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This is just the last 10 or so updates from this forums thread:


  • bards can have tinted lute
  • removed 90% skill min req for bleeding eardrums (note this uses rage not mana)
  • balrog tcg turn 0 mulligan option
  • Added Musicianship rogue skill (mutex with stealth, see bards thread viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5422)
  • The Beholder is now a rare spawn
  • dropped Sigil stat vals are much better
  • Removed the magic item req from the low scavenger hunt
  • Added a LOTL house deed merchant to Evandale
  • Addy res stones awarded automatically when reach lvl 1000 on PD
  • Added T1 arties of sickle and stilleto
  • (btw I thoroughly checked out dps of the nercro weps and you are all wrong, sickle is the best and athame isn't even 2nd best)
  • Above necro arties can be randomly enhanced & named
  • Keighn's meditation
  • added better support for default keywords that every npc knows the answer to
  • added Druid Grove, moved Daria & Trent there
  • added missing Druid skill title
    class cap changes on reg: nonhumans can now multiclass and use the Shrine of Versatility
    a) non humans start at 125% cap and can use versatility to spend 38 levels at versatility to get to 200% cap
    b) humans start at 150% and can use versatility to get 200% cap - so humans get a head start and only req spend exactly 25 levels to get to 200% - humans get 13 more levels to spend on stats
  • druids live on all servers
    euo 1.3.33
  • Balrog, the EUO TCG is now live on red/pd/ng
    moa 1.3.32
  • cards support
    moa 1.3.31b
  • fixed the display of magic item properties in the statbox (AGAIN :rage: )
    moa 1.3.31a
  • fixed the display of magic item properties in the statbox (eg Eye of the Beholder)
    moa 1.3.31
  • quickly revamped "weekly PD" into literally weekly PD, which was actually a monthly: 32 dungeon levels (down from 48), wiped weekly, 20ac prize for completion
  • revised pricing of magic items to (slightly) better reflect the value of tints & +'s, leeching etc
  • added armour merch in Izumi
  • fixed a bug in client where in the equip screen the stats displayed were incorrect

  • there is actually more but you will find out what that might be eventually
  • combined security - traps skill scrapped and locks (renamed to security) covers everything. If your traps was > than your locks then your locks will be set to what your traps was
  • fixed a server crash in Murnau
  • add lore conversations to Braniis & Vivin

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