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Famous and/or Important EUO Players

This really only scratches the surface. It focuses mainly on people who really helped out in one way or another, especially in the early days.

In chronological order...

eggmceye, Oceanman
created July 10, 2002
The owner and his alt.

created July 10, 2002
First player to make maps for EUO - made an ettin infested fort which he named after himself.

created May 1, 2003
Long time EUO map maker & supporter.

created June 16, 2003
Most prolific of the gang of Finns that invaded EUO when the Akarra servers went down. First player to have a named weapon, first (and last) to buy an avatar with ingame money.

Kybare (GM)
created July 9, 2003
One of the only players to actually understand how the quest system works, and thus is a great quest-writer. Also the only GM never to ban anyone, the first player to finish the original PD quest and the first to obtain a balron as a pet.

Kodiak (GM)
created August 15, 2003
One of the first GM's, along with Kybare. Valuable MUD knowledge (among other things) has aided the looting of ideas from other games by the author. First thing he said when he joined, now immortalised here in this very wiki, was "Dangit. Don't even know how to attack".

Catherine (GM)
created September 2, 2003
Map maker and 'Editor in Chief'. Her excellent use of grammar usually renders her sentences thoroughly unreadable.

created September 29, 2003
First player to get the EUO source. With it, he ported EUO to OSX. Also wrote the graphical patcher and wrote the original version of the EUO Launcher. Also taught Egg how the hell VC++ works. Is some sort of ninja in real life.

Extell (GM)
created November 15, 2003
First player to make any decent tiles (graphics) in quantity.

Other personalities

A quick look at the scoreboard is one way to see who's who in EUO, at least currently.

Kuroneko (nee Omega) was probably the first powergamer to play EUO. Abused more bugs, cheezed more xp and stepped on more GM toes than anyone else, now currently serving a life ban. Beren (nee Kranium, GM) is EUO's ladies' man, also serving a (self imposed) life ban. Sharingan (nee Kenshin Katasi) and Sakura (nee Crystal Ice) are a couple of the DM's favourite player-murderers. Akyla had one of Egg's stupid Sims named after her and doesn't have a social security number. Stegos was sensible enough to be promoted to GM, and Voyageur has a pet cactus. Dj Lizard figured out how to crash the server with %'s in chat but has since redeemed himself. Urgrue invented the 125% class system and was the first person to buy a MACRO > YOU t-shirt.