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Corpse.gif This page is very probably out of date, but it might be fun reading however ...

Combos and Cheeses (and other Fun Facts)

This page is dedicated to known combos and cheeses in EUO; ie things you can do in the game that have bonus, unexpected, or cool effects. None of these are guaranteed to be true, however, and some if not many may be out of date. Feel free to edit existing notes here, and/or add your own!


  • Combo : two or more effects that stack in an interesting or useful way
  • Cheese : something that could almost constitute as a bug, used for purposes of getting around known ingame systems


Guaranteed kill (eg vs shadowlords)

Fighter special move + glass weapon. For maces, even though shadowlords are immune to stun, they suffer from the guaranteed hit + 2x damage, and will die from glass.

killing 2 balrons in 10 seconds (by Navarre on 1.008)

equip a powerful vamp sword. drink a purple pot, then drink a black one (invis). stand adjacent to the 2 balrons and drink a khaki pot. flurry like a madman then laugh at your 2 victims like a madman (very important step). also works for 3 red drags.

Stealthing in kill quest (Kishe January 19, 2005)

It's possible to backstab monsters that are part of a kill quest like Xektar or the lich Xile. Since you no longer have to talk to assasination targets in order to make them red/evil to kill them, this isn't much of a cheese now.

Kill just about anything. Slowly.

Throw a poison pot. Then invis/hide. Repeat.

Cant' decide between vampyric or venomous weapons? (scg)

Dual wield allows you to attack with both vampyric and venomous weapons at the same time. Make the larger weapon vampyric to benefit from the extra HP/damage.

Cat's Ancient Mage PvP wheeze

Was far better before orange potions, but still does the trick. AEP + VAM, rinse, repeat. Highly irritating. For speedy rogues, make sure you cast Xen Jux first to slow them to a crawl, then rinse repeat. Use AEP + IJO on mages, until they stop taking damage. Ironically, the higher the mage's intelligence, the quicker they die.

Cat is wondering about venomous staves & Vas Flam

Reported to me to work ~ apparently, casting a ranged attack spell with a venomous stave also poisons the target in PvP. Nasty. Egg's note: class this as a bug or a cool cheese? I'll try it out. Considering I'm going to do a staves overhall, this might be left in intentionally. Sounds neat.

Pets while invis

If you have a pet and cast SL/VSL, the pet disappears (sounds like a bug: egg). However, use a black pot (or use stealth???) and the pet remains. Alternatively, go invisible and then use a res scroll on a corpse. You now have a pet zombie that will follow you around while you are invisible.


Warning: cheesing of bugs can get you into trouble. If you think some thing is a bit too cheesy, especially if it is not listed below, it might be a bug. So be on the safe side and report it before you get busted for bug cheesing. It's pretty safe to say though that anything noted below is not likely to get you into trouble.

Cursing your Gold

If you place all your gold on the ground and use a cursed scroll of uncurse on it, then you can pick up that gold and carry it around, and not lose it when you die. You can't of course spend it, but that can be fixed by then uncursing your gold. Since gold doesnt weigh anything, it's not a problem carrying 10 billion gold around with you everywhere.

Gold will one day weigh something, and/or cursed gold may get dropped on death, so this cheese might not be around for ever.

Cursed Staff

Cursed staves do not become unequipped when you cast VYR (polymorph). Likely to get fixed.

Unequipping cursed staves through VYR would then be a sort of cheese in itself. Disallowing VYR may be a good punishment for holding a cursed staff. (so would making all spells fail with a cursed staff.) Cat's note - however, cursed magic items never hit, thus making VYR pointless, as you never do any damage

Cursed Weaponry

Attacking with cursed weaponry never hits, so one can use their buddy as a practice dummy and train whichever weapons skill. DEBUNKED: this hasn't worked for a long time now. Cursed weapons do not bump skill.

Training magery on pets

Since pets won't die of poison, poison a pet and cast XM/XVM repeatedly to raise your magery without any risks.

Note: A pet is not required; any NPC will do fine.

Training Healing on Monsters

As the bandage limit does not apply to monsters (or pets) if you have high enough defence you can let a monster hit you and semi-macro heal it at the same time. I used golems with 70 defence, although minotaur chieftains do fine as well. Bring lots of bandages!

White Potion and VOG / metamaps

Using a white potion in a dungeon allows you to see through walls, therefore allowing you to use VOG and other such spells on enemies through walls and staying untouched. FIXED: you can no longer shoot/vog targets you can't see, even if you have xray vision.

Also, using white potions sometimes reveals an area that is supposed to be entirely elsewhere, due to metamapping. (Same with viewgems and chrystal balls.)

Single Instance Lag Attacking

Find yourself in a major battle but get a lag hic-up? This can be a good thing! While lagging, attack a creature next to you for two seconds, then another creature beside you for two seconds, and so on until you un-lag. You'll score numerous hits on each creature even if you end up dying. This can also be done with ranged.

Major-Lag Ranged Attacking (aka How Kybare used to play on weekends)

If you are playing and are constantly experiencing lag, use a ranged weapon. Then, fire one arrow at each target during battle. As the game updates, you'll damage all targets, but not waste your time only attacking one target between lag-updates.

Lag Induced Rapidfire (Or how Kod wasted a row of people in two seconds)

Requires lag and a enchanted weapon. While attacking something under a shot of lag, if you manage to trigger your weapons special attack while being lagged, the alg will cause the attack to be triggered repeatedly. When I found this out I was using a OG Warhammer wasted a few rows of people. Much fun.

The old Rogue trick. ( Buck )

You get a Rogue to stealth and stand on a door/tile/whatever so the monster on the other side can't get through and you get the personed that is partyied with you to stealth/ run over and attack then come back. So this will prevent the monster from coming across to kill you. You do this repeatedly untill the monster is dead. ( Best way to do it is to have one stealth on the door or whatever and the other to stealth and attack. )

Alchemy and Magic Training at the Arena

Go to The Arena with a lot of empty flasks and fill them at the many fountains there to train your alchemy skill. Train magic skills by spamming spells and drink the clear potions you made to replenish manna. Repeat this as needed. Casting XM, XVM and AEP on the NPCs there will help train you.

Free Treasure Chests in The Resort

The room east of the bank in The Resort has many treasure chests although they are low level ones. Since there is no NOB feature on this map, it is possible to cast Blink (IP) to get beyond the un-lockable door and loot all of those chests with minimal risk. DEBUNKED It's been a while since these chests have been 'spawned'. They are purely decorative now.

Trap Maze Cheese

Has Cat put a tonne of traps somewhere and created a maze? No problem. Stock up with lots of TP scrolls then try to make TPs. A TP cannot be created on a square with a trap trigger.

Cat's Mage PvP against Fighters

Fighters are stuffed by this - simply summon 4 creatures using Kal Xen and then use them as a shield, or better yet, pin the fighter against a wall. With a corner and four summons, you can easily stand safe from harm. Summons can't be targeted, and without ranged weapons you're free to VOG them with impunity. Evil laughing is mandatory for this one if you get it to work. Beware fighters who use polarms though.

Fun Facts / Rumours / etc

Destroying items on anvils

You can destroy any item by placing it on an anvil then using a smith's hammer on it.

Getting rid of un-droppable items

You can drop quest items that cannot be dropped otherwise into a rubbish bin (e.g. the Eye of Katorina)

Luring monsters to Nord

Rono discovered how to lure dragons from the underworld to outside Nord.

Clear potions

Use a flask on a fountain to make a clear potion.

Cursed item effects

  • Cursed uncurse scroll: will place a curse on any item
  • Cursed pots: will cause hallucinations
  • Cursed torch: set hair on fire or burn gi or robes if being worn
  • Cursed raft: raft will sink and you will drown immediately
  • Cursed resurrection scroll: will kill the person who uses it
  • Cursed clocks: tell the wrong time
  • Cursed brazier: will destroy tools
  • Cursed fountain: will always summon nasties

Lag based Alchemy glitch (useless fact from Navarre)

One example of making yellow pots. Usually pressing F9 after the first ten, the text says 10 yellow pots. If you're quick enough and lagged as hell, you can press F9 rapidly and see text say not 10 but 20! This is of course useless and still only make 10 pots.

Is it a coincidence that Kybare made Bakyre?

While you try to figure that out, note that I losely based the NPC Gord on a real life, lead singer from a popular Canadian band. Figure out which band he is the lead singer for and ask him about a couple of their songs.

Drowning and Mountains

If you try to climb a mountain when you are on a raft, you will instantly die (i.e. drown). However, if you happen to use a raft but end up off of it in water (due to lag for example), and then climb the mountain, you have no problem climbing it.

Zombie Pet

When you see a corpse, use a resurrection scroll on it (not the ghost) and it will make a zombie to fight for you! :P Cats note: This was a way to break the summoning allowance, before it was fixed. You were able to raise an infinite number of zombies, and as each one unsummoned, it triggered an open summoning slot. Easy to get 10+ Dragons / Demons this way. Has been fixed.

Secret Cow Level

Yes, there is one. Common knowledge now ;) Talking to the NPC about his creator will get some extra dialogue.

NPC with the most responses=

Dispite what you might think, Cat hasn't created the NPC with the most responses to text. An NPC in Bakyre has over 50 different words that he'll respond to at different points of the game (i.e. depending on quests you are on) and rest assured that this NPC will have many more in the future. Any idea who it is?