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These commands let you interact with the server. Hit Enter then type the / and the command.

There are also a handful of client #commands: see Client Commands.


  • /w
  • /who

Displays who is on

  • /msg playername

Send a private message to a player. Use CTRL-T to reply to someone who has sent a private message to you.

  • /bind

Use this inside a town to bind to it. Binding allows one to resurrect and Town-portal into towns other than Nordhaven (the starting town). Most of the major towns are bindable, keep your eyes open for the small circle of stones.

  • /pvp 1

Enables you to participate in PVP (Player vs Player). You can switch to non-PVP with:

  • /pvp 0

Disables you from PVP (Player vs Player). It takes 30 minutes to go non-PVP after you have attacked another player. eg: Hit a player, wait 30 minutes to go non-PVP.

  • /crimtime

Displays how much time left you have to spend as a criminal.

  • /roll

Displays a number from 1-100 to you and everyone in your party.

  • /respec newStr newDex newInt

Rearrange your stats. Requires a Respec Certificate in your inventory, purchasable at your local adamantium coin merchant.

  • /respec2 newStr newDex newInt

Respec2 does the same as /respec but additionally strips off 38 levels (keeping your experience of course) - allowing you to go to Versatility shrine - see Classes#Multiclassing

  • /delete

Will permanently delete active character, if confirmed by "/delete DELETE".

  • /arms
  • /weapons

Command to toggle visibility of your own weapons on your avatar.

  • /glowtoggle

Command to switch between glowing colours of named mythic, mystic and astral items in the main hand.

  • /perks

List your perks.

  • /nameweapon
  • /nameshield
  • /namegloves /namehands
  • /namelegs /nametrousers
  • /namehat /namehead
  • /nameboots /namefeet
  • /namebody /nametorso /namearmour

With these commands you can name just about any equipped item (rings & necks are currently an exception). Requires a Named Item certificate available from the cash shoppe.

  • /titles
  • /settitle

/titles lists all the available titles to you - note the code down then use /settitle to change your title

  • /customtitle

gives you a custom title. Requires a Custom Title certificate available from the cash shoppe. You can have as many custom titles as you like and they can be set & selected using the /titles and /settitle commands

  • /sendcoins

Sends a specified number of adamantium coins to the delivery bot, which you can then use to move the coins to any of your chars on any server.

  • /ears

List notable kills

  • /autopickup

Enables and disabled the automatic pickup of items found when searching furniture (eg barrels)


  • /chestname

Sets the name of the container.

  • /removecontainer

Use this command to delete containers.

  • /movecontainer

Use this to move a chest to anywhere in your house (or basement).

  • /setlock

Use this to enable or disable a lock on your door. Requires actual lock trigger to be installed by Admin first! Stand on your door and type:

/setlock 1     enables it
/setlock 0     disables it
  • /sign

Sets the text on the sign near your house - you must be facing the sign in order for it to work!


  • /g message

Send a global message

  • /p message

Send a party message

  • /c message

Send a clan message

  • /t message

Send a message in the trade channel

  • /me action

Emote locally

  • /global on/off
/global on
/global off
  • /global - Displays your current global setting (on or off)

Enable/disable your reception of global chat messages: on by default

  • /tradechan

Displays your current trade setting (on or off)

  • /tradechan on/off

Enable/disable your reception of trade chat messages: on by default

  • /ignore playername
  • /unignore playername

Ignore/unignore a player and all their alts.

Secure Trade

You can read more about secure trade here.

  • /trade PLAYERNAME

Invites player to trade with you in secure mode

  • /taccept

To accept invitation to secure trade mode, can now offer items by dropping them

  • /dotrade

To exchange offered items. Both players need to agree by using this command

  • /tcancel

To abort the trade

Quest related

  • /q

List both active and completed quests

  • /aq

List active quests

  • /cq

List completed quests

Party related

For more information on parties, click here

  • /invite playername

Invite player into party, creating one if necessary. The invited player will then have to type /accept to join your party.

  • /accept

Accept and invitation and join a party

  • /leave

Leave the party you were in

  • /list

Show who is in your party

  • /remove playername

Remove a player from your party

Player Merchant Related

See Player Merchants for more details.

  • /merchname newname

Change your merchant's name to 'newname'. Must be standing next to your merchant. Also changes the name of a mimic container placeable in a player house. See Player Housing.

  • /withdraw

Get the money that your merchant has collected. Must be standing next to your merchant.

  • /merchremove

Delete your merchant. Must be standing next to your merchant.

  • /sort

Rearranging chest/merchant inventory by useing shift+arrow.

Skill related

  • /myskills

Lists all your skills grouped by class with their exact values

  • /listskills

Lists the skill names to use with the commands /trimskill & /limitskill

  • /trimskill skillname newvalue

Sets a skill to a new value: must be lower than current value of course. Eg:

/trimskill longswords 50

will set your longswords to 50. Trimming skills is irrevokable, so do it with caution!

  • /limitskill skillname limit

Will cap a skill until revoked.

/limitskill maces 25

will cap your maces skill to 25. You can revoke the limit by setting it to 100 ...

/limitskill maces 100

Clan related

  • /makeclan clantag - make a new clan - see Clans for more info
  • /join - use this to join a clan once you have been sent an invitation
  • /leaveclan - leave your clan
  • /wc - like /w but only lists online clan members
  • /listclanmembers - shows all the members of the clan

Leader only commands

  • /claninvite name - invite someone to join the clan
  • /setclanname new full clan name - change the full name of a clan
  • /expelmember name - remove someone from the clan
  • /makekey - see Clans for more info
  • /abdicate name - the clan leader uses this command to quit being clan leader and the nominated player becomes the new leader
  • /dissolveclan - deletes the clan - can't be undone!


  • /petname newname

rename pet

  • /transferpet newownername

give pet to new player-owner. New owner has to have pet transfer deed in their inventory.

No Grind related

On the No Grind server, stats increase through use, so some slash commands have been introduced to help you shape the stats of your character.

  • /limitstat

Shows the current limits for all three stats. A limit of 0 (zero) means there is no limit and the stat will keep growing up to the overall stat total limit.

  • /limitstat statname newvalue

Sets a limit on the stat to a new value. The statnames you can provide are str (strength) dex (dexterity) and int (intelligence). Setting a limit of 0 (zero) removes the limit. e.g.

/limitstat dex 100

Will limit your dexterity to 100. When you use a dex boosting skill, it will slowly rise to 100 and then go no further.

Note: if your stat is above the newly set limit, it will be reduced to the limit after you use a skill that boosts the stat. More on NG Stats here.

Living off the Land

Living off the Land is an optional challenge that forbids the use of buying or selling to or from merchants and increases drop chances for more valuable items.

  • /lotl 1

Turns on Living Of The Land. Must be done when your character is level 1 and has 0xp.

  • /lotl 0

Turns off Living Of The Land. This can not be undone; there is no way to turn lotl back on.

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