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In no particular order ...

  • Don't put braziers on blocking tiles such as walls.
  • Don't get too busy with the floor tile colourings. Everyone goes haywire with technicoloured chunder floortiles, and it looks like vomit.
  • With spawners, since they can use a bit of cpu, its really just as good to put a few well placed area/radius spawners than 10 or 20 spot (-1) spawners.Admittedly the latter makes the monster placement the same each spawn-around, but it definitely uses more resources. Also with spot spawners, if the monster walks off the spot, then another will spawn in its place - creating more mobs than originally intended. This happens less with radius/area spawns.
  • Avoid using the silly head tile: it's there to represent missing tiles, for map/tile/item data debugging. It doesn't really suit the atmosphere anway.
  • Avoid having caves that don't link anywhere.
  • When making cabinents, put hooks under the items so players won't get in and steal the stuff.
  • Don't place pseudo items: eg tokens, orbs, training, spawner, treasure etc.
  • Don't use forest tiles unless you're making a continent. Take when using regular trees and sight blocking trees.