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The skills in EUO can be divided into three categories:

Level of Skill

All skills, be they crafting, class, or other go up via a percentage based on usage. You generally start out with 0.0% in a skill, but that increases the more you use the skill. Here is a summary of titles based on your skill percentage.

Skill Mastery Percentage Range
No Title 0-29%
Neophyte 30-39%
Novice 40-49%
Apprentice 50-59%
Journeyman 60-69%
Expert 70-79%
Adept 80-89%
Master 90-99%
Grandmaster 100%

Naturally, you may eventually become a Granmaster in multiple skills.

Training Skills

Skills can be increased simply by using them, but often this process is slow. If you have some spare gold lying around, you can buy training in many of the available skills.

The place to buy training skills is at the University of Tanelorne - located at 135' 66" - you will know it because it is between the twin cities of Montor East & West.

Once there, check out the training rooms, and when you think you have found a trainer, press b (buy) to see what training is on offer.

Some Skills are Limited by Stats

Class skills (ie skills that contribute to your class cap) are usually (if not always) limited by your stats. For example, it requires 100 intelligence to get 100 magery.

This is explained in full on the Classes page here.