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In 2002 an EUO alpha was finalised and was playable by invitation only (via Something Awful games forums). It ran from 10 July to 29 October.

29 Oct 2002

EUO shelved until 2003.

17 Oct 2002

Finally got around to writing the quickstart guide and the credits.

13 Aug 2002

The big change in this build is that encumberance is now turned on - so if your carrying 20 or so corpses or 14000 logs you better dump them as you now won't be able to move.

Also casting spells now improves intelligence (as it should have always - but it was broken), and unarmed combat is a little more balanced.

  • all item weights, and encumbrance
  • minimum strength for weapons
  • new keys: F6 for cast last spell, h: for picking up everything in reach
  • when you're dead, press 'r' to get a res in town instead of floating back
  • press 'M' to turn the music on and off
  • casting spells builds intelligence (bugfix)

9 Aug 2002

Added unarmed combat to the primary weapon skills, and makes it a reasonable choice now for players as unarmed damage is now quite high (comparable to high-end weapons) for those highly skilled in unarmed, as well as a reasonable chance of scoring a 'critical hit'.

The necessity for armour for the unarmed now is reduced, as AC lowers as unarmed skill increases. This AC bonus only is valid for those wearing leather armour or lighter, and also if no weapon is eqipped. Unarmed is also a nice primary weopon skill as strength and dexterity build quickly, and both at the same time.

3 Aug 2002

New spells and graphics.

4 Jul 2002

I've added a new level to the old mine, and revamped the first level of the mine. Also the number of different monsters has approximately doubled (to about 50) - with the expansion of the large humanoid, orcish & dragon families, and the addition of human enemies such as bandits & pirates.

21 Jul 2002

Client no longer crashes when alt-tabbing, AND it runs in the background (so when you switch back, you don't see 1000 events happen all at once). I've also put the time between use skill down to 1500ms (from 2000ms). 2 seconds just felt like too long.

17 Jul 2002

Chat is now logged.

10 Jul 2002

EUO posted to Something Awful Forums for an alpha test of sorts.