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Maped keys quick reference


A quick reference chart of the keys and mouse operations listed below is also available. Due to the rarity that some of the operations, a few of the keys are omitted.

Maped keys summary

moving around the map

right	scroll large maps. Use the keypad to scroll more quickly.

selecting what to edit

f	edit features
i	edit items - keep pressing to see more items
t	edit terrain - keep pressing to see more terrain
s or m	edit spawners

loading and saving

l	load level. Type number when prompted. You will be prompted to save.
shft-l	load level as above, but with no save
ctrl-r	reload a level
w	saves (writes) map
q	save and quit
shft-q	quit without saving
shft-s	set map folder (default is smaps) : good for keeping maps sorted in subfolders

changing levels

<	load previous level WITHOUT SAVING
>	load next level WITHOUT SAVING
shft-x	load this map's parent level (to simulate exiting towns for example)
space	when the orange square at the centre of the screen is hovering on a level changer or teleporter pressing space will enter that level (w/o saving the old level)
j	will attempt to change into the level or follow a teleporter where the mouse is hovering

painting maps

[	decrease brushsize
]	increase brushsize
alt-g	replace all of the tile that is hovered over with mouse with the currently selected tile from palette

useful keys

r	resize map. Press r then type the new size (eg 20 30) when prompted.
p	edit map properties (eg name, wither its dark , the map type).
ctrl-l	reloads maped.cfg - needed when chging paintsets or random level params

renumbering a level

n	renumber / copy level
shft-n	change all target values to a new value for level changing triggers (don't use)


shft-t	toggle map randomisation algorithm (either caves or dungeons)
shft-r	generate random cave (only works on blank levels)


shft-D	does a ascii-code map dump - you probably won't need this
ctrl-d	dump a small png file of the map
shift-ctrt-d dump a huge png of of the map


shft-f	hide/show features
h	hide/show items and monsters
z	toggle zoom
shft-v	toggle LOS - allows you to see what the map looks like ingame

paintsets 0-9 select a paintset

regions - see Maped Regions or

alt-n	set your active region number
alt-r	show/hide regions - they are on by default
e	sets the region top left corner
shft-e	sets the bottom right corner, and if 'e' was used correctly, a region will be instantly created
alt-e	delete all regions by number

When hovering mouse over a feature in feature edit mode:

c	copy the cursor's map-xy for feature target-xy placement
v	paste the copied xy into a features target

When hovering mouse over a spawner in spanwer edit mode:

`	set spawner radius to -1 (spot spawner)
1-0	set spawner radius
- +	decrease/increase the spawner's max monsters to spawn

Maped mouse operations

left click

  • editing features : add new blank feature. Click it again to edit its properties.
  • editing monsters : add monster after selecting one from the palette
  • editing map : change a map tile
  • editing items : place an item. Items may be piled on top of each other.

right click

  • edit features / items / monsters : delete that feat/item/monster
  • edit map : set the current paint tile to that which you just right clicked (a bit like an eyedropper)

middle click

  • centre on mouse cursor
  • middle click and drag to pan

Extended mouse/keboard ops

Changing floor tiles beneath furniture tiles

After placing a furniture-like tile (e.g. chair, table, etc.) its background can be set manual to any desired floor tile. For this select the floor tile and place it by using crtl-Lclick on the furniture. The floor tile should appear under the furniture and a small pink 'u' indicates the placed undertile.

Copying spawners & features

When editing spanwers:

  • Use ctrl-Lclick on a spawner to copy it's values to memory.
  • Use shift-Lclick to place a memory copy of that spanwer.

The same goes for copying features, except that you must be in edit-feature mode to do so. The mouse operations are the same.

Changing a feature type without changing its values

In feature edit mode, select a feature from the palette, then shift-right click on an existing feature on the map to convert it to the selected feature.

Eg, say you wanted to change a LXY to a TEL, but wanted to keep the feature's dest-x and dest-y, select TEL from the palette, then shift-right-click on the LXY on the map to convert it to a TEL.