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  • 50 cooking skill
  • a 'copper' tool. Copper here is an item, not a tint. Available in Chester Hill from farming supplies.
  • a house to put your kegs

Raw Ingredients

  • barley and hops which are obtained by farming
  • water (from wells via a bucket)
  • small barrel, yeast, empty bottles (from the farming shop in Chester Hill)
  • sugar (from the inne)
  • ooze for mead, minotaur hearts for stout, and gazer brains for pale ale

Drinks made

  • extra stout : gives dwarves a strength buff, but makes everyone else drunk
  • pale ale : as above, but gives intelligence
  • mead : as above, but gives dexterity


i) use copper on stove to combine barley grains and water into malt (the step of drying the malt and milling it has been omitted) - this is called steeping
ii) use copper on stove to make any of 3 types of wort (pale, stout, mead). Requires sugar, water, malt, hops, small barrel + either ooze (mead), minotaur heart (stout) or gazer brain (pale ale)
iii) now take your wort barrel made in step ii) and use it in your home to create a beer keg. Requires yeast. iv) wait 7 ingame days for it ferment v) use empty bottles on the keg to create up to 50 beers