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This is just the last 10 or so updates from this forums thread:


  • all fighter weapons now 90/10 strdex ratio
  • see the npc in nord to determine if you qualify for a free respec
  • fixed a bug where if you hearthstoned from the matriarch domain instance entrance it would create an instance of your house
  • please let me know if any other map changing / instance loading stuff is broken - tried to test it all but I bet I missed something

    there is actually quite a lot of unfinished things in the pipe but sick of this one and wanted to push it out before the weekend
  • fixed hexblades triggering all the ven/vamp/etc all the time
  • reduced HoB cooldown to 8 sec
  • disabled raft/flying on Apoc new Sos
  • enabled flying/rafting in all dungeon* maps (ie the map must be marked as dungeon type, not towne)
  • can't fall into waterfall if no wet tile below it (hopefully this doesn't break any maps?)
  • fixed tinted necro weps not being vamp/ven/barb etc when casting spells (like staff)
  • HoB now has 15 sec cooldown
  • gwot now drops at the rate wot was dropped. wot now more common!

  • re the rafting mod: a bunch of maps needed tweaks but generally speaking it was pretty straightforward. The map that needed the most work was ToLS: and even then it was mostly tweaks, tho I did have to make a new tile called 'endless dark void wall' or some such crap, which replaced endless darkness in some places, and is basically a blocking version of the same required to keep pesky raft users out of illegal bits of the map. 1) I hope ToLS isn't broken by being too raft accessible 2) if you appear to be in a spawn free zone, you are probably in an illegal (meta map) zone - so please report it so I can plug the hole. As for Lost Jungle, well, byo raft from now on.
  • added 'theoretical dps' when looking at weapon on ground, but it doesn't factor in enchants such as vf etc
  • gwot no longer random. poly attack speed now based on weapon always
  • hexblades doing
  • int based weapons (eg hexblade) give material bonus to spells in same way staffs doint based damage
    moa 1.3.28
    mostly druids, however, the following changes are not druid related:

  • polymorph no long unequips weapon & shield
  • x key now unpolymorphs (unmount unchanged)
  • statbox now shows theoretical damage: format is xdy +bonus +statdmg (but none of this includes the scaling up/down due to weapon speed)
  • weekly: fixed vampire conversion, re-enabled vamp statues spawning. Added descriptions to the vamp abilities.
  • weekly: fixed corpses not dropping more often as intended, petrification wand has chance to not break.
  • Wands in dead trees more common.
  • weekly ladders bosses get truesight.
  • fixed weekly water spawners
  • spew spider has 4 different sprays as its only abilities
  • When training a weapon or skill you already have skill in similar (eg locks/traps, or longsowrds/poles), that training speed greatly increased up till existing skill% (That was already happening but its a lot faster now)
  • Re the above, no longer applies to hexblades, ranged, unarmed, staves
  • new fighter aoe melee attack 'Wallop' - basic AoE attack with standard weapon damage divided equally among targets.
  • Weapon enchants such as vf, vam, etc, do stat dmg (based on your combined stats, not any in particular)
  • shield bash knocks back and will give a small rage refund, enough to cast charge, if knockback successful
  • buffed AS of all dragons and as/def of some blood mobs. Experimental: when dragons are adjacent to you they will only attack with melee
  • Fighter specials improvements: Flurry, bloodbolt, cleave,thunderclap: You can now can use these with 50 rage but if you use them at lower rage, the effects aren't as great. Effects increase as rage tends to 100. Using these specials uses all of your available rage. Using them at 100 is same as before.
  • thunderclap also paralyses the main target instead of confuses.
  • werewolves' Bloodthirsty Maul rage requirement down to 50, but dmg multiple down from 3 to 2.5
  • Novice and apprentice special move rage req down to 50, but only uses 50, and does not scale with rage like above.
  • added as,def,mr to armoury
  • virgil conversation tweaks
  • can now dip jewelry into fountains
  • updated AS & dmg for when attacking with non weapon, now it hurts
    finally an update, may 28, 2017

  • completed armoury player merchant shopping: when logged into armoury, you can buy items directly from merchant search*****
  • disabled deleting of merchs without tokens - at least until there are many players playing again
  • added Flamberge, artifact claymore+7,VF
  • amp wand works on attack u/a gloves and adds +slaying to blank u/a gloves
  • fireballs can now be dodged

  • ** with buying items from armoury, what actually happens is that you put in a request to buy the item and when you are logged ingame, you autobuy the item without visiting the player merchant. It's a shame there are no merchants left to buy from! But this is a feature I've personally wanted for a few years.

  • fixed shieldbash+glass weapon instakill bug
  • disabled food search in hooked barrels
  • fixed SGT swords doing infinite flurry
  • can no longer ritual sacrifice in other players' houses
  • fixed transfer onto mythic - no longer removes mythic
  • fixed if you disenchant something in your house when lotl, it becomes ownerless

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