  • added craftable mini artifact 'Inferno hand wraps' to 100% tailoring: u/a gloves VF, +5, MR 2
  • added craftable mini artifact 'Snakefang grips' to armourer: venomous chain gloves, str+10, dex+10, def+3
  • swamp boots min skill now 25% + can be made from tinted hide
  • added belt to tailor, min skill 30% + can be made from tinted hide
  • added belt of regen to enchanting, min skill 80%
  • deleted upgrade wand MR 4->5 and vig 14->15 from enchanting
  • added new item 'shield spikes' that you can use on an untinted shield to make it spiked
  • armourer can start making shield spikes at 55%

  • Fixed
  • disabled non-pvp ship's captain from hurting pvp target player on shore
  • fixed arrows now showing when someone shoots at you and you dodge, block or parry
  • fixed dual wield 2nd attack not firing when the first was dodged, blocked or parried
  • when a chest spawns on top of existing (abandonded?) items their ownership is reset
  • phase beasts now always spawn as non-ranged attackers
  • tweaked spawners around the 4 mino chiefs in DF
  • fixed mythic vigour not showing in your stats
  • fixed mystic & astral offhands not giving the NV & Vig
  • maped: fixed old tiles underneath not being deleted when map cropped/resized down
  • maped: fixed tiles underneath not showing after resize
  • fixed spawners such they no longer spawn near players ! (the code used to check to see if a player was near a spawner, but the spawner can have a massive radius, so a pointless check)
  • blue stone quest: deleted Nestor's sub quest requirement, replaced with a daily in Kingswood (see Aarin)
  • fixed crafting tinted int/dex/str items not having a higher min % requirement (and thus bumping you to a higher skill)
  • fixed NPC quest indicator for stirling not immediately showing up after you complete Harold's
  • for delivery quest, moved the ? indicator from the quest giver to quest target
  • fixed another couple of combat crashes
  • found another spell reflection crash (in spray+acid)
  • fixed tile scrolls of FALSE & TRUE
  • (alpha server) fixed / tweaked the way a pet is buffed up when tamed (non dragons only) (basically drastically reduced hp such that the lvl 75 pet is abt the same as a dragon, dmg 7d7, as 50) - but expect a better pet revision some time in future, this is something I kinda tweaked then abandoned
  • fixed meditation @humility shrine giving you the warning about not levelling up here when you have levels to spend
  • fixed rad cookie actually sating your hunger (even if it was just a little)
  • fixed lucern hammer tile overlay
  • deconstruct arrows now giving logs again (was mistakenly bones)
  • got rid of the corpses in Bayside
  • when you look at quest item on ground fixed 'owned by' bit

  • Client
  • full screen map (default M key, mediation key default moved to N) - [color=#40FFFF:1ar6d493]existing players will need to manually bind a key to show the map[/color:1ar6d493] !
  • [color=#FFFF00:1ar6d493] hit alt-d to drop from your inventory sorted by weight descending[/color:1ar6d493]
  • added spell description text to all of the non-mage spells available in the uni
  • added rudimentary particle system: added player bleeding / wounded effect
  • enemies that are wounded or AMT show the bleeding effect too
  • when diseased you have black flies buzzing around you (self only atm)
  • added rudimentary flaming items with no actual use yet
  • attacking cancels repeat cast (including attacking with magic!)
  • rebuilt euo with allegro 4.4
  • which fixes the alt-tab breaking ESC bug .. maybe fixed ESC not working after assigning to hotkey?
  • rotated the hoe tile to match orientation of other weapons
  • added a menu option to disable background noises (such as fountain)
  • drop (d key) now supports multi-drop
  • removed multi drop from view inv
  • improved text alignment when rebinding keys
  • trainers show ability / spell descriptions when known
  • meditate cancels repeat cast / use / make

  • Spells / Abilites
  • battle roar cooldown increased to 1.5s
  • when doing a shield bash with spiked shield (spiked is a mat) target will take damage or chance to suffer wounded/bleeding status for 3 sec
  • headshot does 1.2x damage (was 1.5) but wounds for 3 sec instead of slows
  • spray n pray only shoots 3x now, was 4
  • new pet spell "pet attack" : pet attacks target & taunts it (only works on evil aligned) - available at 'special abilities' at the uni - PROBABLY WORKS BEST WITH GUARD MODE
  • spray and pray cooloff 1.5sec (was 0.5)
  • headshot cooloff up to 1sec (was 0.5)
  • rogue gouge is up to 3 sec for mobs (matching shield bash)
  • KVX dragon now hangs around for 60 sec, KXC demon hangs around for 90

  • Items
  • poisoned weapons do 1% dmg per second vs mobs (was 1 dmg)
  • changed Enigmatic Bauble to copper, +4 NV
  • changed Rod of Power from As+3 to Def+3
  • clear potion now always restores a bit of mana, rather than sometimes restoring it randomly
  • can now use vermilion on u/a gloves of attack +5
  • bone tools (now quill, fishing rod) 3x less likely to break than plain
  • greatly decreased speed of shortbow, longbow & crossbow so they do more dmg+ rage builds faster .. shortbow is still fastest and crossbow is nearly slow as musket, so your choice: but I don't think shortbow rage builds fast enough
  • added scroll of mapping (to drops only, it won't be added to inscript or shops) - fills out your minimap
  • reading an ID scroll bumps item lore
  • glass armour now only reflects 1/2 damage - lmk if nerfed too hard, this is under development

  • Everything else
  • graves can no longer be infinitely dug: they spawn bones etc in a similar fashion to ore & wood (but more common since grave tiles are rarer, and in any map)
  • euo repeatable quests now have a 1 IRL day cooloff (only applies to Aarin sofar)
  • beers now only half as filling
  • when pet evolves, if any of its new stats are worse than old stats the old stat is kept
  • DM can now dynamically reload crafting table
  • pet "guard mode" leash-range increased to 3 ... (it will wander a tiny bit further)
  • updated Malcom's quest over text for Bandit Camp to reflect actual reward given
  • crystal ball has chance to reveal whole map
  • all regular crystal balls now 'fade' (for a while) when used (to give a good vision) to prevent overuse
  • bill gives 3x yellow pots for his first quest (was 3 brown)
  • cows now have a limited supply of milk
  • when you are cleaved the message is in red
  • added a message for when poisoned by swamp
  • reduced the delay between fishes from 7 sec to 4
  • road warrior town humanoids give gp
  • default bind level for vamps set to the graveyard, though probably no one noticed that this wasn't the case
  • mining: now similar to woodcutting where it only bumps your skill to a certain level depending on the material mined. It is still pretty quick to 80 though (rarity of silver and blackrock slows it down)
  • tweaked ore spawn rates (non plain ores more common)
  • the merchants' heal/cure all purchase now cures bleeding/wounded
  • weapon skills now fast 1.5x (on NG, as a trial)
  • tactics up 1.5x (NG only)
  • inscription up 2x (NG only)
  • mining down 0.5x (NG only)
  • enchant 1.5x (NG only)
  • healing up 1.5x (NG only)
  • when logged into armoury, your latest 7 played chars are shown
  • can now /bind (res and town portal) in Bakyre

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