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If you want to put items as decoration in a map press the i key until you get the palette you need, then left-click the item from the palette then left-click on the map to place it.

In most cases simply placing the item on the map in this manner is all that needs to be worried about.

Note: If you want to place barrels, use the terrain barrel tile.
Note: Please don't use pseudo items such as medguy, raftguy, portals, ore spawners, etc (not that they should be available within Maped any longer).


Without going into too many details, every item placed in maped (except the switches and fountains) are flagged as furniture by default. This makes the item permanently embedded in the map and it cannot be picked up (ie stolen!) It also saves on network traffic from the server to the clients!

Note: Fountains are never flagged as furniture - otherwise they will never dry up when activated! Similarly for switches.

Toggling furniture status

You will only want to do this for a brazier that can be turned on and off - which is probably never. Hover over the item on the map (in edit items mode) and click the middle mouse button to toggle the furniture status of the item.

About Hooks

It used to be needed that items placed on a map need a hook to keep it from being stolen. This is no longer the case!

Note! You do not need to put a hook under a fountain (or any item that is intrinsically immovable, like a brazier or grandfather clock).

Custom Signs

The only time you need a hook is if you want to add a sign to an item. Eg you can make a sign out of a brass plate such that when it is looked at by the player, it functions as a sign and sends the player a message.

  1. place the brass sheet item (or scroll or silver sheet, etc) on a wall in the map
  2. add a hook feature
  3. set the hook text to what the sign should say
  4. set the hook value to 1

Readable Books

As with custom signs, add a book item and a hook feature, but this time set the hook value to 2. In the book text use \n\n to create a paragraph break. You might find it easier to use a text editor to edit your book and paste it into the maps .fea file! Advanced users only!