Euotopia is a retro 2D multiplayer online MMORPG inspired by the early Ultimas, Nethack, Diablo, gold-box AD&D, Magic Candle, etc.

Euotopia lies somewhere between the realms of action RPGs, MMORPGs, MUDs and roguelikes. It began as a multiplayer roguelike, morphed into a multiplayer Ultima-like, and 10 years later is now a fully fledged virtual world with its own rich history.


  • Old-school tile-based 2D multiplayer RPG action
  • Dungeon crawling and grinding - in a party or solo
  • Pretty much the best community there is
  • Player vs player combat (PvP), including tournaments
  • Rare & magic item collecting & hoarding
  • 100+ quests to complete
  • Crafting & miscellaneous skills
  • Player housing and pets
  • Optional Permanent Death server
  • It is (and always will be) free to play!

Even Lord British says Euotopia ...

A note on Free to Play vs Pay to Win

While Euotopia is Free to Play, and though you can buy ingame items and things with real money, Euotopia is most definitely not Pay to Win. Your characters can exist perfectly happily, and even be the best, without you ever spending a cent.

Spending money on Euotopia supports its continued development however, and is not discouraged. If you like it and stick around, please buy some adamantium coins and spend them at the Cash Shoppe.