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For best results, TURN NUM-LOCK OFF if you plan on using the keypad!

Key Command
arrow keys move
ctrl+arrow keys attack with melee weapon or bare hands
ctrl+alt+arrow keys fighter special attack
shift+arrow keys fast cast spell bound to F1
shift+ctrl+arrow keys fast cast in direction spell bound to F2
ctrl+up attack with ranged weapon
ctrl+left/right cycle ranged targets
ctrl+a/s cycle ranged targets
shift+a/s cycle ranged targets
b buy item(s) (must be near merchant) (or withdraw items from bank) - or get a res from a healer
shift+b sell item(s) (or deposit into bank)
c cast spell
shift+c learn a spell
d (+dir) drop item
shift+d drop some or all of a particular item
e eat (select from menu)
shift+e (+dir) offer food to a creature
g (+dir) get item
shift+g (+dir) get all the items piled on one map-square
h get all items within reach
shift+h attempt to hide
i ignite a torch
j (+dir) jimmy (use lockpick)
shift+j (+dir) attempt disarm (use probe)
k (+dir) k-limb (use grapple)
l (+dir) look at something
m meditate
shift+m toggle music on and off
o (+dir) open chest
p select a potion to drink
shift+p select a potion to use in a direction
q quit the game
r ready armour and weapons
shift+r read a scroll (also cast spell scrolls, as of 1.008 and alpha)
s (+dir) search
t (+dir) talk to somebody
shift+t toggle target recticle (default is on)
shift+u use a item in inventory in direction
u use a item in inventory
v view inventory
x use sextant
shift+x extinguish light source
z and shift+z toggle stats displays
` (same key as ~) use bandage on self
! (shift 1) hit this when you die to respawn in the town you're bound to
@ (shift 2) level up (only applies to the PD server)
space enter a towne or dungeon, or climb a ladder
enter send a local message (only players within a small radius will hear you) - use /g msg, /p msg & /me msg for global, party and emote messages
Tab Reply to the last person who sent you a private message
/ being a 'slash' command
pgup, pgdn scroll through past messages
end reset message screen to last message
insert when chatting, press insert to scroll back through the things you have previously said
pgup when chatting, press pgup to scroll forward through the things you have previously said
home, end when typing a message, send cursor to beginning or end of line
del, pgdn when typing a message, move cursor left and right
0-9 use bound item (bind by pressing 0-9 when viewing, readying or using items)
F1-F8 cast a prebound fast spell
shift F1-F8 bind a spell to f1-f8 (for fast casting)
F9 use the last used item in the last used direction (see skills)
shift-F9 continue using the last item used
F10 cast last spell cast
F11 make last item
shift+F11 continue creating items
F12 toggle fullscreen / windowed modes

Laptop diagonal movement

Additionally, diagonal movement can be achieved without a numpad with the following keys ...

[   ]
;   '