Match results for the latest tournament:

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Status: Finalised

DivisionPlayer 1Player 2Winner
Ultra 500MackeydirtykingMackey
Ultra 500DUTCHMANMackeyMackey
Ultra 500ShadowWalker11
Ultra 500KyntMackeyKynt
Ultra 500Mackey1Mackey
Ultra 500dirtykingritaridirtyking
Ultra 500Kyntdirtykingdirtyking
Ultra 500ritariKyntKynt
Ultra 5001KyntKynt
Ultra 5001ritari1
Ultra 5001dirtyking1
Ultra 500MackeyritariMackey

Status: Waiting for player 2 to sub

DivisionPlayer 1Player 2Winner
Ultra 500dirtykingeclipsdirtyking
Ultra 500dirtykingGrandShieldsIdirtyking
Ultra 500dirtykingMrCrowleydirtyking
Ultra 500dirtykingShadowWalkerdirtyking
Ultra 500dirtykingDUTCHMANdirtyking