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==Alpha Build Related==
==Alpha Build Related==
* [[Alpha|Introduction to Alpha]]
* [[Alpha|Introduction to Alpha]]
* Download and learn how to install the alpha
* [[Alpha Installation|Download and learn how to install the alpha]]
* [[Alpha Controls|Control & command differences between Regula and Alpha]]
* [[Alpha Controls|Control & command differences between Regula and Alpha]]
* [[Alpha Skills|New Skills on Alpha]]
* [[Alpha Skills|New Skills on Alpha]]

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Welcome to the EUO Manual

This page is intended as a replacement for the forums manual (which is hopelessly out of date, hard to read, and plain old fugly) as well as the Alpha wiki (which was great for a while until it had to be locked down and rendered useless due to spamming).

You will need to create an account and log in if you want to create and/or edit pages.

FYI this page is using the same software as Wikipedia.

Required Reading

Extended Manual

  • A Brief History of New Sosaria
  • Player Characters: Creation, Stats, Avatars, Leveling
    • Skills & Classes / Class Skills
    • Non Combat Skills (Non class skills)
    • Crafting and Gathering
  • Getting around the continent / maps
    • Townes and Shoppes
    • Shrines
    • Dungeons
  • Items: weapons, armour, scrolls, potions, chests, etc
    • Item enchantments
    • Item materials
    • Gold, Buying & Selling
  • Inhabitants of New Sosaria: Players, Monsters & NPC's
  • Combat
    • Partying: the life & soul of EUO
  • Magic and Spellcasting
  • Completing Quests & Talking to NPC's
  • Werewolves and Lycanthropy
  • Slash Commands
  • Server List

Alpha Build Related

No Grind Server Specifics


  • Getting started with maped
  • keyboard controls & mouse operations
  • setting map properties
  • all about spawners
  • placing items
  • features & triggers
  • Egg's Pro Tips for EUO maps that Suck Less

Other Bits and Pieces