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Beastmastery Introduction

Beastmastery is a classless skill for pet tamers which lets you use mana to send commands to your pet. You gain access to Beastmastery spells as your Taming skill grows, a Beastmastery trainer is summoned whenever you reach an additional 10% in taming. You then need to increase your Beastmastery skill by using the Beastmastery commands.

Beastmastery counts toward your skills cap in the NG Server.

Beastmastery Skills

circle spell name description
1 Pet attack Sends your pet to attack specified ranged target
2 Pet taunt Pet roars, aggroing all enemies around it.
3 Pet thunderclap Pet thunderclaps specified target, target and surrounding monsters are stunned and take damage.
4 Heal Heals your pet for 50% of its max hp.
5 Pet tank stance Pet receives 50% less damage, deals 50% less damage.
6 Pet buff Increases pet's max hp by 20%, increases mr by +100.
7 Pet berserk stance Pet deals 25% more damage, receives 25% damage.
8 Pet soul transfer Pet drains 5% of target hp over 5 seconds, healing 5% of pet's hp at the same time. Pet & target is frozen for 5 seconds.