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Design & Programming

Max Breedon (eggmceye): Producer, programmer, drunken dictator.

The EUO engine is written in C++ while both client and server have LUA embedded scripting. EUO uses the Allegro graphics library: with mods like almp3 for music and fblend for transparency.

Past Programming Helpers

  • Kynt - Igneous Badlands scripting and possible future maps
  • Lord Mortiferus
  • Severian - helped with a lot of LUA scripting in 2012
  • Tyler - LUA scripting for bosses
  • Rusty - LUA scripting for map gen, utilites & bosses
  • Odin Jensen - helped me out a long time ago with some MFC and other stuff
  • Extell rewrote fishing in C++ a few years ago but it has since been rewritten in LUA and expanded and revised


Many of the terrain, monster and player tiles were created by Joshua Steele and are used with permission. They're from old and new versions of his replacement tileset for U4. Many thanks to Joshua - see

Main Contributors

  • Lord Mortiferus
  • Extell has made a lot of original tiles including: many items, werewolves, goblins, the demi lich, golems, imps, and over a dozen new player avatars.
  • Morthwyl - many many player avatars
  • eggmceye - yes I have made a lot of avs and tiles of dubious quality

Other Graphics Contributions

  • Dolus: more player avatars
  • Grunkk: the skeletun avatars
  • TheOneGuy: dwarven avatars
  • Djanno: player avatars
  • Sharingan & Sakura: monsters and player avatars
  • Keighn: always making stuff
  • Lurid: minotaurs
  • There are probably more I've forgotten


Many players past and present have contributed maps to EUO. The complete map credits can be found on the Map List page. Special thanks to Catherine because without her efforts, EUO would be simply just an engine.


egg and Kybare. Broden made the Xile quest & maps.


Mostly borrowed from various sources, with some original sounds by egg.


Intro music by egg, world music by Solaris. Solaris don't exist anymore but one of the guys from that band and egg's oldest friend lives on in Margins


Egg, with help from everyone working on this mediawiki. Patrick Kyba has helped with the (as yet unreleased and probably outdated) DM manual & Catherine has a Guide to Maped.


Thanks to Tarun for recommending Innosetup and getting the ball rolling and Dj Lizard for maintaining the installer for a while. (Egg now does the installer.)


I stole the zombie boss name "the Tedious" from the roguelike Midboss by Eniko. There are plenty of other uncredited stolen ideas but this one is credited.


Thanks to anyone who plays, reports bugs, suggests ideas and who hasn't been banned. It all helps!