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This is just the last 10 or so updates from this forums thread:


    euo/moa 1.3.37
    mostly bugfixes and a bunch of new cards for Balrog testing on the alpha server
  • dwarfs can now make mithril weapons
  • mithril weapons have +25% dmg like adamantium (all races)
  • when a dwarf crits with a mithril weapon, a 5 sec MR cleave is inflicted on the target
  • thanks to thane & ranko for the spec
    19 sep 2019
  • fixes to map entrances that don't show the SPACE message, loading as instances (ie fixes haunted forest not loading the NPC)
  • Renamed Orc's Desert to Pyramid of Zulgalor Gough plus added some new npcs & lore
  • added 5 shrines to the 5 dragon gods throughout New Sosaria
    22 Aug 2019
  • :alarm: new map Apocalyptic Kurzmord'ar :alarm:

  • minor engine stuff & fixes
  • can add npc with name and reply via maped (spawner txt)
  • hidden SPACE msg for troll bridge etc. right click search adj
  • merchants can have visible weapon
  • tinest help file update
  • fixed CoC, Death Night bosses not dropping rad cookies

    mostly a lore & exploration map, a vision of kurzmord'ar but if it was filled with happy dwarves. has some blood mobs to kill lower down.
    6 july 2019 moa 1.3.36
  • fixed seeing bleeding in non-vis areas of map
  • fixed 2x2 mobs not being drawn in correct position sometimes
  • added Lord Mort's Carnival of Carnage in Apoc New Sosaria, where Dryden would be
  • added apocalyptic Pride's Fall & Djanno's shack
  • when you are standing on a tile that you can enter you now get a lime message reminding you to press space
  • when you are in a town that you can bind to, you now get a lime message reminding you that you can bind & res in this town

  • moved DK's map to apoc new sos (65,10)
    euo / moa 1.3.35

  • fixed multi bards' auras stacking and not unstacking
  • mobs like shadowlords no longer immune to magic damage (10k mr rule no longer applies to magic dmg)
  • bong quest complete
  • mr cleave and normal cleave now stack (so can reduce mr to 25%)
  • unarmed can now perform Wallop
  • flav grav: dmg increased to 5d5 + level/3 (was 5d5+level/4)
  • VYR gives +15 to Attack strength rather than setting it to 30
  • casting VF when polymorphed with VYR does +50% more dmg
  • hp formula is now based on str/2.8+lvl*2.5 (was str/2+lvl*1.5) - ie, less str depeendant, more lvl (or all stats in NG case) dependant. ppl with less str have more hp. ppl with hi str unaffected
  • hp gain from bone now has diminishing returns, ie the more you wear the less effective it is.
  • WAS: hpgain=hp*0.1*pieces (for 100% in necro)
    NOW: hpgain=hp*0.1*pieces*(1-(pieces-1)*0.055) (for 100% in necro)
    * deleted tint wand merchant
  • bards can have tinted lute
  • removed 90% skill min req for bleeding eardrums (note this uses rage not mana)
  • balrog tcg turn 0 mulligan option
  • Added Musicianship rogue skill (mutex with stealth, see bards thread
  • The Beholder is now a rare spawn
  • dropped Sigil stat vals are much better
  • Removed the magic item req from the low scavenger hunt
  • Added a LOTL house deed merchant to Evandale
  • Addy res stones awarded automatically when reach lvl 1000 on PD
  • Added T1 arties of sickle and stilleto
  • (btw I thoroughly checked out dps of the nercro weps and you are all wrong, sickle is the best and athame isn't even 2nd best)
  • Above necro arties can be randomly enhanced & named
  • Keighn's meditation
  • added better support for default keywords that every npc knows the answer to
  • added Druid Grove, moved Daria & Trent there
  • added missing Druid skill title
    class cap changes on reg: nonhumans can now multiclass and use the Shrine of Versatility
    a) non humans start at 125% cap and can use versatility to spend 38 levels at versatility to get to 200% cap
    b) humans start at 150% and can use versatility to get 200% cap - so humans get a head start and only req spend exactly 25 levels to get to 200% - humans get 13 more levels to spend on stats
  • druids live on all servers

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