Complete History of New Sosaria

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This page should be called 'the Incomplete History of New Sosaria'.

Contains spoilers, useless info, plot, things past, present and future, unwritten quests and vague characters.


How New Sosaria Came to Be

Already explained in flowery english here: History of New Sosaria.

In the canon (ie OSI) version of events, Mondain's gem was shattered and destroyed. Each shard of the gem created an alternate picture of Sosaria with its own history and future. New Sosaria that we know in EUO is one of these shards. Its timeline co-exists with the canon history - it could be considered an alternate history or even a parallel universe.

So with the destruction of the gem came the creation of New Sosaria's own timeline, landscape, populace and version of events. The more time passes, the more the emerging history of New Sosaria diverges from the story chronicled in Ultima I-V and beyond.


The 3 digit number number is a year. 000 represents the creation of New Sosaria. (each RL day is 1 month EUO. There are 30 euo years in 1 RL year. Some of these timeline dates correlate directly with events in the creation of EUO)

  • With the destruction of the shard of immortality in the Canon-universe, the EUO-verse is created with it's own timeline
  • Lord Eggleton arrives through a moongate, befriends Oenishi, becomes benevolent ruler, proclaims himself lord
  • Lord Eggleton defeats Mondain, possibly with help from a 'stranger'
  • Kurzmord'ar, the last refuge of the dwarves, is invaded by giants, orcs, and minotaurs, and the dwarves are made nearly extinct
  • Tanelorne discovered to the east and New Sosaria as we know it is charted for the first time
  • Lord Eggleton decrees that there isn't enough 'virtue' and the shrines are created
  • Patrick, Estorrath, Byron and Golwid part ways. Golwid assumes control of Kurzmord'ar (or some of it). Patrick moves to Bakyre (with his fortune). Byron and Estorrath move to Tanelorne.
  • A shrine for the Codex is erected in the far Southeast of New Sosaria on an island, but Lord Eggleton does not yet raise the Codex.
  • The Runic alphabet of Old Sosaria is dropped in favour of the English alphabet.
  • Lord Eggleton is summoned away again and is yet to return.
  • The lich Xile gets imprisioned in his own underground fortress.
  • Kaswel Keep and the New Sosaria Library are completed. Nestor made head librarian.
  • Council of wizards, as led by Estorrath, disbanded
  • 004: Lord Broden's Keep is built.
  • 009: Patrick elected Mayor of Bakyre.
  • 030: Byron assumes control of Tanelorne, making himself a lord.
  • 071: The 8 shrines to virtue are finally completed.
  • 085?: Nordhaven Lighthouse completed and is quickly over run.
  • 085?: Izumi Adventurers Guild hall becomes haunted.


Lord Eggleton

Benevolant ruler or something; currently MIA in the canon-shard on a mission to rescue Lord British from the underworld. Rumour has it that he forgot the sandalwood box, and won't be coming back to New Sosaria any time soon.

Great Council of Wizards

While the council no longer exists there were 8 members, 7 of which can be found around New Sosaria and beyond.


Once the leader of the great council of wizards. Has a rivalry with Nestor of the library. Parts of his later life are well documented in his autobiography New Sosarian Cooking Adventures. His favourite ex girlfriend is the lich Drumheller.

Henolazir aka Old Henry

Estorrath's older brother, likes fishing and isn't as silly as he seems. Another great wizard that was, he knows the cure for lycanthropy.


Resides now in Maeondir


Byron's advisor, mage, once on the council of wizards.


Found in Buccaneer's Den, insane


Made herself a lich, works at the Library, ex-girlfriend of Estorrath.


Whereabouts unknown.

Nestor the Librarian

Nestor is in charge of the recovery of lost books, but he is probably also chief librarian. Among other things, he orders the 'recovery' of Estorrath's Journal (for reasons unknown), which contains nothing but recipes for 'dropped pie'. Other books he needs recovery of:

  • Chronicles of Kurzmord'ar
  • Beyond good and Evil
  • Necromancer
  • Blood of the Fallen

Lords of the Realm

Lord Broden

Broden is a NPC/player that is lord of Sosaria West. Complemented by Byron, lord of Tanelorne (the east of New Sosaria).

The two main leaders of the realm of New Sosaria, Lord Broden of the west and Lord Byron of the east, seem to have trouble remembering the specifics of Lord Eggleton as well. Contrary to the popular theory that Lords Broden and Byron receiving their royal appointments by Lord Eggleton as he stepped through some magical moongate never to be seen again, it appears to me much more likely that these Lords and their families have ruled the lands of New Sosaria in their castle and keep for generations.

From The Myth of Lord Eggleton by Soandso of Soandso

Lord Byron

Lord of Tanelorne. Wife has died recently and until he gets his bronze statue of her, he remains sad. Has 3 advisors working for him: Oenishi the rogue, Virgil the Mage and Greyson the fighter. Used to run with Patrick, Estorrath and Golwid the minotaur king under Kurzmord'ar.

Lord & Lady Farimond

Next through the portal came a stately man and woman. He had flowing blond hair and a strangely manicured moustache, while she carried a pink umbrella.

As Narrated by Estorrath of Longhaven from New Sosarian Cooking Adventures

“Those rotten Farimonds! They hunt my alligators and chop down the peaceful treants and disturb closed dungeons. They dare to collect taxes from my own citizens and routinely send raiding parties south to interrupt my finely balanced schedule. I hate them and I wish they would leave.” - Brownthorne

Lord Brownthorne

Ruler of the south of Maeondir, in constant friction with the Farimonds up north. Has an undead army and is hostile to visitors. Married to an undead lord.


also see religion down below

Archmage Braniis

Archbishop Braniis tilted his head a little to the side and smiled so piously and smugly that I could have punched him on the nose. Now I am not a man prone to violence, but there is nothing in this world more offensive to me than a snooty priest.

As Narrated by Estorrath of Longhaven from New Sosarian Cooking Adventures

Brother Vivin

He was pasty and gullible and carried his holy libram close to his chest like a safety blanket.

As Narrated by Estorrath of Longhaven from New Sosarian Cooking Adventures

Player Personalities


He was an elderly but sturdy looking man with long dirty grey hair, a massive black handlebar moustache and a good physique for his age ... Ocean was an ancient warrior. Not the greatest, nor the strongest, but likely the oldest and maybe one of the wisest. He had probably been around as long as I had, but there was no way he could be 900 years old, not without being a master wizard. Maybe he slept in a stasis chamber.

As Narrated by Estorrath of Longhaven from New Sosarian Cooking Adventures

Patrick of Bakyre

The mayor of Bakyre and an ex-adventurer and ex-rogue. Patrick is always willing to listen to the tales of other adventurers and will share a pint with almost anyone. However, don't be surprised if he tries to swindle you out of some gold in some manner of speaking.

Patrick was looking a little worse for wear. Normally well groomed and dashing with a pencil line moustache and a twinkle in his eye, he teetered on the threshold looking more dishevelled than I had ever recollected seeing. His once puffy silk shirt was in tatters, he was covered in cuts and bruises, his leather pants were torn, his hair was all dirty and messed up and worst of all, his rapier was broken at his side. The average New Sosarian would not recognise the normally dashing swashbuckler and future mayor of Bakyre. "Look what the cat dragged in Ripley!" I said.

As Narrated by Estorrath of Longhaven from New Sosarian Cooking Adventures



... I arrived at Foveaux’s room, which was rather well appointed when compared to the rest of the dungeon in which his chambers were situated. His room had a couple of large mahogany desks, with various articles laid out carefully, some book shelves with interesting reading materials, luxurious carpets at the entry to his abode and an urn on a small table. As opposed to the rest of the dungeon, which was mouldy and dank, his room was dry and well ventilated, and it even had an air of sophistication. Upon entering, the vampire was sitting at his desk writing. He called out for me to enter and looked up from his work. He was rather dashing and very polite. He sat me down and as we chatted I wondered as to how this creature was so bad after all and why indeed it was that he had placed upon him the sentence of death.

as narrated by Bethany, from New Sosarian Cooking Adventures.


Bloodkin leader of the Preserver Clan, a somewhat neutral coven of vampires.


Bloodkin leader of the Dark Blood, the evil coven of vampires. They are only interested in conquering and feeding.



Byron's advisor, fighter.


Byron's advisor, rogue. This is the same Oenishi that Lord Eggleton first met when he stepped through the moongate and into Sosaria for the first time.


Nestor's younger brother and head librarian of the Bakyre Library. While he runs a smaller library than his brother, he has the same fascination with books and is wiser than he lets on.

Saldath, Zazaram & Titianna

In the spirit of the age, a mighty adventuring band set out to explore the newly created / accessible Underworld, to spread the Virtues across the whole of Sosaria. Amidst their number were the mage Zazaram, the warrior Saldath and his bride, the tinker Titianna. They had been at the forefront of clearing the Dungeons of dangerous creatures and pacifying the land. Their leader Saldath had created an order of Paladins and created many Keeps dedicated to the Virtues (eg Thantos Keep). Unfortunately, they discovered a sliver of the Shard of Hatred, guarded by many Balrons, in a fortress deep under the Underworld itself. Saldath, sensing great power in it, kept it, and his lover Titianna forged it into an amulet that gave him power over Hellspawn and martial prowess. Determined to use this force for good he and his companions sought to cleanse the Underworld. However, since the sliver is a conduit for the Shadowlords, his nature became slowly more and more extreme and fervent, his rage (which he still thought of as fervour for the Virtues) leading to a genocidal pogrom against all non-humans. His lover, Titianna, slowly became infected with blood lust as well, until she was transformed into a Vampire ... As their pogrom continued, they began to view the unvirtuous (in their now twisted eyes) as beneath human as well, and eventually sought to purge the whole of New Sosaria of those deemed 'unworthy'. Thus began a brief but bloody reign of terror, with many of the old towns levelled.

Although Saldath was finally defeated by Lord Eggleton, his two adventuring comrades escaped, and still lurk amongst New Sosaria, hatching foul plots of revenge!

Titianna: good aligned NPC Vampire 70,37,62 (under ogre town)
Zazaram: quest target, Lich, 55 12,66 (under mountain pass, southern region)

Lord Percy, Sir Markham, Sir Larant

Members of the order of Paladins, founded by Saldath, had Thantos Keep as their base in the Mountain Pass. Whilst once a shining beacon of Valor in that part of New Sosaria, rumour has it that it has come under an evil influence. Sir Larant's ghost is still to be found there.

More on Lord Percy: Or more formally, Lord Percy Hestle-Weith, he was a member of the famous 'Adventuring Seven' who were explorers based at the University many years ago. Each member would set off each year with a team of graduates to find new wonders. Nothing is known of his current status, other than that he disappeared exploring the deserts of Tanelorne. The University is known to be seeking information about his whereabouts.

Sir Larant: blue ghost, 27,24,64 (mountain pass)
Lord Percy: blue ghost, 19,42,62 (under ogretown)
Sir Markham: blue ghost, 3,55,66 (mountain pass)

King Golwid

A local Minotaur lord, leader of the Bloodhoof clan, who's taken up residence in the old throne room of the once dwarven capital Kurzmord'ar. He's unseemingly amicable for a minotaur. Old buds with Patrick, estranged from Byron and Estorrath.

The disappearance of the dwarves happened long before Goldwid got into Kurzmord'ar and started taking over. Yet the takeover is not yet complete. Most of the city is still overrun by goblins, orcs and other weird humanoids.

Sin'Vrall, the demon in the desert


Once a student of Estorrath.


An old werewolf met on the path to the cure for lycanthropy. Jowan, once a man of science, contracted lycanthropy (like a lot of other people), but got the cure wrong and became permanently transfigured in his werewolf body. Otherwise harmless.





Although the Sliver of Hatred has been sealed away, the shadowlords are slowly trying to regain the victory they almost won. Although not really manifest yet (in that they can be defeated and temporarily banished by mortals) they are slowly regaining strength.

None are really named - tho the strongest is known as 'Dark Lord' found in Deja vu.

Others can be found in Lunacy, City of Shadows, Dead Forest, deep under Tangled Forest, Saggitarius.




New Sosaria


Snowy Island/Whalebone

Apparently, according to Jocasta, a small party consisting of Jaana, Sentri and the Avatar gated in. Everyone caught some sort of weird-earth plague and died after the party visited the local brothel. Jaana cursed the mayor so that in death he would live on as a demi liche. Even the cows live on as zombies. If Lord Eggleton is meant to be the Avatar in the canon version of events, it must be said that Lord Eggleton certainly wasn't a part of this merry band. This Avatar and this party would be from some other twisted shard/reality.


Apocalyptic New Sosaria


Broden's Keep

Cammerata Keep

Fort Grunthos

Major Towns



shrines in New Sosaria

shrines in Maeondir

shrines in Apocalyptic New Sosaria





The dwarves are stout, drunken, hardy, good natured, crafty humanoids of around 4 feet in stature. Driven from their home of Kurzmord'ar the dwarves of New Sosaria are scattered to the winds. Rumour has it that in the parallel plane of Apocalyptic New Sosaria, dwarves continue to thrive in that particular instance of Kurzmord'ar.

The book Chronicles of Kurzmord'ar details an episode of the invasion of the old dwarven capital.



The result of the unhappy marriage between orcs and humans. A half-orc child is often viewed with shame from the human side of its family. Shunned and often ridiculed, half-orc children usually grow up on the fringes of human society, or cast out altogether to be raised by feral orcs and wild cyclopses. However, it is not uncommon that some lucky half-orc will benefit from guidance from a monk, a mentor or a priest and go on to live a somewhere decent life.



Shadowfolk are the distant descendants of an ancient line of drow elves who were forced from their homelands and made their way to New Sosaria. The details of their emigration are sketchy but it is rumoured that at one point they made use of a double phase anomaly to help facilitate their escape. They never became fully established however, at least on the surface, as evidenced by their lack of villages or even encampments. Today, they exist as a largely nomadic and seemingly ephemeral people, who boast no towns or cities; they mysteriously emerge and disappear from the darkness.



It's said that the Draconians are the descendants of humans and dragons polymorphed as men.

Main hangouts: Matriarch's Domain, Town of Lost Souls



Orcs & Goblins

Ettins, ogres and cyclopses





see vampires above


see Jowan above




Religion & Spirituality

Shrines to virtue

see shrines in New Sosaria above

Other shrines

there are tons of mini shrines in maps: altar shrines, anvil shrines, piles of rocks ...

Mainstream religions

Athran Monastery

St Athra

Ironfist Clan


Cults & Sects


Temple of the Seers

Temple to the Sky Gods