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"Druids are like, totally cool and commune with nature and stuff. They can turn into animals and talk to trees, and like, hang out in the Druidy Grove south of Minotaur Halls."-Kumar, the Lizard King

Druids are the hippiest spell casting class in EUO with unique versatility in being able to polymorph into different animal forms. These animal forms give different abilities not limited to; increasing strength, increasing intelligence, ability to travel over water or ignore difficult terrain.

Grandmaster druids can create staffs with spell enchantments (by passing normal crafting restrictions). In polymorph form, these staff spell enchantments are able to proc or activate through spell casting - unlike other spell casters who can only activate these effects through melee attacks with spell enchanted staffs.


This is the school of magic used by Druids. Also, the Druid thread: http://forums.swut.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5347

circle spell name runic incantation description
1 Druid Action Des Ort Has different effects depending on druid polymorph form. Eg. Teleport in Wisp form, Lightning in Hydra form, etc.
2 Thorn Whip Des Grav Por Ranged attack that drags target mob closer to druid while doing small damage.
3 Speak with Plants Des Wis Action targeting plants/trees in the environment that gives different effects depending on type of plant.
4 Entangle Des An Por Ranged paralyse that binds monsters to spot, also synergizes with Druid Action for different combo effects depending on druid polymorph form.
5 Restoration Des Mani Tym High health regeneration for 10 seconds
6 Summon Treants Des Kal Xen Summons two treants to do your bidding.
7 Transfer Enchantment Des Rel Ort Transfers non-staff spell enchantment to staff, soulbinds staff.
8 Abduction Des Corp Single Target high damage spell


This is the second school of magic used by Druids. Also, the Druid thread: http://forums.swut.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5347

circle spell name runic incantation description
1 Polymorph Crocodile Rel Yelm I Crocodile polymorph shifts druid stats to strength. Druid Action knocks back nearby mobs, and causes bleed on mobs that are also entangled.
2 Polymorph Hydra Rel Yelm II Hydra polymorph shifts druid stats to intelligence. Druid Action casts lightning bolt (Ort Grav), and causes chain lightning (Vas Ort Grav) on entangled mobs (if they aren't killed in a single attack).
3 Polymorph Rabbit Rel Yelm III Rabbit polymorph doesnt shift stats, but increases walking speed to max? No Druid Action (yet?)
4 Polymorph Wisp Rel Yelm IV Wisp polymorph doesn't shift stats, but casts invisiblity (Sanct Lor) upon morphing. Druid Action casts teleport. Doesn't shift stats.
5 Polymorph Shark Rel Yelm V Can only shark polymorph onto water tiles. Travel in water, including high seas with no health damage. Doesn't shift stats.
6 Polymorph Zorn Rel Yelm VI Zorn polymorph allows mountain walk. Druid Action causes earthquake (In Vas Por Yelm). Doesn't shift stats.
7 Polymorph Snake Rel Yelm VII Snake form Druid Action casts poison wind (In Nox Hur). Doesn't shift stats.
8 Polymorph Mothra Rel Yelm VIII Mothra form Druid Action casts sleep wind (In Zur Hur). Doesn't shift stats.

Press x to shift out of polymorph.